A Made to Measure Mobile Newspaper Developed by Fjord, part of Accenture Interactive A Made to Measure Mobile Newspaper Developed by Fjord, part of Accenture Interactive

Founded in 1903, ABC is the most historic
newspaper in Spain. What has prevailed throughout the decades
is our constant eagerness to innovate. In the spirit of innovation, we’ve been
following the evolution of our reader. And today we have all gone mobile. The goal was to adapt ourselves to this new
environment. Aiming not to lose our identity, our voice
as ABC. But also making it easy for the readers so
they could actually use this on their phones in an intuitive way. The concept of this design had to do with
offering the reader a completely personalized experience. They can adapt our mobile version to their
likes and needs. They can customize the front cover, follow
their favorite journalists, favorite blogs, and save articles to read later on, more carefully
at home, on the sofa. They can also get notification about anything
they are interested in. We like to say that there are as many ABCs
as there are readers. While our journalists create content exclusively
for mobile devices, readers can further customize their content, choosing their favorite sections,
most interesting topics and things they need to know. We also wanted to make things easier for the
staff in the newsroom. Thanks to the new design, we now work with
a modular system that enables the cover editors to place new content in a very easy way, so
that the information is updated almost in real-time. Which is one of the keys of this new ABC mobile. We really wanted to help readers consume information
on the go, effortlessly and seamlessly. To be able to be up to date regardless of
the moment in their day to day lives. We wanted our readers to experience the news
of today and keep a bit of our history. I think we’ve done that.

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