Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest (Make Money Without a Blog!)

Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest (Make Money Without a Blog!)

There are so many ways to make money online
these days. How do you make sense of it all? Watch this video to learn how you can make
money using Pinterest even if you don’t have your own website. And be sure to stick around all the way till
the end of the video and I’ll share with you how you can leverage the Pinterest business
model to start multiplying your online revenue today. Or the best online tech hacks for bloggers
and small business owners. Make sure you click that subscribe button. And don’t forget to hit the bell notification
so you don’t miss out when I upload a brand new video every Wednesday. Everybody wants to know How do you make money
online, but every social platform is different. And you’ve got to know exactly what to do
in order to make it work for your business. I’m Kate Murray with 14 years of corporate
and agency marketing, I’ve helped hundreds of people create passive online income streams
and now it’s your turn. Step one, you’ve got to set up a board specifically
for your affiliate marketing pins, you will not pin anybody else’s pins to this board. This is only for your affiliate relationships. Let’s take a look at a quick example. The first thing I’m going to do from the Pinterest
home feed is to click on my own profile. Then I’m going to click on boards. The first board is blogging strategy by Vogue
media and that is filled with only pins from my own blog posts. The second board is called blogging for beginners,
and that’s filled with my own affiliate relationships. I do this so that I can keep my boards organized. Step two, you’ve got to create a beautiful
eye catching pin design. If you don’t know how to create a great pin
design, check out the video above here’s a pro tip create two, three, or even four separate
pin designs all for the same affiliate link steps three, you will optimize each pig with
long tail keyword phrases and applicable hashtags. Keyword Research is so so important. Seo can seem complicated at first, but it
doesn’t have to be. That’s why I recommend you get started with
a free tool like keywords everywhere that will help you research your competition so
you know what words and what hashtags to use inside your pin and board descriptions. You’ll enter your affiliate link in the location
where you would normally enter your blog post link for transparency. Don’t forget to include a hashtag. If you’d like to know more about how to cloak
your links. In other words, use your own short URL instead
of a service like Bitly. There’s a link in the comments below. The best part about affiliate pins is that
you don’t need your own blog or website to drive traffic and clicks. You can monitor the success of your affiliate
pins using Google Analytics or tailwind. Google Analytics is so so important. But did you ever look at Pinterest analytics? Let me know in the comments below. One of the most important tools that I use
is called tailwind. As you can see on the dashboard tailwind provides
important metrics for me to monitor such as which boards are performing the best and which
pins are performing the best. I can then use this information to create
more of what’s working. This view shows you which of your pins has
the most engagement. And as you can see, I actually have a pin
from my food blog that’s been performing well since 2014. As I scroll down, you can see which pins perform
the best. If you are serious about making money with
Pinterest, I highly recommend tailwind you’ll find a link to a free trial in the comments
below. Step Four. You’re going to schedule and promote your
pins on group boards and in tribes using tailwind do not neglect this step especially if you’re
new to Pinterest or you have a small following of less than 500. The reason for this is because if you repin
from the Board of someone with a huge reach your board will have the opportunity to rank
in the algorithm and be seen by so many more people. This is one of the biggest values of using
tailwind. Remember, Pinterest is a search engine. So as long as your links are valid, they will
live on for years and years. Remember my pin from 2014 I still can’t believe
it keeps getting repin. Now that you successfully created a passive
income stream, how are you going to take your online business to the next level. The secret is to leverage the Pinterest business
model to bring traffic back to your own website to sell your own digital product. Being the owner of a digital product business
is the single most powerful and exciting way to make an impact while growing your own income
and freedom. creating digital products is what has allowed
me personally to grow my online business. If you are ready to take your own Pinterest
to the next level. Start with a copy of my free checklist. You’ll find a link in the comments below. And be sure to like and subscribe because
next week I’ll be talking all about how to create and sell your own digital products
including digital courses. Thanks for watching. See you next time.

20 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest (Make Money Without a Blog!)

  1. wow your editing and graphics look amazing. I'm just getting started on Pinterest so this is SUPER helpful

  2. Interesting. You’ve made me rethink Pinterest and it’s uses for business. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. I totally haven't been paying attention to Pintrest. I will take a look at Pinterest Analytics. I'm interested to see what is repinned the most. Great video.

  4. Thanks for this video Kate! I've always heard Pinterest was a great marketing tool. How much can you make for a relatively successful pin?

  5. Hey! Kate! I'm super late to the Pinterest game. Whenever I think about getting into it, I feel like I need another college degree to figure it out. (Especially since I'm already trying to stay on top of my YouTube, website and IG content.) I will download your checklist and I hope it helps relieve some of the overwhelm. I also look forward to checking out your video next week! 🙂

  6. I LOVE TAILWIND!! I literally couldn't imagine doing Pinterest without it! Great video 🙂

  7. Great video Kate. Really helpful guidance and tips for marketing on Pinterest. Thank you for sharing.

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