A Beauty Blogger Gives Me A Complete Makeover

A Beauty Blogger Gives Me A Complete Makeover

(upbeat jazz music) – Alrighty, here we go. Clap. (hands clap) Hi, I’m Inga. So I’ve never really thought
very much of fashion. It basically only takes
me like five minutes to get ready in the morning. Throw on some clothes, throw on some makeup, brush my hair like twice and then boom, I’m here at the office. This is basically what
I look like every day. I really just like being
comfortable in my own skin. I’m very much like a T-shirt and jeans, sweatpants and hoodies, kind of girl. Clothes that don’t make me
feel guilty for eating a lot. Most people around the
office kind of agree. Comfort and casual styles, anything that’s basically, like chill. At the same time, maybe fashion is just something
I don’t really understand. That’s when I found Eugenie, who is this incredibly
trendy beauty blogger. So I decided to ask if she could help me step outside of the box a little bit. Am I ready for a full body makeover? Not really. I’m still like, hesitant about this, but we’re gonna make it happen. Let’s go. – Hey guys. It’s Eugenie Gray, @feralcreature. I want to be able to help
people understand that fashion doesn’t need to be this crazy, scary, daunting thing. It’s just an extension
of your personality. And so that brings us to today. Inga asked me for help. We’re going to give her
some tips and tricks, and give her a full body makeover. I’m super excited. All right, so basically black T-shirt. Is this the same outfit? Minimal, you like your certain colors, and you really like food. Our fashion philosophy, you don’t know you have one,
but you do, it’s the same. – What do you have planned for me? – We’re gonna get your hair done today. – I’ve never even considered– – It’s gonna be hot pink.
– What? – And then after we do your hair, we’re gonna get your make
up professionally done, and then I’m going to dress you. And I think you’re gonna
be really surprised, pleasantly surprised. We are not fixing anything, no fixing. You’re perfect. Everything she wears is
great, we’re just helping her step out of her comfort
zone and try something new. It’s gonna be really fun. You ready? – No I’m not ready. – Too bad, let’s go. – Hi I’m Sara June, owner of
Sara June Salon in Brooklyn. We specialize here in low
maintenance hair, color, and cut. So this is a perfect place
for Inga to get her hair done. – I really wanted to
do a balayage for Inga. She’s never dyed her before, so she’s a little bit intimidated. We do it once, she doesn’t
have to touch it ever again. – It’s such a great way to enter the world of coloring your hair. This is gonna be fun, I’ve
been excited for a while. You feeling good? – Um– – Alright let’s do it. (funky music) And now, the grand reveal. How do you feel? – It’s like surreal, I’ve never imagined myself with dyed hair. Right now I’m just like, whoa.
– It’s a shock. – It’s so light! What happens after this? – We go into makeup. For her makeup artist, I chose this makeup artist
named Slater Stanley. We’re just gonna do a full
face but natural look. Not full glam or something
that’s totally not her, and just enhance her features. – When I’m using my fingers on skin, I always use the ring finger. It’s the finger with the most padding. – Oh. – Gorgeous. – Eyebrows on fleek.
– Oh yeah, honey. (light ambient music) – I don’t know if I can open my eyes. Can I see myself right now? Turn it, flip it over. – You sure?
– Yeah. Whoa! (giggles) I couldn’t see what I
looked like so I was like. (light music) – You could just give me a roll. – Is it done? Is it done? – Ready?
– No, yes. Wait. It looks really cool. Like a beauty blogger, you know, I feel like this is their type of make up. – Yeah, exactly.
– Which is really cool, I just like didn’t expect to see it on me. Thank you so much. – Happy to, yeah absolutely,
you look beautiful honey. – Aw thank you.
– Gorgeous. – And now, we are going to
dress our little girl up. It’s a really nice, simple, chic outfit. It’s a blazer and pants and a crop cami. Like a cropped, loose silhouette. So it’s very, very trendy. There are these pants, they are amazing. They are as comfortable as sweatpants. I really wanted her to wear them, because comfort is key
for this whole makeover. Whoa, stop being so shy. Your belly button’s not even showing. – I was looking at myself just now, and I was like–
– Who is that girl I see? It looks great. – I love these pants though. You weren’t kidding when you
said they were comfortable. This look, Inga 2.0. – Love it. The second look is a little
out of her comfort zone. I really wanted to give
her a classic leather moto. Put it on and you immediately
look like a badass. The top, it’s a pop of yellow, but I just really wanted to go
with the whole punk kid look, and we’ll just see how it looks. Oh, okay wait hold on. The shoes. – Oh. – We need to put this to
like, rock and roll music. (rock and roll music) Look at this. Such a little punk rocker. You look great. You have less stomach showing
than the last time, so stop. – I like it, actually. – I think you look really good, but this is not you so
you might be like, “Ah, “I feel awkward,” and then you
might walk around awkwardly. If you feel more yourself, then that’s gonna show in
the way you carry yourself. – I’m still processing. I feel overwhelmed. This is like, the alternate version of me. – Again, this is not a
makeover in the sense that we’re telling you to change. It’s just so you can try something new. – I feel like there’s a whole new world that I’ve been exposed to. Thank you so much, again. – That was really fun. – Yay.
– Yay! (intense pop music)

