‘A very serious meltdown’ top Democrats react to Trump meeting

‘A very serious meltdown’ top Democrats react to Trump meeting

What’s really sad about it,
is that I pray for the President all the time and I tell him
that I pray for his safety and that of his family.
But I think now we have to pray for his health because
this was a very serious meltdown on the part of the President. He was insulting, particularly to the Speaker. She kept her cool
completely, but he called her a third-rate politician,
he said that there were communists involved and ‘you guys might like that’,
I mean this was not a dialogue. It was sort of a diatribe,
a nasty diatribe not focused on the facts particularly the fact of how
to curtail ISIS, a terrorist organization that aims to hurt the United States
in our homeland. I have served with six presidents,
I have been in many, many, many meetings like this.
Never have I seen a president treat so disrespectfully
a coequal branch of the government of the United States.

95 thoughts on “‘A very serious meltdown’ top Democrats react to Trump meeting

  1. She’s a drunk 😵 and a lier. She’s a domestic terrorist. , like Hillary , Bill Clinton. Bush a woman says eat babies to Alexander Ocasio Cortez. I think 🤔 they are all killers frauds , lying liberals media too

  2. The Democrats will never quit lying and being drama queens. They do not care about the people. They care about wealth and power only.

  3. They don't need to be talking about what goes on in the meetings. They're liars and the media spreads they're lies and feeds it to America.

  4. (10/16/2019) Wow! Now if my adversary were a mob boss (the Demoncrats are worse) and he would sarcastically state that he prays for the safety of my family, I would know that he’s threatening my family. “They” are demons. Wow.

  5. If this were the 80s Trump would've been toast after he made fun of the reporter who was disabled. We would have banned together as one nation and not allowed him to even run. We would've called him an entitled silver spoon brat and he would've disappeared from the public eye. But sadly that America is long gone.

  6. Dirty Donald the ranting diatribal wannabe despot, serial molester, Constitutional rapist, pillager of the treasury, pawn of Putin, shame of our forefathers has been caught with his hand in the cookie jar by Nancy Pelosi and she is going to give him a smackdown the likes of which the world has never seen.

  7. Pelosi is the only one keeping Trump in office at this point. Absurd. Is is almost as if the democrats think their presidential candidates are so poor that they desperately need to keep Trump in office.

  8. Are u people serious!! U Dems are a pathetic excuse for government!! I'm surprised he hasn't flipped out on Nancy along time ago and all the rest for the daily harresment he endorse because of all of u.

  9. 🤣🤣 so basically Trump was honest and they took offence. The definition of TRIGGERED! I'm glad they had a great discussion after these communists left

  10. No surprise! That's how he and most americans behave their entire life. That's why they voted for him, and will vote for him again. Lol

  11. Trump rightfully calls out the democrats & their corruption in Ukraine Russia and the rest of the world!
    Democrats are now upset.

  12. Ok lets listen  to what other people that were in the meeting say about how Nancy acting like a  little kid what a snake lie the only time nancy lies is when she is awake

  13. even if Trump is right he is wrong  nancy is not telling the truth other people that were in the meeting  said Nancy was yelling and acting like a little kid don't let  theme lie to us

  14. Bunch of loudmouth Trump bumblefucks making comments I see. Your serial sexual predator, multiple times bankrupt business owner, draft dodger leader is going down. Cry me a river, I can pass you the tissues.

  15. They haven't got a chance of impeaching trump. They're getting desperate because they know he's gonna win another 4 years in 2020.

  16. Rep. Steny Hoyer = Dem.-MD (5th District) since 1981, beginning with the Reagan Administration. He's certainly been around for a while…

  17. Chernobyl donald had a meltdown! No wonder, given that orange glow of his, although I never heard of orange Cherenkov radiation before…

  18. Only a COWARD disrespects a woman.

    All bullies are cowards, and only a bully would disrespect a woman; because he knows they're physically weaker than men. Bullies (cowards) never pick a fight with their equals, nor with those whom they see a disadvantage on.

    Your false idol is misogynistic coward.

  19. You 2 are freaking insulting to America and Trump. All you want since he won is impeachment. You 2 are the real losers. Piglosi and schmuck. You both need to resign. Or face the consequences that's coming to you both. It's called karma.

  20. You have so much hatred in your heart pelosi..all of you democrats very hateful…and how many time you have disrespected Trump? You sow what you reap isnt it Pelosi?

  21. Its comic the way lib dems do law if you say anything from 20yrs ago your destroyed but if we do anything nothing to see ere

  22. You guys will loose all of your viewers because of the constant fabricated news. Wait till people have realized what they (democrats) have done and what you were doing. You won't be able to walk the streets.

  23. So the corupt corporate dems that rigged the primaries last election & just voted in favor of war are what your calling heroes these days? I can't imagine why voters on the left sat out the 2016 election. I bet it's going to catch you as a shock when we do it in 2020 too.

  24. it's amazing watching the pictures of the fight and seeing who really was having a meltdown. Some people can't take the heat

  25. I mean, every sign of narcissism is there, how are people this surprised? Also, astounding amount of astroturfing in the comments. SAD!

  26. new meanings of words changed by liberals

    Meltdown: standing your ground (see determination)
    Racist: a person that points out wrong doing/crime by persons of color or enforcing immigration (see rule of law)
    Xenophobe: a person that wants tp preserve his county culture history and language(see patriot)
    Hater: a person that dares express a contrary opinion (see free speech)
    Homophobic: a person attracted to the opposite sex (see 99% of the world's population)

  27. Here we go. From now until his reelection there's going to be constant attacks. I think I'll just unplug the media until his inauguration;)


  29. Hey Chuck Schumer and Navy Pelosi, perhaps Trump does not like the way you guys keep describing the violent masked up riots in Hong Kong as peaceful demonstrations??!!
    Btw, Nancy and Chuck, where are you on the Catalonia separatism issue? Why you keep quiet on the Barcelona protest? The HK riot is much more violent than that in Barcelona. Why you guys never suggest the Barcelona ones are also peaceful demonstrations??! Why? Hong Kong police is so soft to the sociopaths on the streets, but you guys keep condemning HK police brutality. Where is your condemnation on the EU police brutality?? What's wrong with you? Are you guys sick? I know politics are dirty, but you guys bring the ugliness to the brand new level in world stage. Shame on you !!! It is just foul and disgusting!!

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