A Day In The Life Of A Travel Blogger

A Day In The Life Of A Travel Blogger

today I’m back in the same spot as I was
for my last video we’re going to be kind of talking business again like we were
in the last video but today it’s gonna be the more fun side of business I want
to show you what a day in the life of a travel blogger looks like I want to show
you what it’s like to be on a press trip what a travel blogger actually does and
hopefully give you a better idea of what the job actually entails as I said I’m here on a press trip in
Slovenia and if you don’t know what that is I’m gonna put a link to a video I
made earlier this year where I explain what a press trip is and I was on a
press trip then it was a press trip with a Tourism Board and a group of bloggers
this one’s a little bit different I’m here with this resort behind me and it’s
just me just me and my mom and yeah the structure is a little bit different the
programmes a little bit different and today I’m going to just show you what
happens in a day on a press trip like this this place is like a kind of glum thing
but luxury glamping place I will show you around first though we need to start
with breakfast every good day starts with breakfast and here a big berry they
kind of bring you like a basket of fresh produce every day so gonna dig into that
before we go to anything but as a blogger first you got to take photos so
I’m kind of cheating a little bit here because we didn’t want to waste food by
ordering stuff we don’t need so I do have an egg leftover from yesterday I
have some milk left over from yesterday and I’m going to put those into the
photo to show sort of a wider variety of products and make it more realistic of
what we’re actually eating this morning in here we do have some local bread some
plain yogurt and fruit yogurt and these are absolutely incredible these are made
locally everything’s made locally it’s all really really fresh little jams some
honey I think that’s it for this morning’s breakfast the thing about press trips is they are
super fun it’s great to get to see your destination and see things that maybe
you wouldn’t have seen otherwise have really cool stuff to write about but
they can be pretty intense and the hardest part of all is trying to keep on
top of your work while you’re on the fresh tip so I’ve had to kind of just
take an hour or two out this morning because I need to finish up some work
luckily here it’s really chilled and because I’m on my own I can kind of make
my own schedule set my own schedule and do things as and when I want to but
sometimes you just have to stick to a set itinerary and make your work work
around it and that can be really really really really hard and that it worked on for the morning I
think I just need to get ready and then I guess we’re gonna go out explore I
want to show you around here because it’s so beautiful it’s so peaceful it’s
just such a lovely little place so this place I don’t know if I
mentioned is could big Berry and it’s basically like a luxury glamping but
it’s not quite glamping because as you can see you stay in one of these like
mobile homes and they’re more than just a fancy tent I like these really nice
eco lodges and yeah it’s definitely on the luxurious end of the glamping scheme
and this is this is right on the edge of Slovenia so this here behind me is the
Copa River and then just over there on the other side of the river that is
Croatia so this river is the border between Slovenia and Croatia I reckon I
could probably swim to Croatia I should probably just say this is by
far the most chilled out price trip ever probably in the history of fresh tips
and that’s mostly due to the nature of the pressure big berry is meant to be
sort of luxury relaxation obviously it’s in this really scenic peaceful
environment and I wouldn’t be sort of reviewing it fairly if I didn’t relax a
little I guess so today is pretty chilled out on most
press trips you’re just kind of running around trying to squeeze everything in
jumping from activity to activity normally from food to drink to food to
drink and if you want to see an example of that I will put a link up in the top
corner now but this one’s more about sort of taking easy relaxing luxury and
today’s task is going to be capturing some pictures and just sort of
experiencing the resort it’s lovely here but yesterday we spent most of the day
out and about meeting some local producers trying some local foods
getting to see the area so today is kind of my day for taking photos of the
cabins taking photos of the grounds just sort of experiencing the big berry life
seeing what big berry is about and making sure I have all the content I
need to write about this resort so I have some photos that I want to get I
want to get some photos around here I also want to get some photos of these
cabins because they’ve been painted by some local designers and you can
probably see now they each have a different design on them and they’re
super super cute and I want to kind of get pictures of at least a few of them
to show because I think that’s such a cool part of this place absolutely
fantastic and I’m also gonna see if there’s an empty one that they can let
me in to take photos because I kind of trashed the one that we’re staying in
