1. I wonder if her journal will be blank or have these layouts in them? 🤔 I am not so fortunate in the creativity department, I would love for the journal to already be decorated .

  2. Wow this is so cool!! I️ love these layouts and could you put more of them? I️ love being inspired!! Much love ❤️!!

  3. Super Creative!!! I can't wait to do this to organize my next coming year – I have some major goals that I want to hit and I think it would be good to write them out in a nice journal I can't wait to do this to organize my next coming year – I have some major goals that I want to hit!

  4. Been feeling really unmotivated to journal recently and this video makes me want to start again! Thanks Anne, everything was beautiful!

  5. Sorry I couldn't commit on your birthday Ann plus I love your videos and I love you love from NC and love Jermaine Pender 💗

  6. I've come to realize, bullet journals are a media through which non-artists can pretend they are artists.
    (And of course, where artists can be artists.)

  7. Wonderful ideas ! Could you please share ideas for a week of 7 days (Monday to Sunday) too ? Because that's what I'm doing and so many layouts I see are only Monday to Friday ;_;

  8. THANK YOU FOR THIS!!!! I've never seen a monthly setup broken into weeks and it makes so much sense for my brain!!! Can't wait until your new journal comes out- that size sounds perfect

  9. What are those layouts called? Not weeklys because thats one week to one or two pages.. I want more inspo for the 4-5 weeks of the month on 1-2 page layouts but don't know what term to search for..

  10. Can you PLEASE make a bujo layout for highschool students!! There are just so many ideas out there that i dont know where to start. Thanks in advance!!!!!

  11. I love your spreads soooo much I have recently started a channel too and have been loving it!!! Love your videos soooo much!!!

  12. i truly like the structure and look of that journal. Do you mind putting a link next time of where you got it, i'd definitely like to put it on my Christmas list this year! Great video by the way!

  13. If you don't have the the stickers you can just made a google doc or word doc and write the month or week in whatever font then highlight it black

  14. Found you at last! I was trying to remember who introduced me to the bujo before I even started blogging and it was you! Thanks so much for your videos. More blessings to you this 2019!❤️

  15. I enjoyed this video. First time watching your videos and I definitely subscribed. I really liked the last layout, #7 and I would enjoy seeing your do a part 2.

  16. I was looking for a bullet journal design so I watched a lot of tutorials but I didn't like their design until I found your video and i fell in love from your minimalist design

  17. I’m joining in the bandwagon of bullet journaling. I’ve failed many times because I didn’t know what forms I need to help me organize my life. In watching this video, I can see what I’m doing wrong.🙀😁

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