– (FBE) So today, we’re gonna
be doing something a little different that we’ve only done once before
with our elders. – Wow. I wonder what it is. – (FBE) So, you’re actually
gonna be reacting to a newspaper.
– What? A very old newspaper?
– I was in the behind the scenes of one of the elder shoots. It’s either today’s date
or my birthday. – (FBE) It is a newspaper
from the day you were born. – From the day I was born!
Okay. This is interesting. – What? That’s so cool.
Oh my gosh. That’s crazy. – (FBE) So, you’ll all
be looking at the New York Times that has been scanned digitally,
where you can look at the full newspaper
and click on any article that has been archived
over the years. – Wow. That’s awesome. – (FBE) So, you’ll get a chance
to see what was happening in the world the day
that you were born. – Oh, man. That’s so cool. – From my rival: New York.
I’m literally wearing a Boston Tom shirt,
and you’re gonna show me a New York paper. (chuckles)
Tuesday– I was born on a Tuesday?! – It was a Tuesday?
I didn’t even known that! I was born on a Tuesday. – Woo. This is awesome. – Wow. That’s… crazy. – Okay! All right.
“Head of democratic opposition is released”?
– Oh gosh, “Japanese arrest cult leader
blamed in poison gas attacks.” What?!
– “City transit unit using drug test.”
“Japan faces major shift in policy towards China”?! – “Portrait of man as mobster
stirs community’s disbelief.” – 60 cents, oh my gosh.
Today, what is it? Like, $1.50, maybe more for a newspaper?
– (FBE) I think more. – Woo, 15 cents. Dayumn.
Oh my goodness. – (FBE) So, this does have
the full, entire New York Times from that day,
so you can actually click through some of the pages
and see the full entire newspaper. – Wow.
– Oh, Nixon! – Oh, dang.
Ads are a lot different. (in high pitch) “We’re poppin’ out
our poplins.” (chuckles) – Wow. Yeah, that’s the suit.
Look at that. you won’t wear that nowadays. – “The look is you.”
Girl, look at them pockets! You see the pockets in the dress! – I remember these ads.
I remember these from when I was little,
like the “Come get your computer fixed here.”
I remember the first computer that my family had looked
like the one in the upper left corner. It’s just so crazy how fast
the times have changed and looking just at the quality
of this newspaper and the fonts and the look of it,
it just brings back so many memories from when I was little,
and I would see my parents reading the newspaper.
– This is like the entire TV guide. And I remember you’d have
to go through the paper too for movie times.
If you wanted a movie, there was no way to look it up.
There’s one that says, “Donald Trump: Deal-maker,”
biography. Ugh. Eugh. – (FBE) So, we are also
gonna take you through a couple key articles
from the day that you were born. – Okay.
– (FBE) So, this is the headline. – (gasps) “Washington, November 15,
a member of President Nixon’s staff had said in a conversation
with a business executive that someone in the White House
order the preparation of the controversial
political advertisement that attacked eight Democrat
senatorial candidates.” Ooh, you know, that’s crazy
that I always heard about Nixon, but I did not know
it happened right when I was born. – “Clinton takes on
violent television.” Wow! I had a lot of friends
that were even– their parents really censored
the type of media that they took in, and they only gave them stuff
their parents thought was appropriate for them.
There was a conversation I had with someone, and they weren’t allowed
to watch “CatDog,” because that’s not
how God intended it. (laughs) – “A bizarre election in Russia.
Is this the future?” (chuckles) What?
That’s so funny. Yeah, people are freaking out
that this is the first time that a president who shouldn’t
or is not typically who would be in power. Hey, it’s happened before
in Russia. – “Delegates to the Elks’
national convention rejected today, a resolution
to remove the word white from the organization’s
membership requirements.” Ew. Gross.
I just had a very… I would say a very balanced
awareness of racism in my town. I experienced the N word, of course.
I experienced, you know, tar baby. My skin doesn’t even look like tar.
What I do appreciate is the fact that I had to learn really quickly
who I was as a person. Sometimes, even now,
especially with the climate of where the world is,
the heightened awareness that I feel now is a reminder
of what I felt growing up in Kansas. – “Take a communist to Barney’s.
My good friend Vladimir and I” — Vladimir? Whoa.
The headline sounds as if they were so friendly
with the communists. But that I know of,
they have never been friendly with communists,
especially during those days. This thing is blowing my mind.
I have no idea what they mean by “Take a communist to Barney’s.” – “Simpson’s defense”?!
(laughs) Whoa! That’s a throwback. I haven’t talked to my parents
at all about this, which is kinda weird, ’cause my dad
reads the newspaper every day. I kind of wanna ask him
about it now. The fact that I was born
right in the middle of the cases is beyond me,
because it seems so, so far away, and it makes me
feel terribly old. – “Clinton praises Bush
for quitting NRA.” (snickers)
What?! Yup, that’s still
what we’re talking about today. The NRA is all over the news.
