Active Learning Forum: A New Way to Learn (full length)

Active Learning Forum: A New Way to Learn (full length)

the active learning forum is the unexpected learning forum the place where you’re constantly engaging with what you learn I think people expected to be a natural maybe a bit futuristic and incredibly different experience than a normal classroom and in many ways it isn’t it’s the same as a nervous student I get big classes from anywhere in the city I think it’s a great opportunity to constantly keep your learning experience fresh and exciting I was wasn’t Lea surprised in my first experience on the active learning forum it’s interactive very dynamic very fast-paced everyone agrees that higher education could be much better than it is today Minerva is acting on that by putting together state-of-the-art technology and superb pedagogy what we’re gonna do today is use a very complex problem how to feed the world by 2050 one of the great strengths of Minerva is the active learning forum which is conformed by the size of learning the secret active learning is engagement do you agree or disagree that the five solutions will be sufficient to solve the world’s food problem we have at our fingertips tools they’re designed to engage the students a hundred percent of the time now we’re going to do a poll pick your best answer and be prepared to defend it I do agree that the other parts of this poll were valid active learning is being an important part of your own education challenging ideas and coming to your own understanding it means that I’m constantly accountable I feel like when you characterized a problem it’s important that it helps guide you to the solution perfect that’s excellent I feel like I’m in a room with all of my students I simply forget I’m on compete you will be going into breakout groups in each of your breakout groups you will get assignment in a normal classroom there’s good behind you there’s people to the side of you but it’s nice to be able to see everybody and their reactions to what’s being talked about in class you were group a you will be the Minister of Agriculture yeah I can call you let’s do it what does it mean to increase the food supplies that means decrease food waste so for example if we reduce the amount of graceland and transition all of Minerva’s classes are taught in seminar format with a maximum of 18 students I know each one of my students better than I new students when I taught at a major university physique you’re shaking your head what do you have something to add well I think the first solution that mainly comes to mind is the classes are designed so that you actually have more interaction with your professor it’s a very open dynamic and friendly relationship it’s the kind of learning where we’re an active participant instead of a passive recipient both the student and teacher are engaged in not only dialogue but debate and roleplay and it’s so much more fun than a traditional class what is really powerful about the forum is no student is in the back row the professor can simply look at the screen and call on the students who are not participating as much and bring them into the discussions let’s hear from young I think that the purpose of the incentives my favorite part is that the professors are able to watch the recordings of the class which means that they can be very specifically tailored to feedback the technology really helps professors get more quantitative and qualitative data about how a student’s performing across all classes and use that in office hours good afternoon how are you doing today I’m fine Dean Channel good did you have any funny were the students who had to put effort into reaching out to the professor but here the professor was taking a really really active role and I think that was a function of the technology we used we have technology we have knowledge about how the mind works we can do things with education that has simply never been possible before and that’s what we’re trying to do and Minerva we are the only school in the world that uses the science of learning to design not just what we teach but how we teach it it doesn’t get better than that I’m here Minerva because I want to be a part of an important movement to change higher education the fact that Minerva students live and study together as another dimension to the classroom having that human interaction really strengthens the online class experience our education needs to be dynamic it needs to be interactive it needs to prepare us for the needs of an increasingly complex world I feel part of an incredible community this is the only place that I’m excited about my learning you

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  1. This is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. I'm overwhelmed with joy. I honest thought this was just an idea! But when I saw the acceptance rate, it kind of shook me up a bit. But I'm definitely not giving up.. I'd love too connect with one of the students. Amazing video by the way

  2. Hi Michael. Thank you for connecting with us! We're glad you enjoyed the video. Have you visited our website yet? You can learn more about us and our students there:

  3. waw . It s like a dream school.. I honestly thought this was just an idea too! But when I saw some videos on youtube , …this is real waw… I'd love to know more about what students do and the classes ..i m not sure if you have english classes too !!because i de love to improve my english as well.

  4. ahh..haha this might be silly but I almost cried, full of joy and expectations. Definitely gonna try and join Minerva ^^

  5. Ager Main Select huwa Job per to Main History Project ka Kam HINDI Medium nse karun ga !! Maine UGC se history mein 3 MINOR RESEARCH PROJECTs Completed ker diya hai, Teaching Exp.16 years and Research Exp. 09 years and UGC API SCORES category-I,II,III and IV is 1068, and 3 books published( 2-2 Books in 2 Volumes) and I am Recognized Ph.D.Guide History and 25 Research Papers Already Published International Research Journals with Impact-Factors in Hindi MEDIUM(Hindi Madhyam SE) !!!

  6. I just started loving Minerva, but I don't really understand how this school works!, how ever I like culture exchange that is why I love it💛

  7. I hope I will get accepted to Minverva. I am looking forward to hearing your decision very soon. Due to the background, I came from, I could not manage to get the proper education I always dreamed of. Getting accepted to Minerva would mean opening the gate to a whole new world of active and direct engagement with what the world needs. Thank you

  8. I hope this uni is actually good! My experience at uni was the e learning was never as good as face to face. But it does seem like this gives students a lot of interaction with teachers. But maybe they would get the same experience from small class sizes in a regular uni environment.

  9. I'm 14, living in England and I already know that this is my dream university. Just one problem. My parents would never let me study abroad 💔

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