9 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Start A Blog

9 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Start A Blog

Hey guys welcome back to my channel. My name is Natalie and I blog at NatalieBacon.com. So today I just want to sit
down with you and talk a little bit about blogging and the reasons why you
might not want to start a blog. So I’ve been blogging for almost three years and
I love it obsessed with it and I think it’s
amazing and I highly recommend it to so many people but the truth is that it’s
really not for everyone and what always happens is people come to me and they
want to go grab a drink and pick my brain about blogging and then what
always happens is they never start a blog so if you are in the camp of
wishing you could talk with me about blogging but you are watching this video
instead I hope that these reasons why it might not be a good idea for you to
start a blog will help you make that decision to see if it’s if it’s right
for you. So here are my reasons why. So the first reason why it’s probably not a
good idea to start a blog is if you want to get rich quick. So I make a lot of
money blogging a lot by terms of you know people who don’t make anything but
definitely not a lot compared to people who do it full-time but if your sole
purpose for starting a blog is to make money fast it’s not blogging it’s not
the way to go it takes time to build up a blog I mean I’m just making three to
four thousand dollars a month from my blog and I’ve been doing it for a few
years can you do it faster yes does it take longer sometimes yes the point is
it’s not gonna be like oh I need a hundred bucks this weekend I should
start a blog okay you just it’s just too much of an investment of your time and
your money if you think that you’re going to just make money fast blogging
is not that. Another reason why you shouldn’t start a blog is that you don’t
have anything you’re passionate about so if you can’t think of anything that you
really really love to write about or become an expert in or talk about with
other people don’t start a blog. Trying to find that one thing because
your blog is just a conversation piece to the world and you have to be
comfortable and confident and passionate about what you’re talking about
so keep that in mind if you’re on the fence about starting a blog and you
don’t know what to start it about make sure that you are committed and
passionate about something before you start a blog. Another reason that is just
an awful reason to start a blog is that you want to become internet famous.
Now you might not be thinking this like expressly but if in your mind you’re
like oh yeah that would be so cool to be like just get everything free and be
super popular and famous online like I want to start a blog like the terrible
reason to start a blog it is so much of work blogging is so much work and takes
so much time yes the reward is great I love it but it’s not going to get you
famous that is just the truth so don’t start a blog if you just wanna get
famous. And that leads me to my next point if you do not like working hard do
not start a blog talk to any blogger who’s been doing it for three months on
they will tell you how hard it is like especially in the beginning because you
probably don’t want to spend too much money on a designer or tech help so you
just an hour’s trying to get one little piece of your sidebar to look how you
want it to look now that does get better over time and the more that you work at
it and the more you’re willing to spend a little money for that help those
things kind of go away but you still have other things than that you’re
working hard on I work so hard on my blog but I love it it makes me money
like I’m passionate about it I just I’m obsessed with my blog so if you can
believe that you could feel that way about your blog then definitely go for
it but if you’re like oh I just want this to like be up and I’m just gonna
write a post and then it’s gonna be fine don’t start a blog um people are always
like how do you blog so much like what do you do
writing like they think of blogging it’s just writing the post and that is like
5% of blogging the other 95% is everything that goes into it the editing
the photos the social media the tech work the web work the email marketing
the different strategies product building affiliate marketing like
sponsored post on and on and on. The point is that it’s so much work that you
really have to be okay with that amount of work even if you do love it. Another
reason why I just I think you should steer clear of blogging is if you are so
cheap that you just can’t even imagine investing in yourself or this blog. A lot
of new bloggers are broke and want to make a lot of money and I was one of
those but I quickly quickly adapted to the blogging industry and learned that
you have to invest in order to build your blog it’s it’s building a business
and you have to put some money into it so if you just cannot imagine yourself
paying for hosting paying for photos paying for website help paying for email
marketing that stuff you know I would think twice about blogging because you
just cannot do it for free. You can do it cheaply and you can increase your