It’s almost kind of sad that these issues
still haven’t been solved. It’s like, well, 23 years from now,
we’ll see if the headlines are still– they’re probably still
gonna be the same issues, ’cause, I mean, these things
don’t get solved overnight. I remember when I was young,
my parents would get the paper at their doorstep every day
and read the paper every single day, and now I don’t even think
we get it anymore. – (FBE) So, newspapers
aren’t actually the only things that could take you back in time.
Another great representation of the time is the music
and the movies. – Right.
– (FBE) So, first, we are actually going to play you
the top song from the top of the Billboard Charts
on the day that you were born. – Okay, the ’90s
just killed it with music, so I feel like
it’s gonna be a good one. – The day I was born! (squeakily) What is it?
What could it be?! – ♪ Yes, I will ♪
– ♪ Let me fill your heart with joy and laughter ♪
– I didn’t know this, bruh! Dude! – ♪ Togetherness, well,
it’s all I’m after ♪ – Bro. You know how–
I was gonna say stupid! But, like, how dumb.
I always thought that this song came out maybe six to eight years
before I was born. – ♪ And it’s too late ♪
– I love this song. – (sings along) ♪ Too late ♪
– ♪ So, we really did try to make it ♪ ♪ …can’t hide ♪
– ♪ (hums along) ♪ Get it, girl. – ♪ Don’t go ♪
– Oh. Ohhh! (laughs) I knew it was gonna be good!
– ♪ Wanna have it your way or nothing at all ♪
– Ah! – ♪ But I think you’re moving… ♪
– I’m so happy now! (laughs) This is TLC, right?
That doesn’t make me feel old. That makes me feel happy
that I’m represented so well in music. – ♪ …buzzed and it’s all because ♪
– ♪ This is how we do it ♪ – Oh my gosh!
I don’t even know who this is, but I know this song.
Everyone knows this song. – ♪ All my neighbors,
you got much flavor ♪ – ♪ This is how we do it ♪
– (chuckles) This was the top, the number one,
the day I was born. I wonder if my parents
were jamming to that in the hospital, you know? (chuckles)
It’s such a happy, fun song. It’s still popular today.
You still hear it around sometimes. – (FBE) So, next up, we are gonna
show you the trailer for the movie that was the number one
at the Box Office on the day you were born.
– Oh lord. What could that be? – I feel like this
is gonna be bad. ♪ (somber string music) ♪
– (chuckles) I never heard of it. – (voice-over) From the most
widely-acclaimed new novel of the 1970s, Love Story. – (chuckles) Nope. Wow. How come I never
seen this movie before? It looks like
it’s a long love story. So, I don’t know if I would sit
throughout the whole thing. – (voice-over) Once,
in a small village, there were three daughters.
– Oh my gosh! Are you serious? – ♪ Matchmaker, matchmaker ♪
– Oh my gosh. I’m gonna cry.
– (voice-over) The story of the strength
that binds a people and the love that binds a family.
– You don’t understand. I did not know this.
I’m gonna cry. Oh my gosh. This is the very first musical that I ever saw in the eighth grade when I fell in love
with musical theater. I did not know that was the–
when I was born. – (voice-over) The future,
the polar ice caps have melted. – Dun, dun, dun.
– (voice-over) Those who survive have adapted to a new world.
– What is it? – (voice-over) Universal Pictures
presents… – Never seen it.
– (voice-over) …a world unlike any you have ever seen.
– Whoa! – (voice-over) Waterworld.
– “Waterworld,” whoa! Holy [bleep].
That’s “Waterworld” from Universal. Whoa! Whoa!
I’ve never actually seen the movie. I’ve only seen the show.
I’ll take “Waterworld.” I feel like I have
to go see that in honor. – (voice-over) For 100 years…
– (gasps) – (voice-over) He has wandered the…
– What? I’ve seen this before. I feel like I know what it is. – (Casper) There’s a girl on my bed.
– Casper the ghost! Yes! This was my favorite movie
when I was a kid. Oh my gosh! I remember
we had it on VHS. We named my dog Casper. – (voice-over) Life
at Whipstaff Manor… – (Casper, whispers) Can I keep you?
– Aww. – (voice-over) …never be the same.
– This is bringing back all the memories.
I’m just so proud of my birthday now. We had “Casper the Friendly Ghost”
and “This is How We Do It”? Could it get any better?
I don’t know. – (FBE) So finally, we showed you
multiple mediums that allow us to look back into our past.
– Yes. It was so fun. – (FBE) What are some
of your favorite ways to capture what life was like
growing up for you personally? – For me, a lot of times
it’s video games and just nostalgic toys.
Toys really bring me back. Like, I was thinking the other day
about a Skip-It. Oh my gosh. Those were so fun! – Through music, news.
Movies, a little. And then I look back,
what I was doing at that time, who I was with, you know,
and things like that. – I’m a huge scrapbooker
for my girls. So, you know, from the time they were born
all the way through this. So, you guys just
did this for me. (laughs)

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