A day in the life of a food blogger! (vegan)

A day in the life of a food blogger! (vegan)

– Hi, friends, it’s Sam, and
today I’m gonna do something a little bit different. I’m gonna show you what a day in the life of a food blogger is like, or at least what my life is
like in a day, in a life. What am I even saying? I’ve gotten several
requests to make this video, so I hope you enjoy it, and if you do, be sure
to hit that like button to let me know so I will know
to make more videos like this. So I started my blog,
itdoesn’ttastelikechicken.com five and a half years ago, and I’ve been doing it for
about three years full-time, and in that time, I’ve also
written my first cook-book, Fuss-Free Vegan, so yes this is my real career, I do make a living at
it, and it is my love, my passion, my dream,
my favorite thing to do. Now as much as I feel
very lucky and fortunate to have the career of my dreams, I wanna say that this did not come easily. I worked so incredibly
hard to get to where I am. A 40 hour work week, I have
no idea what that’s even like. I work long hours each
and every single day, and weekends, and I don’t
take that many days off to be honest, and I’ve been doing that for five and a half years. Yeah, one day, one day I hope to have kind of a more normal schedule, but I don’t know, I can’t see
that happening any time soon. But what can I say? When you wanna make your dream a career, you have to work really hard to get there. So each and every day,
I do different things depending on what’s needed for my blog, but I’m gonna film everything I do today and share that with you, so that you can see kind
of what a standard day is kind of like, so let’s get
to it, let’s start my day. Every day I start my day by waking up. I know, shocker, but I’m lucky enough because I do work from home
and work on my own schedule, that I rarely set an alarm,
so I wake up when I want, which is usually about
8:00 in the morning. I come downstairs, and the
very first thing I always do is make the world’s best cup of coffee, ’cause that’s how every day should start. I’m currently obsessed with this Silk Almond Hazelnut
creamer, so delicious, highly recommend it, and then I head straight to
my desk and start working. I love my job, so I’m always
eager to start the day. I usually start by answering
comments, and e-mails, and that kind of thing. There is always an endless
list of tasks I can do so what I usually do to make sure I complete the things I need to, is I will choose three or four main tasks I wanna complete in the day,
and I will write them down to remind myself, and then that is my goal to finish those tasks for the day. Time for a little breakfast. I’m just having this like
toasted round bread thingy with some natural peanut butter, and this vegan honey alternative, it’s made from apples, and
I put it in the fridge, which I don’t think you’re supposed to do ’cause it made it super sticky, and it like wouldn’t come off the knife, and it was kind of a mess,
but it tasted really good, so oh well. Hey, buddy, are you having a good morning? Yeah, sleeping in a little? Nice dog, so cute. (laughs) Now that I’ve got my day
kind of organized and ready, I’ve gotten dressed for the day, and I put on my fancy red lipstick ’cause I actually have a video
conference call later today. And it is a Wednesday, and I launch a brand new YouTube video
every Wednesday at 10:00 a.m, so I am just preparing
to launch that video. My latest video is going live now. I always share my video
launches on Instagram stories so be sure to follow me on Instagram @itdoesnttastelikechicken. I just finished my phone,
my video phone call with a client, which I didn’t record, and now I’m just gonna set up, I’m having a dance party apparently, but I’m just setting up for some food I’m gonna be cooking. I already tested this stuffing recipe, so I know how to make it perfectly, so now I just have to prepare
it for food photography. I’m very much a multi-tasker, and I’m always interested in learning more so while I am cooking this recipe, I put on a podcast so that I
could learn a little bit more. I was listening to the Smart
Passive Income podcast, which if you are a blogger of any kind, fantastic, highly
recommend checking it out. Now of course, because
I am a food blogger, I spend a lot of time in my kitchen, so I’m always cooking something, whether I’m recipe
testing, or photographing, or experimenting. Just setting up for food photography. I shoot all of my food
photography here on the floor on this white board, and
giving it a good clean since I am putting food on it, making sure no dust and
spots and stuff is one there, and then these are my lights. These are food photography lights, well photography lights, and I have t-shirts on them which I know looks kind of goofy, but it helps diffuse the light. I like to include step by
step photos of my recipes on my blog, so that it makes
cooking easy for everyone so I’m just doing a couple shots of these toasted bread
cubes to include in my post. I always do several angles, and try to arrange things so
they look a little different so that I have a few options at the end when I go to edit my
