7 Ways to Make Money as a Travel Influencer RIGHT NOW (Even if You’re Just Starting)

7 Ways to Make Money as a Travel Influencer RIGHT NOW (Even if You’re Just Starting)

58 thoughts on “7 Ways to Make Money as a Travel Influencer RIGHT NOW (Even if You’re Just Starting)

  1. Important note! I've recently heard that Air BnB has been cracking down on people reaching out to take photographs (that's such a bummer! Why?!). So I would now advise against contacting people on AirBnB to stay in exchange for photographs and instead focus on taking photographs of hostels, local businesses, portrait photography for people in the area. Think outside of the box for what is possible and how else you can travel and get paid for it. Honestly – the opportunities are endless. This is just one small hiccup so don't let it deter you!

  2. Hello, I just subscribed! Thank you for sharing all this valuable information! At 04:33 you mentioned the travel industry is the second largest industry in the entire world, is there an article that I can read more about this! Would love to understand this world more. Thanks!

  3. Sorelle,
    Budget travel vlogger here. Always focusing on fun free things to do all over the world. I loved your video and the content. The fact that it looked like there was someone behind the door half the time made me laugh. Wanted to see who it was.
    Great video still. Good advice.

  4. ahhhhh I loved this video, it was soooo much help! thanks for taking the time to give us all this advice! Keep up the good work Sorelle!

  5. This is the most comprehensive video I've ever seen on this subject. Honestly this information is more valuable than most college classes lol

  6. These are such great ideas! Travelling and working with businesses is something I wanted to do so it was so good to hear you mention the same example! 😊

    Thank you, Sorelle!

  7. This is a perfect video searching for last 3 years thank you so much perfect perfect perfect!!!!!🙇👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  8. I have been pausing this video so much and made notes. Seems you are more inspiring than some of my lecturers!

  9. When I say I totally LOVE this video she gave a lot of information . About working 2 to 3 or I pray sooner of working someone else and I pray God leads me to someone to help me pursue what I’m working on because this is not it. Follow me @traveling_hips

  10. Why i hate her being so happy and positive? Am i broken? Hate her beautiful healthy teeth, hete your shiny eyes, her energy, cute face 😑. I am tired! I want to hide under blanket inside of my bed and never woke up!

  11. 99.99% of travel "influencers" so called gurus get rejected by hotels, restaurants, and others. The travel industry focuses on key specific Youtubers (like you). Imagine Steve Jobs telling people just follow my steps and you will be rich …

  12. Subscribed to your channel……the reason- you are so so much like me…….even our thoughts about jobs,travel and everything else u talk about are totally same. It's almost as if we were constructed in the same factory or pieces of the same cake or I may say I'm ur Indian version.

  13. Shouldn’t have done that podcast with Matt D’Avella. I think you might have stolen his fan base. Great stuff!

  14. Thank you so much for sharing honest suggestions for those of us who are trying to figure out how to start the journey between point A and point B!! Incredibly helpful ❤️

  15. This video was so useful Thank you. And I love your enthusiasm! We are a a family of four who have sold up to go travelling, starting with Europe in our Landrover and vlogging the whole journey. When you say get a website would you need a blog also or can it all go onto a website? xx

  16. Trying to sell Squarespace. It is well known that wordpress (which is free) is better to handle traffic on the web.

  17. Its weird and funny how some people say they make a little money for a million views $800, then there are other travel vloggers who make 7000 for a million views

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