7 Steps to START A PODCAST in 25 Min on SoundCloud & iTunes in 2017 | Digital Marketing Podcast

7 Steps to START A PODCAST in 25 Min on SoundCloud & iTunes in 2017 | Digital Marketing Podcast

So yesterday I made one of my podcasts live on iTunes And I faced a lot of difficulties it took me complete Like like it took me an entire day to have my podcast set up and completely make it live and submit it to Apple Hi, this is digital pratik and in this video I’m going to show you that how you can start a podcast in the next 25 minutes And you can send it to Apple for a review and make it live within the next 24 hours Alright so as you can see this is the podcast which I recently released on itunes digital marketing podcast practical digital marketing tips and Such kind of things so I have released two episodes as of now are which is gonna be updated every single day so every single day and gonna come up with three to five to ten minutes up to a little bit about practical advices on digital marketing which I personally would be applying on my blog digital marketing for free com so In this video, I’m gonna actually start another podcast which is actually my own podcast which I am upcoming with which is related to motivational stuff which is Addicted 2 awesome podcast series, so I’m gonna actually practically do it step by step in this video And I’m gonna make it live on iTunes. Just like this one all right on top of that. I’m also gonna show you that How does it look on soundcloud so this is how it looks like on soundcloud? So I’m gonna actually use the SoundCloud website with a free account and then I’m gonna sync my soundcloud audios along with the iTunes so that is how I’m gonna make my podcast live on iTunes with the help of SoundCloud so basically, SoundCloud I’ll be using it to host my audios right so it’s completely free you’re gonna upload everything for free no single charge Everything for free in this video, so let’s start and let’s go ahead with the SoundCloud account force so what I’m gonna Do is I’m gonna actually create a free account on SoundCloud, which I have already done? Just like this one so you can just visit SoundCloud And register for a free account just like a Facebook account once you do that what you have to do is you have to simply go ahead and click on profile over here So right over here, it would be something like this, which when set up We will look like this one all right, so this is the header image all right, the one which is empty over here, then this is the Cover pic you can see it’s just like a Facebook Cover pick, which you can upload over here So this is like upload header image, and this is like update image And if you just move your cursor over here the image size is at least two four eight zero cross five two zero Right so that is what you have to use now I’m gonna use this same cover image for the header image for this one, so I’m going to click on upload edit image and The header image which I had was I guess this one, so let’s just open that up Yep, that’s the one I’m gonna click on save And Bingo, so it is uploaded over here, then I’m gonna upload this Image update image now this image make sure guys this particular image is gonna. Be listed as the Artwork of iTunes so let me just open up iTunes and your podcast so this particular image Which you are seeing right over here is known as the artwork right? It’s just called an artwork You can just basically say a profile picture for your podcast in iTunes so this image is gonna come up from the image, which you upload over here, so make sure you upload a image which you want it as the listing or Basically you can say a profile picture for your podcast on iTunes So the size for this is 1400 cross 1400 make sure you have 1400 least 1400 cross 1400 pixels or Maximum 3000 cross 3,000 right you can actually Google it it’s the same, so let’s say iTunes oops iTunes ITunes I choose art work size So it will show up 1400 cross 1400 pixels or Max – max 3000 cross 3,000 so I already have one image Created for myself for this particular podcast, which is this one, so I’m gonna upload that Oops yeah, that’s the one so see that is way it hampers your Image so what it says is you see the circle would be like this Right the circle would be like this and this is a little bit cropped image now I don’t care because most of the times when people see I want them to see the iTunes image now in iTunes. It is square right in iTunes It is square so I’m fine with this particular thing getting cut off But if you are not if you are not fine with that make sure you have something which is like between the circles So I’m gonna actually do that right now, and I’m gonna upload one image, which is not being cropped right now, so just stadium All right, so now as you can see I have this Image changed, and it is now inside this circle right, so I’m gonna click on C So this is how it’s looking like and this will be coming up as the iTunes artwork right over here, right? Let’s go back and now Let’s write Which is for digital marketing on soundcloud and look at this on the iTunes the title and everything It’s coming from something now. Where is it coming from let’s check that out? so what do you do is you basically go into this three dots and you go into settings and then you go into content and Right over here wherever it says custom feed title that is what is this particular podcast? Title so that is where it is coming from so custom feed title What I’m gonna do is For this new account, I’m gonna go into this three dots. I’m gonna go into settings content Right over your custom feed title so I’m gonna write Addicted to awesome Podcast or etiquette – awesome and Daily Daily positive On use of your daily positive podcast Right that’s what I’m gonna write daily positive podcast so this title would go and it would look something like this one on the iTunes oops Yeah here it is Next is this particular author named little petite Then digital marketing consultant youtuber, so what I’m gonna write. There is so here it is custom author name This is where it comes from so I’m going to write digital pretty And I’m gonna write the same thing Digital Pattie digital marketing consultant youtuber or I’m gonna write digital petite Digital boutique Internet laptop entrepreneur Founder of Digital marketing So this is a smart way by the way guys that that would be a smart way I just got an idea that I would actually cross promote my blog or my podcast With me for fame or my another one so that is how I am treating this So digital with the founder of digital marketing