Acrylic Abstract Painting Technique for Beginners | Art Journal Thursday Ep. 25

Acrylic Abstract Painting Technique for Beginners | Art Journal Thursday Ep. 25

(lively music) – Hey guys. Welcome back to another episode of Art Journal Thursday where we get creative every single Thursday here on this channel and today I wanted to show
you a simple technique how you can create
beautiful abstract paintings super easily without having
any super fancy tools. All you need is some old plastic card and some acrylic paint. Dip the edge of the card into a color of your choice and then scrape it over
the paper or the canvas. This technique works better on a canvas but it works on paper as well. We are basically using this
card as a palette knife, so in case you don’t have that at home but you have an old plastic
card you don’t need, you can just use that. Here I’m just showing you guys the basic technique and later you will see how I actually made a painting with it. So, basically, all you need to do is add any color or even
any color combination onto the card and scrape
it over the surface. You’ll be surprised what
pretty results you’ll get but you can also just apply
a think layer one by one and build your painting like that. You have probably seen these
famous abstract paintings that had thick layers of paint that looked like someone
just pasted a lot of paint onto the canvas but it’s created an amazing art piece. So, either a palette
knife or this plastic card is all you need. Okay, now let’s create
the actual painting. I wanted to create a
nice scene in the city while it is raining. By scraping the card
loaded with some paint from top to bottom, you can make some
abstract buildings appear. Focus on bright colors in the center and go darker and darker towards
the edges of the painting. At the lower third of the painting there’s going to be the street that is wet and reflects the buildings. So, basically you want to
slightly move the paint from left to the right using the edge of the card. Don’t feel scared if the
painting looks like nothing yet. Once you place something
into the painting, like a person, everything
will make more sense. Here I used some white-colored paint in the middle and some blue, purple, green and orange-colored paint on the left and right side. Don’t worry too much. Just play around with the paint. I decided to paint a
person from the backside holding an umbrella but I don’t know why but I just couldn’t
get the umbrella right, so it looks a little bit off but I hope you get the idea here. As you can see, the third
hard of the painting is rather messy and it still doesn’t make much sense at the moment, so all we need to do is scrape some more paint over this area using the same colors as on the top. The vertical and horizontal lines together will look more like
reflections on the ground. And then I went back and add a little bit of white-colored paint to
add additional reflections and we’re done. Now we just need to remove the tape. This is a very simple technique in painting I showed you here but it’s a great way
to try this technique. This way you can come up
with your own painting ideas and ways how to use the plastic card to create beautiful, abstract paintings. I really hope you like this video and found it helpful. If so, be sure to give
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and I will see you soon. Bye.

51 thoughts on “Acrylic Abstract Painting Technique for Beginners | Art Journal Thursday Ep. 25

  1. Hey guys! I hope you are doing well and like this quick and easy technique how to create an abstract painting! Let me know what you would like to see next! ❤

  2. I loved this video, yet again!! God, are you ever going to disappoint me??! (Surely not)
    And, you know what is more satisfying than doing the art tricks you tell us? It’s you doing these Art Journal a Thursday.

  3. I am so sad! I take art class in my school, it is so stressful. We don't get to do many fun things. Everybody talks and makes it not relaxing. People are late for class and the entire class gets punished. We don't make things that artists would do. All we really did so far is just the elements of art. Form, color, shape, line, texture, etc. I can't remember the other two, but- oh well. You make it so amazing. We don't even have acrylic paints. All we have is watercolor. I want to do this at home, but I have my parents nagging me about things and I keep wasting so much sketchbook paper, I get scared. I just want to experiment like you say, but to be honest, it isn't fun. Like I would rather do a science lab project to do than that. It just gets be really frustrated. I don't have any supplies you have, really. My water color is the worst. Crayola. Just as bad as a useless white crayon. I can't even mix the colors and when I put more water in the make the color lighter,- oh boy. It is darker. Vice Versa. Butbutbut my mother said I could get things YOU have and it would be in the "spending for school" category!! EEK IM SO EXCITED! Also I don't understand.. gaming is pointless and gaming channels are like practically taking over YouTube. Your channel is not pointless AT ALL. Girl, I do NOT understand how you have less than 1M subs. 897K subs? Or whatever number- more like 89.7M subs for you. Like PAH-LEASE LET ME TELL YOU ALL ABOUT IT. Well that is my weird abstract comment. Hope you notice me mako : )

  4. Hi! Can you tell me which tape did you used….i really liked ur idea for the borders 😊 and yeah ur technique for painting is amazing

  5. Really enjoy your videos. When you have no brushes, no paper, actually nothing to start. What do you need too buy to get started? Thanks

  6. This was great help I prefer abstract art Because it’s easier but still hard you are amazing you should be in a art gallery!!!!!!

  7. Beautiful. I love this channel, it inspires me to paint and whenever I'm depressed I just have to sit down and draw while watching you paint and listen to your calming voice.

  8. Very beautiful painting! Thanks for sharing!! Just wondering if watercolour paints would work for this technique? xxx

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