7 Untapped Traffic Sources For Marketing Your Website

7 Untapped Traffic Sources For Marketing Your Website

You already know about Google, and you already
know about Facebook, but there must be other traffic sources that you can leverage, and
you know what? There are. Hey, everyone, I’m Neil Patel and today, I’m
going to share with you seven untapped traffic opportunities. The first way you can get traffic is through
Quora. Go on Quora, find all the people that are
typing in questions related to your space. For me, I may go to Quora, type in online
marketing and I’ll look up all the questions people are asking around online marketing. You know what? I’ll respond to them. As I respond to them, if there’s a good place
for me to put in a link to my website, I’ll do that. If you look at my Quora profile, the Neil
Patel one, I generate over 100,000 views a month. Why? Because I’m continually answering more and
more Quora questions within my space. It’s a good source of traffic. The second way you can get more traffic is
through Reddit. Reddit has subreddits literally on every single
topic, whether it’s pets, marketing, space, et cetera. There’s a section on Reddit pretty much for
every industry out there. What you want to do is participate in the
community on Reddit. Don’t just submit your own content, upvote
content that you like. Downvote content that you hate. Submit other people’s content from around
the web. It’s a great way to generate more traffic. The third way is forums. Forums, everyone talks about how they’re dead
because of Facebook but you know what? A lot of popular forums still exist on the
web. Go out there, participate in them, answer
questions within your space. For example, I’m in the online marketing niche,
there’s so many online marketing forums such as Warrior Forum or Digital Point. When I go there and I respond to questions,
in my signature, I can leave a link back to my URL or my homepage. It’s a great way to drive more traffic. The fourth way is sharing your content on
LinkedIn. Whether you have new posts or old posts, don’t
just click the LinkedIn share button, you can actually write content on LinkedIn and
what you want to do is take your blog content, write the first few paragraphs of it or more
so copy and paste it right on to LinkedIn and after, let’s say, the third or fourth
paragraph, you can put “Click to continue reading,” and if they want to read the rest,
they’ll go over back to your website. It’s a really easy way to generate traffic. I generate an excess of 30,000 visitors a
month purely from LinkedIn by just using this tactic. The fifth strategy that you should be using
is look for small blogs within your niche. There’s a lot of popular blogs like TechCrunch,
Mashable, Forbes, et cetera, but there’s also lots of smaller blogs within your niche and
the people who read these blogs are much more relevant to you and your business. What you want to do is go to all these blogs,
look at their posts, leave comments. Leave comments providing insights and with
most blogs, when you leave a comment, it asked you for your name and URL. When you share your name and URL, people can
click on your name and go back to your website. But make sure when you’re leaving comments,
you’re not spamming. If you’re not adding value, don’t leave a
comment. The sixth strategy I have for you is StumbleUpon. StumbleUpon may not seem that popular because
it actually is, and you can buy clicks for pennies on the dollar. You put in what industry you’re going after,
and you can buy clicks from StumbleUpon for pennies on the dollar. StumbleUpon also, you can get free traffic
if you use a toolbar and you’re sharing content from around the web as well. The seventh strategy I have for you is to
participate in Facebook groups. Similar to forums and similar to Quora, people
have a lot of questions in these Facebook groups. Join them. You can do a search on Facebook for anything. It will show you groups. Let’s say I type in “marketing related terms”
and it will show me some groups. I’ll join some of these groups and within
there, I can participate and help people out. If I have a blog post that’s relevant to some
of the questions that people are asking, I can even link out to my own blog post. By doing this, I’m driving traffic from Facebook. The beautiful part about Facebook groups,
it doesn’t adhere to the same restrictions or the algorithm that let’s say, a Facebook
fanpage does. With the Facebook group, if you leave a comment
and it’s a good comment, everyone within the group can see it and you’ll generate more

26 thoughts on “7 Untapped Traffic Sources For Marketing Your Website

  1. Neil, how may hours per week would you recommend spending on these platforms? -Anand.

  2. If I do a guest post on another blog, would you recommend posting some of the article on Linkedin as well?

  3. How do you find blogs in your niche that accept comments?
    You can find blogs with open comments using this search footprint which seems to work for me: (your keyword here) "1..100 comments"

    For example: business coaching "1..100 comments"

    I got the 'range' operator (1..100) because if the blog has 0 comments, then they probably don't accept any comments at all. I found it here: https://support.google.com/websearch/answer/2466433?hl=en

  4. If I post my link on stumbleupon. How it reaches the people. I don't have even single follower for my profile. Then, how can I drive traffic to my site

  5. This video has so much quality information on driving traffic to your website. I will recommend this video on my website.
    Thank you so much man

  6. Another click-bait title! Please don't use this kind of dirty tactic to increase your video views!
    Untapped opportunities? These tactics I knew years ago!! It's nothing new or special to called "UNTAPPED".
    Thumb down for you!!

  7. Thanks Neil! I recently beat my own record of 126,000 QUORA answer views in 1 week! I'm just about to break 500,000 total views and I'm getting hundreds of up votes. I first learned about Quora in a meaningful way from you. Thank you so much for that!

    I made this Quora Top 3 Tips Video the other day and I feature you in it. Is it ok that I used your image at the begining of the video and quote from your blog? https://youtu.be/caFWUn5SOvw

  8. Neil, most Facebook group admins don't allow sharing links. They build those groups to promote their businesses and don't want their members to click away to others.

  9. When It comes to online marketing, you and backlinco are at number 1 in my list.
    You Helped me to grow my organic online business.

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