Advancing the Blog: 1 – Welcome to Advancing the Blog – Learn Django, APIs, jQuery, RSS, & more

Advancing the Blog: 1 – Welcome to Advancing the Blog – Learn Django, APIs, jQuery, RSS, & more

welcome to advancing a blog and this one we’re going to be taking you step by step in creating a modern and advanced blog by building on top of what we did in trying Django 1.9 basically what we’re going to be doing is implementing some new features to make a more robust experience for your users that is both readers as well as your authors so it’s just a much better place for people to come together and consume content and really just interact with your ideas so you can share these ideas to the world now the main goal here is to make something real so you can actually put it out there and start getting real feedback on the things that matter and that is the ideas that come from the blog not so much the technology behind the blog but the things that can come from a belong your ideas and the things that you share with the world so we’re really excited to get started with you guys but if you haven’t checked out try doing a 1.9 highly recommend to do that because it’s really going to handle most of the things as far as storing with the database and actually making the website even work so like working with a server and all those things so it’s really important that you check out charging 1.9 before really getting started with advancing the blog because this is mostly part 2 of triangle 1.9 so if you have any questions let us know otherwise let’s get started

24 thoughts on “Advancing the Blog: 1 – Welcome to Advancing the Blog – Learn Django, APIs, jQuery, RSS, & more

  1. Thank you very much for that! It's very important to continue your Django lessons for us. Will you tell us something about REST here? Good luck and thanks from Ukraine! 🙂

  2. Thanks for your realy cool tuts , please explain about django rest framework (DRF) and authenticating with default django authentication with rest frame work ,

  3. Thanks for your videos Justin. Just some minor feedback for your introduction videos, if maybe you could add a quick snapshot of the final product of what the series will be building towards would be great.

  4. Have to comment which i usually don't do but i recently completed your try django1.9 tutorial and it was awesome. You are doing a great job with these tutorials and i look forward to doing more of them. Thanks a lot!

  5. Finally i was do it. Thank you so much from Venezuela, i don't speak english perfectly but i was understand all of this series.

    ☻I want to include post categories, how i can do it? What you recommend me?

  6. I have recently gone through, try django 1.9, then Advancing the blog and rest framwork. Actually i wanted to know about rest frame work, because i happened to use the api from a django DRF server for an android app, Django was done by someone else. I dont have any idea about django. But i wanted to have some changes in the api. I started following the rest framework tutorials, but later i felt i have to know about generic views and comments model and accounts model more. So i stopped there and again gone through all the Advancing the blog. inbetween i have to know about the forms and bootstrap so i have to look at try 1.9 and also try 1.8 partially

    I am very happy now. I learnt about form validation (clean method), Model Managers, Template tags and lots more. I will now go throught the rest frame work tutorials.

  7. Hello sir, well i'm a big fan of your great work, infact you greatly inspire me to start developing great interest in the django framework, however there's something I want to learn, how will someone filter API generated content? I mean you know we can use icontains… to filter through contents in the database, but how will I filter through contents that is not in database? Hoping to hearing from you soonest sir. Thanks

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