photos, to choose from. This is a stove-top recipe,
I’ll leave the recipe down below if you’re interested in making it, but I’m gonna do some
photography on the stove, so I bring my light over so that I have a nice source of light for photography. And once I got some food cooking in there, I take some more step by step photos to show you what the
food should look like, and a little action shot. Doing these action shots
with my hands in the photos are always a little bit
goofy to take photos of but I like the end result. My veggies are sauteed, so
I’m adding the bread cubes, and doing some photography of that. And now I’m taking a pour
shot of pouring this broth in. You can see it’s kind of
complicated to take photos and do these things all yourself, but I’ve gotten used to it over the years so now it’s no big deal for me. While my recipe is just
finishing cooking up, I’m going to set up for
the final food photography, just grabbing some props,
a couple dish towels, some spoons, and some fresh herbs. I always just play around with stuff to try to see what I
think might look nice, and then it’s time to bring
over the finished dish, and I’ll kind of mess around with it, trying to get it to look
exactly the way I want, adjusting the lighting
a little bit as needed. Just looking through my camera, and seeing what looks nice, I’m gonna try this red dish towel instead to see what I think of that, always looking through the camera. And I don’t like that, so
I’m gonna try the blue one, and yeah I don’t like that. I’m going back to the white, I like the fresh vibe for this photo. And then I’m just gonna place it just so, so it looks, I don’t
know, cute in the photo. (laughs) My personal style is that I
like to use a lot of white in my photos to make the food
the real star of the photo. A lot of people ask me
if I do any kind of like weird fake tricks of food photography, and I don’t, I always
just use the real food that I’m cooking with, and I
just kind of like fluff it up, or you know, jush it up a
little bit in different ways, but it’s always the real food, I don’t use any fake food
or anything like that, and I always eat it after shooting. I’m decorating with just a
little bit of fresh thyme. I used thyme in the recipe
so that fits right along, and I’m gonna try some sage as well, which I also used in the recipe. Finding the most perfect leaf
and where I should put it, but after messing around with
the sage for a little bit, I decide I don’t like the look of it, so yeah, I decide not to use it. A little fresh pepper and
salt to finish it off. I just find adding these
little touches on top really just take the photos from bland to having a little bit
of life and personality. I’ve never taken a class
in food photography or any kind of photography
for that matter. I taught myself how to do it, so these techniques are my own, they’re just kind of what
I’ve messed around with over the years, and figured out, so that’s how I do it, but yeah everyone has their own techniques and little things that they do. So now I’m just taking my final photo. I added in a reflector here,
just to get even more light. Like I said, I like my photos really white so I try to put a lot of light on them to make them very bright and
happy and scrumptious looking. As soon as I finish my shot, Chickpea knows that that’s her cue, and she’s allowed to go in and
clean up any little crumbs. Now I’m just picking up the stuffing, just eating a little
couple bites for lunch, pretty lazy I know. After food photography, I
like to take a little break and take Chickpea dog for a walk. She has access to my backyard
all throughout the day, but I like to take her for one long walk where she can kind of
explore the world a bit, and run around a lot,
and run in to other dogs, and have a good time. (upbeat music) After the walk, it was back to work, so I grabbed myself some
soft frosted sugar cookies, I have this recipe on
my blog if you want it, there are amazing, and I had
a bit of mint tea as well. Back to my office, and
after petting Chickpea and telling her that
she’s a very good girl, I get to photo editing so I
load the photos that I just took and I edit them, which just
means that I crop them, and adjust the lighting
and colors a little bit, maybe remove any little specks
of dust that I don’t like, or any little details like that. More snacking, I love snacking, and I have some carrots
and red pepper hummus. And I seriously don’t know
where all the hours go, because it is already about
6:30, so I’m about to stop and make a little dinner. For dinner I decide to have a staple of just a simple pasta
with olives and hot sauce, yes, one of my faves. And then because I spend
all day working by myself, I always try to do
something slightly social, so I meet my friend Trish
for a drink, yay, wine. And that’s pretty much it. I hope you enjoyed this video, and if you did, be sure to leave a like. Don’t forget to subscribe
for a brand shiny new video every single Wednesday. If you have other ideas of videos you would like to see along this lines, let me know down in the comments, and I’ll see you next week. Bon Appetegan! (chicken clucking)

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