100 thoughts on “A Beauty Blogger Gives Me A Complete Makeover

  1. is this the same outfit? yea, some of us don't have a lot of money to buy new clothes every day. + we own a washing machine.

  2. I liked her the best at the beginning before the makeover. She has amazing hair and beautiful face and looks great without all of that other stuff

  3. Dude
    I'm pretty sure that make up would look good on Caucasian and middle eastern women..
    But it just doesn't look good on her man. It looks like a desperate housewife. It doesn't look good. The feel of the makeup also doesn't really represent her personality or overall Aura that much.

  4. 4:32 that eyeshadow really makes me cringe.. also Eugeine' eyebrows are way too intense and thick to match her eyes

  5. I dont know why but I like her when she was stoned out on the hairdresser's chair and then laughed again.

  6. Omg I can relate to her so much! I love food. I have never dyed my hair. I'm not much of a fan of fashion either. Lol I need to find my own style…..ill do it soon.

  7. wowow <3 nice. make this a series please. i don't know what it is but all the 'fashion makeover' shows on TV are run by people who may have been fashionable perhaps 15 years back, but no longer really. They give them 'makeovers' and turn all of them into white-suburban soccer mums. Youtube is actually way better! Also the beauty blogger really gets it, she asks "what do you want?" rather than "do this, don't do that" . Also she's chill af. I think inga needs to tone her ends haha (hair). Maybe a little icier since she's pretty neutral-toned? (Just cos you asian doesn't mean you're warm-toned)

  8. Too much makeup. Shes already naturally cute and pretty, so she doesn't need as much as the average person.

  9. Her makeup is pretty kinda is just that the eyeshadow looks kinda weird and that’s it could have been better done

  10. 2:23 Dunno if it’s smart to let that girl on the left be in charge of how u look. That’s what u get if you let straight men describe the one person that might turn them gay.

  11. This young women is beautiful regardless. In my opinion i feel like the brown eye shadow didn't suit her well, but she is still beautiful regardless😊.

  12. I really liked the fact that the beauty blogger insisted on the fact that they didn't want to change her or to make her feel that who she was wasn't okay, most makeovers tend to do that ! This was really cool !

    Video: no of course not it's just going to some girl whose name just so happens to resemble Eugene's just weirdly enough…

  14. omg. does anyone know what's the clothes the beauty blogger is wearing? it's so cute! so are Inga's outfit. >< I wanna buy them too!

  15. What are those sort of trousers called? Can someone find them for me 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  16. I get so tired of women wearing make up and using filters and all types of tricks to fool men‼️😡

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