7 Marketing Tools That’ll Instantly Boost Your Traffic | Neil Patel

7 Marketing Tools That’ll Instantly Boost Your Traffic | Neil Patel

– You want traffic. You don’t have the time
to make all the changes and all the tips that I’m giving. You want a quicker solution. Well, I have one for you today. Hi everyone, I’m Neil Patel, and today, I’m going to share with
you seven marketing tools that’ll get you more traffic instantly. (gentle upbeat music) Before we get started,
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you’ll get notified. The first tool I have
for you is Ubersuggest. With Ubersuggest, it’s
an all in one SEO tool. There’s an SEO analyzer, tells you what’s wrong with your site, what to fix so you can get more search traffic. It also tells you what other keywords that you could be targeting
to get more search traffic. If you’re already ranked
for certain terms, you can put those terms into Ubersuggest. It shows you the long tail variations. You can pop it in, and then, you’ll start also ranking for those. If you rank for the head term, it’s so much easier to rank
for the long tail variations, hence, you use the keyword
research tool in Ubersuggest. The second tool I have
for you is Mailchimp. Look, you’ve heard the saying
the money’s in the list. So why aren’t you building an email list? Now, email lists don’t have to cost money. You can use Mailchimp to send
out emails to your audience. You can do it for free. You can send out emails every single month to all the people on your list. And if you don’t know how
to collect the emails, you can use a bonus tool,
Hello Bar, for free, which allows you to collect the emails and it plugs right into Mailchimp. Now the key if you’re
going to use Mailchimp is, don’t just send out emails
to anyone who’s on your list. If someone comes to your site looking for specific advice,
related to let’s say, dogs, you wouldn’t send them
emails related to cats. If someone came to your site for information related to cats, you wouldn’t send them emails
about dog related stuff. Now, your website may cover dogs, cats, fishes, elephants, and
all the animals out there, but people looking for
specific information because they may have that pet. So you want to be very
specific with the user intent on your emails, because that
way, you’ll get people back, your traffic is more likely to convert, versus sending them irrelevant emails that they’ll over time tend to ignore. The third tool I have
for you, Subscribers. Browsers. Browsers have notification
preferences in them. So, any time you’re browsing the web, it doesn’t matter what site, heck, your computer could even be off. But the next time you log in,
I can send you a notification that goes to your browser,
and you can be on Facebook, and it’ll tell you to go
back to neilpatel.com. You may not like it, but that’s called browser notifications. It’s super effective. It’s more effective than email. It works. You have to test it out. The fourth tool I have
for you is MobileMonkey. Facebook Messenger is blowing up. Eventually, Facebook Messenger will be WhatsApp Messenger, Instagram. It’ll all be connected
through Facebook Messenger. You can communicate with everyone. So, what MobileMonkey does is, it helps you create, quote unquote, like an email list, but
more so a Messenger list. So that way you can communicate to anyone on any of Facebook’s platforms. And what’s beautiful about this is, the open rates are higher than emails, and the click rates are better as well. So, if you can build a list, and you do it now,
because this is the time. In the next few years, this is going to be much more competitive. You’ll notice that your open rates, your click rates will be amazing, and it’s a great way
to get instant traffic. The fifth tool I have for
you is the Yoast SEO plugin. You’re probably on WordPress. If you use the Yoast plugin,
with the click of a button, it can optimize most of your site. It can even create an XML
sitemap for you to upload it into Google to get more traffic. Now, when you use the Yoast plugin, you still need Google Search Console, because, when you use
Google Search Console, that’s what you feed the XML sitemap into, so Google can index all
your content quicker, faster, and give you more traffic. The sixth tool I have for you is Buffer. Now, you have this content on your site. You want traffic. Most people are like, hey, you know what? I need to keep getting people back. How do I get these visitors? You may have a social audience. It may not be as big as you want. But what’s cool about Buffer is, you can keep scheduling
your content in advance, and keep pushing your older
articles every few months, so that way you’re
continually sharing content, and getting traffic even
to your old content, and continue building
up that traffic base, versus writing a piece of content, sharing it once, and
then forgetting about it. If that content’s evergreen,
why can’t you keep sharing it? You can. And that’s what you should
be doing through Buffer. The last tool I have for you is UpViral. You can incentivize people for sharing your content, your webinars. And what it does, in an
essence, create a viral loop, in which, when people take actions that you want them to do,
such as sharing your content, promoting your webinar,
promoting your tools, promoting your services,
they can get a reward. That reward could be whatever you want. It could be an E-book. It could be a free gift. It could be a coupon code. You can pick what the reward is. But the key with the viral loop is, you already have people
coming to your site. Why not get them to market your product, your service, your content for you? And, giving them something
in exchange for doing this is a great way to just
jack up your traffic stats. So when you combine
all the tools together, that’s when you’ll see
the biggest traffic lift. If you need help growing your traffic, check out my ad agency,
Neil Patel Digital. If you enjoyed the video,
like it, share it, subscribe. Thanks for watching.

