Accounting for Beginners #31 / Adjusting Entries / Journal Entries / Depreciation Expense

Accounting for Beginners #31 / Adjusting Entries / Journal Entries / Depreciation Expense

yo yo yo what up fam I love doing these
welcome back accounting for beginners my classic series number 31 accounting for
beginners number 31 we hear boy if is your first one hit subscribe and looking
for the card up here because it’s the best accounting playlist on youtubes on
the internet in the world let’s go this is highly requested so 31 it’s going to
be the adjusting adjusting entries in the book that I have here in the book
this is the book I’m rocking with I got like $10 off Amazon I don’t know five
different adjusting entries and we’re just going to go through them the next
this video in the next four I guess we’re going to do the adjusted entries
yo here they are I’ve been listening here they are just something I noticed
out of the five adjusting entries and why are they adjusting you do it at the
end of the period you need to make your justed entries and why are they
adjusting like why do you have to wait tell until the end and my opinion here
because there’s no cash now it could be wrong when I make statements and anyways
I’m just I’m just a dude man I’m just a I’m just a dude okay yeah yes I do have
a CPA license yes I do do this for a living but I can make errors sure so
there’s no cash so that’s why that’s why like if there was cash in the account
then you would just be done like you would need to adjust anything you’ll
kind of see so we’re going to do depreciation it’s one of the five now
I’ve already done depreciation but that was when I started is when I was first
ranking my office here and I was like so nervous I thought you know how
everyone’s gonna hear me and I wasn’t and I’m like I’m renting office here and
I’m wasting my time making YouTube videos no one’s watching what am i doing
my life so anyways let’s give me the first on
our Justin entries depreciation at the end of the period if you’re new here
you’re going to notice this it’s a DC a blurs kind of my mapping system it’s
debit/credit assets are expense liability equity revenue
I just always put that on my paper you put it on your paper – don’t be lazy man
don’t be lazy seriously serfs don’t be lazy so let’s
set it up let’s let’s set it up here during the year I’m gonna use the book
example during the year you bought an asset you bought office equipment for
$1,800 you might have done that a couple years ago but that’s the only thing on
the books that’s on the books this is your balance sheet balance sheet is
assets equal liabilities plus equity the only thing on your balance sheet is you
have an office equipment for $1,800 assets equal why you don’t have any
liabilities and your equity is $1,800 equity of the office equipment you’ve
already you already use cash when you bought this you have debit debit office
equipment credit cash and so it’s journal entry to get this on the books
it was money coming out and you put it on as an asset so what is depreciation
anyways let’s say office equipment let’s say this is the printers the $1,800
printer that’s gonna last for a long time you have it on as an asset you
spent you spent money you spent money over here and now you have an asset for
that for the office equipment for the printer now let’s sit because that’s
going to last for years so you’re going to expense it every year let’s say you
about a paper paper for the printer now you’re going to run through that in a
couple months so yes you have cash coming out for that but you’re just
going to expense it right now because you’re going to use it in less than a
year or this part of the period when you’re buying an asset or I guess buying
something and use it as an expense that’s always that’s going to be your
debit it’s either going to be the asset it’s going to be the office equipment
the printer or the paper so let’s go ahead and your credit it’s going to be
money leaving it’s going to be your credit so years a year has gone by and
now you’re like well you know we have less time on this
printer and we need to do our expense for the year and that is a depreciation
expense so what would what would the journal entry be it’s always about a
journal entry what would the journal entry what’s the journal entry going to
be hopefully went over that so you would think well now we need we need to
expense the journal inch we need to expense this printer because it’s been
it’s been on the books for a year depreciation expense also you might just
hear you may just have heard just in life your depreciation expense
depreciation expense depreciation you don’t really know anything or you know
some I don’t know so depreciation would run over this you’re like I’ve heard
depreciation expense I know DCA blur so probably it’s going to be it’s probably
going to be right there right the journal entry here depreciation expense
$50 because we figured out we figured out for everything that we’re going to
appreciate this office equipment $50 for the year and now we’re going to
journalize or the period so we know we’re taking oh we’re taking a really
good guess because we’re not our professionals we haven’t done this a
million times yet so we don’t really know we’re just going to take a guess
and we’re going to say damn it is going to be $50 depreciation
expense all right great now we need to credit now we need to credit and if we
know we know it’s got to be 50 bucks because they always equal so look we
have no idea about much we’ve heard depreciation expense and we know DCA
blur so look look at all the stuff we’re getting right already step by step by
step practice practice practice so we’re going to put $50 over here on
the card in now here’s where it gets a little tricky here’s where it gets a
little tricky and you just got to know what is what is going to be the credit
it’s a thing called accumulated depreciation and it’s called a contra
acet meaning it is it’s an asset but it’s an it’s a negative asset you just
got to know I think for now mmm when you when you have depreciation expense the
credit for it is an accumulated depreciation okay so that is that’s the
journal entry for a depreciation is debit debit $50 depreciation expense
credit accumulated depreciation so you know look there’s no no money no cash
involved in this because you already bought the asset before so now we’re
just depreciating the asset so this is so this is your expense now do you see
like if you for the year because like when you bought paper or supply you
expense it right away but now you’re now you get an expense
you still want you still want to show here that you bought the office
equipment for $1,800 on the balance sheet see it’s a contra asset meaning it
is a credit see so it’s over here accumulate depreciation is a credit and
as you can see it’s it’s Oda if it’s if it’s an asset accumulate depreciation is
an asset because it goes along with the fixed assets it’s negative be negative
over here and that’s in its normal balance negative on the credit side
sideswipes contra so it goes it goes here as a negative and on the balance
sheet you would have accumulated accumulated depreciation for $50 and
that’s what on the balance sheet so then your office equipment is worth 1717 50
now thank you for watching thank you very much
if you enjoyed it get a like and I wonder this new new method of I’m just
trying to put out more content and let you decide if it’s good I know it’s not
perfect and I’m sorry found trying to get better every time until next time
stay blessed love y’all booze

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