expenses as you go it’s not like you’re gonna have a thousand dollars of
expenses upfront but over time they’re going to increase and you I mean from
day one you have to pay for your hosts if you get a regular WordPress blog
unless you want to go the free route and then that’s just not I just highly don’t
recommend that either so you really have to be comfortable with spending some
money and if you’re just not then I would not start a blog. Okay the next
thing if you struggle with focus discipline and productivity do not start
a blog. Now I mean of course we all struggle like we’re not experts at it
and you can get better at it but if you just can’t imagine yourself coming home
after work or spending your free time which you normally be with friends or
watching Netflix or whatever else you can’t imagine sitting there and being
disciplined to work on your blog and focusing on just that I wouldn’t think
twice about starting a blog it’s just too much work and it’s not going to be
rewarding for you because you’re going to feel like resentment about it and
they’ll probably just die off anyways so if you’re not good at those things and
you don’t want to focus then do not start a blog . If you hate being on social
media and you don’t like technology or like the internet don’t start a blog you
know I think this goes without saying but I’m gonna say it anyways because
people hear like oh you make money blogging that’s so cool and like they
hate social media they’re really not tech savvy they don’t really like the
Internet and it’s like blogging is just not gonna be your thing with you you
have to be on platforms you have to be into tech and you have to like it now do
you have to be a pro absolutely not but you have to be willing to teach yourself
and learn and want to do it. The next reason that you shouldn’t start a blog
is if you don’t have any time to blog if you are just working three jobs and you
know your schedule is jam-packed don’t start a blog. It takes a lot of time and
you can’t just sort of like blog here blog their blog for an hour or whatever
like it just won’t be successful you can and it’ll just be like a hobby blog but
no one’s going to read it but you have to put in the consistent time even a
little bit every day if it was just 30 minutes to an hour every day I would say
that’s enough and then like more on the weekends obviously but if you can’t even
do that then just don’t even waste your time just don’t start a blog wait until
you’re in a different season in life and you have the extra time because then
you’ll get to really just like dive in and it’ll probably be much more of a
success than if you you know half ass it. The last reason you
shouldn’t start a blog is if you’re pessimistic. Now it takes a ton of
optimism to believe that you can make money online have a successful blog have all these people reading your blog and do it well you have you know all kinds
of things going on in your life but people do it every day I’m doing it and
I’ve always believed in myself I’m so optimistic.
If you just like can’t see that happening for yourself I would not start
a blog. It takes extraordinary optimism just to think you can do it to the point
where you actually do it so if you’re just pessimistic about it and don’t
really think it can happen for you you’re just gonna project that in your
mindset you’re not gonna take action and put forth the effort and strategies it
requires for you to be successful. So that’s it I just wanted to share with
you reasons that you might not want to start a blog if I left anything out or
you have questions about whether you should start a vlog let me know. I’ll link
to my 5-day blogging bootcamp which is a free blogging email course to start a
blog if you do think that blogging would be a good fit for you please subscribe
and I will see you guys next week thanks for tuning in bye bye

6 thoughts on “9 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Start A Blog

  1. Such a great video! SO many of my friends want to start a blog to make money – but what they don't realize is how long and hard the journey is!

  2. This is such GREAT information! I've been considering starting a blog, because I love to write. However, I don't like social media or marketing. Knowing that marketing plays a SIGNIFICANTLY bigger role than writing a blog, helps me realize blogging would definitely not be for me. Thank you for sharing this!

  3. Hi Natalie,

    When you started your blog, did you start with your name as the domain or something different? Also, did you know your niche right off the bat or how was that process for you?

  4. Omg…I love that video! I could not stop laughing at myself. I am obsessed with affiliate marketing and blog about it….but also I am unfocused-add, Incredibly Unmotivated and totally Cheap lol. But my passion for it overcomes all my enormous shortcomings ;o) Thanks I love your energy and great videos!

  5. Discipline, Drive, and Focus are my biggest problems. Been killing me my whole life but there are no easy answers how to solve the problem. I don't know if I see myself blogging because of that.

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