for free calm? Category let’s see what category it would be For that what I will do is I will reverse engineer I’ll go to iTunes and I’ll search for let’s say daily Positive podcast let’s search for that Oops this is the one which is in my computer, so I’m going to search for daily Positive or Simply positive, let’s search for simply positive School of greatness something like that store Alright so all these are positive podcasts. Let’s just click on podcasts and What are they writing So I guess this is something interesting If I go into the podcast what is writing is this much long thing dr.. Gene is talking about mindfulness stress relief meditation relaxation Which is and the category is self-help I’m gonna actually just keep it society and culture religion and spirituality science and medicine society and culture I’ll keep it society and culture because what I’m going to talk is going to Benefit the society and the culture so I’m gonna keep eating that language English Author name so here it is Something which I write something like this Digital roti is There’s sharing this practical Advice practical experience When it comes to living a life Or living a life filled with State of Awesomeness All right, I’m simply gonna write that thing which is gonna come something like oh yo Alright so and I’m gonna click on include in RSS feed over here, and then I’m gonna click on Save Changes once All right, so it says your settings have been saved updated successfully, and we’re a click on privacy Notification no nothing else nothing else needs to be done over here Simply go back to profile Alright, go back to profile Profile So digital marketing so this particular thing would be related to SoundCloud people who are visiting this? Podcast on soundcloud will be able to see something like this so that is what I want to change over here So I’m gonna go into profile Which I am already. I will click on edit we go, and yeah, this is where I’m gonna change something Which is so this is addicted to? awesome addicted to awesome and SoundCloud addicted to fossil first name is Digital who here putty setting is amped worth countries India a Little bit by over here now that bio would be similar to this one, so I’m gonna go into this edit and Let’s copy this let’s paste it, and I’m going to change a little bit over here Digital pratik brings you Brings you state of Awesomeness Set of Awesomeness Tips in this podcast cities or state of Awesomeness in this podcast series of And see if with small little practical Experiences Of his life every single day. It’s free to learn here. You don’t have to have blah blah blah blah blah And I’m gonna delete all these learn apply and share every single day Stay awesome God bless alright, that’s the thing which I’ll write and I’m gonna add some links over here, which I’ll directly copy and pasted form or this one Everything from here So all these links are basically Wherever people can connect to you, so let’s suppose if you have a Facebook page You can just mention your Facebook page, so where you are basically it’s all about content distribution Right and whenever you are distributing your content make sure you are cross promoting all your platforms Intelligently you don’t have to spam you just have to just mention your cross platforms platforms where you are providing value and Make sure you have various different values various different content on all the platforms because if you keep on saying The same thing every week In the same format people will just think like why should I follow him or hurt on this particular platform if he or she is? Mentioning the same thing in the same format again again, so you have to be a little bit different when you are posting content That is the same content on various different platforms, so bring some uniqueness bring some variety in platforms, and that’s it you will and There I go I added all my platforms and another thing which I will add is I will add No there to be Save Changes This digital pratik why is it? Let me just go to profile. Let me just go to a tit It’s digital fatigue so the name is I guess coming from It’s coming from the account, I guess let’s go into settings Content Profile so this name is not getting changed Digital theme. I want simply digital petite You should I change it alright, anyways, I just figure it out Where do I change this with digital boutique right over here because there has to be something Which needs to be changed, but anyways that’s not important right now. I just figure it out later on Now you simply have to upload your audio Which you might have already recorded, so I’m gonna upload that audio from my playlist which is this one So while it is getting uploaded Before I do that, it’s just Edit some basic information over here from this one So if you can see while I’m uploading if I go into this particular podcast on soundcloud if I go into move and edit It’s the same thing which is opening up So I generally have this format what I do is I write the podcast title which I want so if you see in the iTunes And let’s search for digital technique And let’s go to the podcast So this is how it is written over here Learn digital marketing for free way to start from in 2017 episode number 0 0 1 so this is the format which I want so that format is coming from this title of this particular podcast On Soundcloud, so this is how I write and this is how? It for the new podcast, so let’s see Life is simple so the podcast the basic podcast of this one is actually about What is life and life is divided into two categories so life is simple? Either you choose Positive or negative all right then and right episode number zero zero one I am gonna change this so you are a slug – EP 0 0 1 because I’m gonna keep that fixed and that is what I have for everywhere So it’s like some trout calm slash or whatever the podcast is about and then EP 0 0 1 and Same is with this one Sam Traut addicted to awesome EP 0 0 1 actually, I’m gonna change this Let’s say it’s digital marketing digital critique. I let it be it’s fine Once again, and then general business, I’ve selected business. Let’s see if I can get something else business comedy Storytelling religion spirituality learning business audiobooks So we don’t have much over here, so I’m going to select Religion in spirituality right that’s the thing which is close to what I’m gonna do over here or Actually, it’s not suiting I say learning That simply say learning because it’s all about learning positivity is all about learning so Then I’m gonna actually write some description over here