63 thoughts on “7 Marketing Tools That’ll Instantly Boost Your Traffic | Neil Patel

  1. I am in ManyChat. Do you recommend shifting to Mobile Monkey? I have been thinking about it since the time I heard the talk at the Marketing School live event. However, I am not sure if it's worth the shift. Let me know.

  2. Thanks a lot, Neil. Very useful information ? Looking forward to getting a course on SEO from you or at least a book ?

  3. Love your work, Neil. I was inspired by your videos to become a Digital marketer and today I got my first gig as an intern at a local startup to market their products. How do I increase my page’s ranking when there is no audience to begin with?

  4. I knew most of the tools already and I use some of them on a daily basis, but it was very interesting to learn about mobile monkey – I definitely need to learn more on that and the possibilities that messangers offer

  5. Hey Neil , I like your Uber suggest tool very much . I used semrush and ahref , now I migrated to ubersuggest . I really shocked to see all premium features for free in your tool and it helped me a lot to suggest to the team when company don’t have budget to spen on semrush or other tools .

  6. Hey Neil, just a heads up, after MailChimp changed their pricing structure the other month, the free plan is no longer any good. MailierLite is a great alternative and enables you to do automated (and complicated automation) for free. xoxo

  7. Thanks, Neil, I'm finally getting to a point to making a web presence a reality. I have been listening to you … and others … as usual, this is great advice. Yeah, I'm finally [very close] to the point to actually implement all your excellent advice. Thanks

  8. I Neil. I have been having trouble with Yoast as my pages aren't being forn in google search within my site map? I have been trialing Rank Math and it seen far superior.. Waht do you think of that SEO tool.

  9. Following you is amazing ? your every videos fill some energy and i write, publish and market ??✌️ by using every strategy i m practicing or learning from you ???❤️❤️

  10. Neil , do you have anything in regards to priming a potential customer befor just throwing out a webinar registration that leads an unknowing potential customer to a webinar with a relatively expensive product .. my traffic, attendance, is incredible but no one is buying yet and indo not believe it's the offer.

  11. Pure gold again Neil. Thank you! If I listened to you since I first heard about you, I feel I'd be a marketing master by now. It's kind of weird your business is even making money when you throw so much value out there for free. I believe that in a way, it's a perfect indication of how creating remarkable content and huge amounts of value are the only two things you need to do to reach success and in today's world, with so much content that brings no value, it seems like it could be relatively easy to stand out, like you are. Neil what do you think if we started working on the new concept of "remarkable marketing" together? If you like the idea, please message me on Instagram . We've already bumped into each other there, yesterday I started my journey towards rebranding it and starting to pursue my life long dream – reaching success through enhancing other people's lives. Anyway, my new handle is @letzhealth . Hope to hear from you.

  12. Hey Neil,
    I have become somewhat addicted to Ubesuggest and use it all the time. Today when I search for a keyword I just get a blank screen

    ? Any ideas what this might be? Thanks… And please carry on disturbing the industry!

  13. I don’t get much traffic from FB, and the small amount I got, no conversions not sure why, I even pay for fb adds, I’m sure my products are not te issue because had very nice reviews on eBay before, I think FB is getting so packed that people just starts ignoring adds.

  14. Neil, this was freaking awesome! However; how do you know whether they are coming to your website looking for info about dogs or cats?

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