there’s cables and charges and packing and birthday cards everywhere so yeah
pretty chilled for a fresh trip but definitely not complaining this place is
absolutely awesome it’s end of the season here at big berry
everybody’s going home next week so they have opened up two of the like carbon
mobile homes to let me come in and take pictures for my blog post it’s really
cool in here we’re staying in a six-person come in and it’s really cool
I would show you around but it’s a bit of a mess before my camera get
everywhere so this is a four person one really nice at the picture and the table
here this would be a great office space and then I guess this is the bedroom
I’ll flip you around and then I guess around here we just taking a quick break to try and do
some laundry because one of the things about traveling full-time and being on
press trips is that you don’t really have time to do laundry but there is a
washing machine here there’s a dryer hair and since I’m on back-to-back press
trips this week and fly into Belfast for a conference tomorrow and then from
there I go to Aberdeen for a three-day press trip and then I fly to South
Africa and I don’t have enough underwear to get me through so gonna do some quick
laundry one of the less glamorous parts of a day in the life of a travel blogger
if you can hear that music it’s because there’s a little bit of a birthday party
going on here and if you’re wondering why I’m wearing a different outfit in
every clip today it’s because the way that keeps changing it was super cold
this morning then it was like sunny but still a bit cold and now it’s just so
hot it’s so nice it’s perfect hey Charlie okay laundry’s on I think while there’s
still some Sun in the sky while it’s still hitting the river but isn’t too
bright I’m gonna get the drone up in the air and take some pictures from above
because I think that’ll really add a nice perspective to the blog post the
river is such a big part of the experience here and I just don’t think
I’m going to get any good photos from down here I think it needs to be from
above to show you the campsite to show those beds back there they’re really
cool some birds so yeah let’s play okay it’s nearly sunset it’s about an
hour till sunset there’s one more thing I want to do which is to time-lapse the
sunset because I think it could look quite nice tonight with all those cars
in the sky so I’m gonna set it up on my tripod here we’re going out for dinner
that means I’m not going to be taking the camera out to dinner because I’m
going to be time-lapse seeing on my m50 so I’m gonna leave this here and pick
back up often we just got back from dinner and it’s
really dark I was gonna do a photo shoot over with a fire and stuff I think
they’re kind of just clearing up from the birthday party so don’t think we’re
gonna be able to what we will be able to do is enjoy this hot tub enjoyed the
jacuzzi the jury with the Lions when the action
and be able to forgive that a good review I guess but yeah I’m just gonna jump in the
jacuzzi for maybe 20 minutes chill out enjoy this place I mean I’ve been
enjoying it all along like I said this isn’t exactly a normal press trip this
has been super chilled but like I also said it kinda had to be in order to
write about it and to do it justice so 20 minutes in the jacuzzi there maybe 20
to 30 minutes transferring and filing all my files from today from my m50 from
my 5d and obviously from the drawing and then I’ll probably sit and write some
notes or maybe even start a blog post about this page
maybe I’ll go on Instagram and share some stories from today maybe on Twitter
and then eventually I will go to bed so yeah it’s been a pretty pretty easygoing
day as far as press trips go but it has been a long day I mean getting up at
8:00 it’s um working till well it’s 9:00 now it’s gonna be about 11:00 11:30 by
the time I’m done so yeah day in the life of a travel blogger I hope you
found this interesting I hope it’s given you a little bit of an
insight into what may be an easier day as a travel blogger looks like tomorrow
is a travel day I’m heading to Belfast for a conference centre Aberdeen for
another press trip and then finally to South Africa our next base so the next
video will be in the UK somewhere it’ll be up on Sunday and I hope I’ll see you

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  1. It would have probably helped if I’d mentioned my blog, huh? 🙈 Blaming the lack of sleep from the night before, and you can find me over at Alajode.com

  2. Good idea for a video! This places looks incredible! I had heard of Big Berry but didn't know they had a location there!

  3. Lovely video, Jodie. If that were one of your easier days, I dread to think what a ‘normal’ day would be like! Look forward to your next one.

  4. Looks really nice! I have been to Slovenia once last year, but it was to Ljubljana and Lake Bled. It is such a beautiful country! It is awesome how each day is different for you and that a press trip can be relaxing!

  5. Chill place you are currently at Miss Dewberry! Anyway just asking, you don't drink coffee in the morning? Most people I know drink coffee at breakfast. Some of them also take coffee at lunch, snack time, and even at dinner.

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