Accounting for Beginners #14 / Journal Entry with Cash / Expense

Accounting for Beginners #14 / Journal Entry with Cash / Expense

yo what up? CPA Strength, strongest CPA
in the state of Florida, another video here obviously, gonna be about journal entries
just a quick journal entry example. i do too many examples in one video sometimes.
we’re going to do one example here, its going to be a journal entry, i think a fairly
simple one, and it’s gonna involve cash, now in my opinion, if you know what
happens with the cash of the business whether it’s a Debit or Credit, you know
you’re going to have half your journal entry done, also, $300 dollars spent at comcast, you’re doing your homework at night. you’ve got, you’ve got a task. Complete
this Journal Entry. You don’t know anything oh yeah, oh yeah, we can do, we can do, DC/ADE/LER I didn’t remember anything else, besides
DC/ADE/LER what does that mean??? it means there’s a Debit and a Credit ( DC ) and
then ADE/LER Asset Draw Expense Liability Equity Revenue, first thing $300
spent at Comcast, ok so we have money deal with the money first, because most
transactions are going to have money, as you know from the previous videos look
at the other videos Cash in it’s positive form, we don’t have that we’re
spending three hundred dollars, i don’t care for what, or why at this point, we’re
just going to do the cash first. so, $300 is leaving our bank
account, leaving our business, so that means cash in a negative amount, that
means we would credit the cash, it’s a negative asset to our bank, is a
credit to the cash, so, so look right here, is our Credit, three-hundred-dollar cash
that is our Credit !!!! why is it a Credit??? because negative cash,
cash leaving our business is a negative Asset, is Credited so and we have $300 leaving, so it’s going to be Credited so what’s our Debit? Whats our Debit for this?? This is going to be Debits & Credits, so three-hundred-dollar cash, is our
Credit so whats going to be our Debit, we can say three
hundred dollars. we spent $300 at comcast for internet, now
thats at your business, why did you spend the money??? $300 because i need Internet to do, whatever, everybody
needs the Internet, to try to produce revenue, or make money for my business, so
it’s an Expense, what Expense is?? we’re just going to say Comcast’s. like
that’s a chart of accounts, but that’s later on, so there is kind of how I have
it, so look here’s the journal entry, Debited $300 comcast, Credited $300
cash, Debit comcast, , that’s an expense, so that’s going to be in the debit column
we’re going to Credit cash, that’s an asset leaving, with this, this
would be a journal entry, we would have a date here, it was like 8 /15/ 16 so you have a
date, Debit is always to the left. and then your credit is is the
right-hand side, anyways just example it just takes practice practice practice
practice practice don’t even know how many times but when
you do it so much you don’t even think about left foot, right foot, left
foot, right foot, you just do i used to play baseball, hit off a tee, thousand cut
like thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of cuts, and then
people are like “you got a pretty nice baseball swing” Yeah, i been practicing.
man. I’ve been doing this for about eight years learn accounting and stuff, and I am a
CPA now, but you know when I first started, something like this, I wouldn’t
know what to do, i would have throw my book against the wall I just didn’t know it, i just didn’t know
the DC/ADE/LER really, so It was hindering me. now when i see, this ii
see the debit, I see the debit as the expense, to see the credit as cash
leaving, I just kind of got it, but you you gotta get the basics before you
do anything else. thank you very much for watching. I
really do appreciate I I I can’t believe all the subscribers and positiveness
on my channel !!!!!!!! so i really thank you for watching PEACE !!!!!!!

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