A chat with Dan and Phil about their documentary! (Bonus)

A chat with Dan and Phil about their documentary! (Bonus)

So, we wanted to tell
the story
about how we made the show.So, the rehearsals and
everything that went wrong
and making the entire story. But then also, there was life
on the road.What happened when Dan
and Phil got on that tour bus?
All of our, like, traveling
around America and the U.K. shenanigans
are in this film. We also take you on a day
behind the scenesof the actual Dolby show.What happens behind the set
while you’re watching it?
I think it’s quite interesting
to watch the film
and then see that
and be like, “Oh, my God, this is
what happens – This was it.
– “on the day of the show?” It’s quite interesting.And then, there is the sectionwhere we nostalgically gaze back
and think about
– what it means
– Reflection. and the experiences
that we’ve had meeting all of you guys
around the world. It’s basically like
every bonus feature– that you’d get on a DVD
– Yes.
crammed into one
epic movie. It was so weird for me
to have a camera crew just following us around
wherever we went. Me and Phil,
we don’t even vlog that often.No.We know how rare it is
to share our everyday life.So, to have a camera crew,
“Hi, we’re in your face.
Don’t mind us.” Like, I’d wake up
on the tour bus and the camera guy would be
just like, “Hi, what you having
for breakfast?”It was violating,but we did it for you. It was the greatest adventure
of our whole lives. We’ve never worked so hard
on something, lived in such terrible
conditions for so long, but here we are,
you know? It was all for this film. But could you live
on the tour bus for a year? I couldn’t live on it
for a week without going mental. No, it was so long. Watching the documentary gave me
such a nostalgic feeling. Oh, my God, I cried, like,
three times. I was like, “Oh, my God,
I can’t believe we did “all of those things.”Just so much time has passed.So much happened.And then going back and
looking on this giant adventure
and just the experiences
that we had with all of our followers
out there, you know, it made me emotional. It was like seeing
two other people for a while. – It was weird.
– Who are these guys? What are they doing? Why is that guy
so obnoxiously tall? – [laughs]
– What a freak.One of my favorite things
about the documentary
was seeing our audiences’
reactions to the show.Yeah, it was so cool
’cause we met
so many people
at meet-ups
and obviously, people went
to see the show and just hearing what
they said afterwards is really cool. And I’m just happy that
so many of the people that watch our videos
actually ended up being in the films, so… Yeah, I’m happy they actually
liked the show, as well. They could’ve been like,
“Yeah, it was rubbish.” – They all said nice things.
– Yeah. Watch out, you might be
in it.“The Amazing Tour
Is Not on Fire” and
“Dan and Phil’s Story
of Tatinof”
comes to YouTube Red
on October 5th.
And it is super easy
to watch.
Either you just
subscribe to YouTube Red
if it’s out
in your country.
Or you can buy it
on Google Play
or right here
on YouTube
by going to the
video page.
Well, there we go,
that is how to watch it. We are very excited
for you to see it. Bye.

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  1. Hello boys can not come to Denmark me and my bff love you and we would come and I do not think we are the only ps sorry if there are any spelling errors are dyslexic pss we would die of joy if you came

  2. Heya Phil, I literally have no way of contacting you guys due to my lack of Tumblr and Twitter and whatever else you're active of (Sorry!) but, if you ever happen to read this. I have a random question. Before I ask, I'd like to give ya a little backstory. I am absolutely terrified of any type of surgery/procedure/medical stuff/so on. I can't do needles of anything like that either. I recently had to go to a big hospital to get my wisdom teeth examined and meet the doctor. I'm honestly kinda terrified lol. Turns out, I get them removed in March 2017. I'm not looking forward to this at all. So, I was wondering– by any chance, did you get your wisdom teeth removed? What about Dan? How bad was it? What was it like? Thank you so much! X333

  3. You guys have gone so far..
    Just from 2 awkward teenagers studying and making video to what you are now.
    I am so proud
    I feel like a mom.

  4. Why can't this be on Netflix? I have a Netflix with the fam, I don't have the mons right now to get these movies :'( …. lets hope it'll be a good Christmas

  5. This depresses me because I had the fucking ticket for TATINOF but I was working all week and forgot the performance was that weekend and didn't remember until the day after they left for the next city.

  6. I'm from Belgium. recently got into Dan and Phil & in a short time came to love them so much. I'm devastated bc I found out that, had I started getting into them just a few weeks earlier, I might've been able to go to the show in Berlin (It's pretty far but still closest to me) I'm sobbing someone hold me lel



  9. it saddens me that I only started watching dnp like right after tatinof came to Ireland and one of my best friends went…

  10. Just watched dan & phils story of tatinof and it was so good to see how much time and effort you've put into this tour. I'm so proud and thankful for you guys even though I couldn't see it irl.

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