Accounting for Beginners #3 / Journal Entries / Beginner Tips / Basics / Accounting Tutorial

Accounting for Beginners #3 / Journal Entries / Beginner Tips / Basics / Accounting Tutorial

what’s good YouTube?? CPA Strength here Jonathan Dorn CPA licensed CPA in the
state of Florida Leeegggoooo !!! Basic Accounting Tips tres, a little español, anyways let’s just get
into it this is tres, so watch one and two if you’re wondering about this stuff
cause this isn’t going to make too much sense if you haven’t watched one and two, ok let go ok so what’s the first thing you’re
going to do, every time if you can’t remember anything else on test anything
anything anything you’re going to have to remember DC/ADE/LER ok and that’ll get you through
that I get your CPA I don’t know nothin else and i
got CPA license, I know a couple more things but lets go ok so DC/ADE/LER all right we’re going to do some
journal entries today ok so this is what you’re going to write
and look, this is a + see this is the plus 2 so you are all positive these
are on positive sides the Debits and Credits ok so what’s the first thing
you’re going to do first thing is a ten-thousand-dollar loan from the bank ok so you’re going to have to have at
least at least the Debit at least the Credit and they’re going to have to
equal we’re gonna have to match. so I like to
work most journal entries have cash in them, so I like to I like to work
with the cash first if you know what the cash is doing then you’re about
halfway there are a lot of times no this’ll if you know what the cash is
doing you might you just you know get a 75
grading on a paper or something, so anyways ten thousand dollar loan from bank ok, ten thousand dollar loan. so you have
positive cash, positive cash which is an Asset so here you have your
ten-thousand-dollar ten thousand dollars that are getting in cash right here so that’s the Debit right? that’s the Debit!! so here Here Write Here Write Cash Ten Thousand, Debits to the left hand
side ok, so now you’ve got ten thousand dollars or did you get where’d you get that from? A loan. you owe the bank that’s a payable, that’s
going to be a liability but t’s either going to be a liability or
equity you really don’t touch this too much unless it’s like the end of the year
retained earnings so you know, if you don’t know anything you’ve already got your cash, you know
the other side, you know the Debits 10,000 / you know the Credits has to be
10,000 so is it Revenue ?
did you work to make the ten thousand dollars? No, you got a loan it’s a payable is a Liability of yours
you’re liable for that ten thousand dollars so here we go, ten thousand dollars here,
do these equal? yes they do!!! So, you’re going to have a
loan Liability, going to put loan that’s going to your Credit. LOAN ten thousand dollars well there’s your
first journal entry do you like it, do you love it, do you
want some more of it, Timmy MgGraw don’t mention Memphis and anyways second one ok let’s erase
this here let’s erase this now see now this one might throw you off
that’s it but these are the positive sides these
are positive that positive Debits positive credits so let’s go to the
second one ok, buy a truck for five thousand dollars you’re buying a truck for five thousand
dollars. Are you getting more money? or Are you getting less money?? buying a
truck here. here’s my here you take money, I get
truck so, your money is leaving, your money is
leaving. So, Asset cash is an Asset, but it’s leaving so that’s going to be your Credit is
going to be cash, cash is going to be your Credit of 5,000. So that’s going to
be our Credit here so you know that, so let’s just write
down our journal entry here. we’re going to write Cash 5000 because it’s leaving !!!! and so here, so you take money I get truck give me truck give me a freakin truck so i have the
truck so where’s the truck, trucks an Asset positive your gain getting more so
positive Asset so there we go there we go a five-thousand-dollar truck is it equal? yeah, so it’s Debit we’re going to Debit
five-thousand-dollar truck truck five thousand dollars we got one we got two. BOOM !!! easy peasy lemon squeezy right come on
let’s go Man this is fun, this is fun I love this shit, alright number three
the third transaction third journal entry you pay rent five hundred
dollars ok here here’s five hundred dollars i
get my rent I get to stay here ok so that’s an
Expense it’s something that I’m paying out in
the hopes of making money for my business so it’s an Expense all right first of all let’s go ADE LER let’s go with the money let’s go with
the money let’s keep it simple i’m giving you five hundred dollars so ok now i have less cash I have less money so that means the
Asset we have less cash cash is an Asset we have a negative amount so that’s
going to be a Credit so yeah we’re going to have cash for
five hundred dollars so let’s let’s just write our Credit right now cash – five hundred dollars ok so now we need to match up when you
match up at five hundred dollars ugh hmm as a Debit so what are we going to do how we’re
going to do that how we’re going to how we’re going to put that, is rent
an Asset? NO. Is rent a Draw? A Distribution? no rent is an Expense it has to be one
of these so you’ve narrowed it down a little bit
you know rent is an Expense so here $500 $500 for rent so let’s bring the Debit over
here rent $500 DC/ADE/LER all right number 4, you get paid for a
service, you get paid three hundred dollars for some work you did oh my god i’m actually getting money in
holy holy jeepers right yet you’re getting money in so what is that what is cash coming in
positive cash positive asset left hand side ADE here we are three hundred dollars coming
in for service you did so $300 with service coming in the asset you got
cash coming in positive amount so that’s the Debit three hundred dollars and how
did you make it? is a Liability? do you owe somebody? is it retained earnings? or in
Equity NO it’s a Revenue you worked for it Revenue
service income so we’re going to do up $300 cash because we got cash coming in so
that’s a debit 300, get my fat head out of the way 300 oh we’re going to put income went with
service in come on the what how do we get that for service of
service income gonna be around new service income Service income, 300, these all matchup,
DEBITS=CREDITS / DEBITS=CREDITS DEBITS=CREDITS ADE/LER ok positive side last one guy goes to the ATM
takes out a $100 spends it takes takes a date out spend $100 for
personal so now so you got to think this get kind
of tricky but you got to think as we’re doing this as a business ok so you you take a hundred dollars out
of the business so you have negative cash so that’s going to be a Credit so you
have negative cash because you have cash coming out of the Account so we’re going to
have a cash of a hundred dollars of cash is $100, cash is a Credit and
now what is the start what is the Debit on this? is it Expense? NO. because it’s not in the hopes of
making making money for the business of not an Expense you took something personal is that an
asset? spending $100 that’s not an Asset now it’s a Distribution or Draw because
you personally took it out so we’re going to say we’re going to put
Draw one hundred dollars anyways this one is. CHRIST!!!!13 minutes and
i’m going to have freaking watch this if you made it this long, and like if you
got any questions for you can put him down there asking a freaking question
i’m no teacher I know one thing though DC/ADE/LER all right, the strongest CPA in Florida BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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