description is what will be seen on the iTunes alright so if I go into this particular podcast So I’m gonna click on view over here How do we see that description So this is the description Alright, so when you are listening it On your mobile phone it Gives you a small end screen where you are able to see your description so this entire description is there so that Description is coming from here on the sound dog alright that description is coming from the SoundCloud right over here, so I’m gonna actually write Something like this So in this this sword or in episode in this episode 0:01 of addicted to awesome Digital fatigue is Discussing about life It is divided into two simple things Positive and Negative which one are you choosing and living by And then I’m gonna hit some I’m gonna copy and paste In this particular format now. I have this format for every podcast alright so I’ve made this podcast format where I always mention this so you can like like to refer and copy So I have also referred a couple of podcasts from which I have taken a couple of things and then I have added and tweaked And this particular thing is something which is coming from my youtube channel so I most of the times write this and That’s it for this particular podcast Start your blog today blah blah blah. Don’t forget to Like comment share subscribe Write and then you can choose whether your shared on Facebook Twitter Tumblr blah blah blah Which I don’t want right now So then next you have to upload one image, but before that let’s go into permissions now make sure guys for this to get uploaded on your ITunes which I’ll talk about in a while you have to do something over here in the podcast connect Dot Apple comm which I’ll talk about in a while But before that what you have to do is you have to enable Downloads and include in RSS feed now if you don’t select these two things then you will be able to send it to iTunes This this particular thing that is some cloud won’t be connected with your iTunes so make sure you select these two in the permissions and click on save and This is upload complete It says upload complete, but we haven’t added the particular thing so what you have to do is go to your track all right click on more click on edit Let’s update the image So I’m going to keep the same image everywhere Right, this is the image which I want, or I actually can do this first image, which I had alright So then it looks a little bit different because this is not a square. This is not circle this is square so I have this and bingo, I’m all set so I’m gonna save changes and My podcast is up and running on This is up and running you can actually hear that right now Which will help You Alright, so it’s up and running on soundcloud now the only thing which I have to do is how do I? Feed this into iTunes automatically so that I do not have to upload or do anything in iTunes So now you have to visit one website, which is Podcast Connect podcasts connect Apple calm now Don’t worry about this link this link would be right below this video in the description box so Once you are over here you have to you need an Apple ID alright you need an apple app store ID so just create an account and That’s it, then you have to simply click on this plus sign and Right over here where it says RSS feed URL go back to your What do you say SoundCloud and go back to your three dots settings content and Right over here. It says RSS feed so copy this Go back to iTunes podcast and Paste it over here once you paste it over here click on validate now. If everything goes well Everything is correct. It will give you something like this status is prepared for submission Description is something like this which you mentioned over there And the title is addicted to awesome daily positive podcast category society and culture Website link is this all rights reserved episode number one is live so things like that Alright, so this is up and running now the only thing which you have to do is you’ll have to wait for Apple to give you a DC message but before that you have to actually submit it so if everything goes well if they have validated Sadness is prepared for submission, so you can click on submit Once you click on submit. Let’s see what Apple gives us So it says podcast successfully submitted for review now guys most of the times I have seen people getting an error over here and which is a common error they get an error Because they don’t set up this artwork under the pixel size of 1400 cross 1400 Try it out guys. If you don’t have 1400 cross 1400 pixels or Like like if you have less than that size you would be able to successfully submit it over here You will get an error and Apple would display that error that your artwork is not up to the size and blah blah blah So make sure you have 1400 1400 or max – max 3000 cross 3,000 pixels and once you do that you will successfully be able to submit to your podcast for review and Apple will send you an email once the review process is complete now this might take up to three days But most of the times now for this particular podcast it was Within like 24 hours. It was within less than 24 hours So what you will get is you will get an email which would look something like this one where it says The subject line is iTunes stored podcast created successfully notification and you will say Dear podcast owner your podcast feed blah blah blah was successfully added and is now under review alright And it would come from the iTunes Store team now once. This is approved once. This is reviewed, and if everything goes well if The Apple guys those Apple guys are reviewing and sucks. Fully in doing it and uploading it and making it live on iTunes You’ll receive another email within less than 24 hours, or it might take some more days depending on your Podcast so once you do that and once it is live you’ll get another notification email which is something like this one The subject line would be iTunes podcast approved Notification so as you can see my digital marketing podcast was approved before one day only so as of now. I’m recording this video It’s September 16th 2017 and yesterday it got approved so your part podcast located at blah blah blah has been approved so and so so and so and Once it is done. It would be Live on your iTunes alright, so that’s it for this video. I hope you enjoyed it If you did do give me a thumbs up subscribe to my channel And I’ll see you in some other video till then take care bye. Bye, and as always guys stay awesome. God bless and Take it

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