Alissa Violet DEFENDS Gigi Hadid Amid Zayn Malik Internet Drama!

Alissa Violet DEFENDS Gigi Hadid Amid Zayn Malik Internet Drama!

Jake Paul’s weekend debauchery landed him in hot water and gigi hadid came to her boyfriend zayn malik’s defense which just caused many fans and celebs to take sides including his own exes what’s up y’all I’m a million is jr. back here on clever news and a lot of people are saying happy Monday to everyone but Jake Paul who is currently in the process of cleaning up his own drunken mess after a wild weekend in Vegas so if you were to open your Twitter app at some point during the weekend you would have seen that both Gigi and Jake Paul were trending weird flex but here we are as confused fans what soon come to find out gigi hadid basically ended Jake Paul when both he and Zayn Malik were in Vegas for the highly anticipated fury vs. Wilder boxing match on Saturday night and that’s when the two apparently crossed paths while we’re not exactly sure what went down between Jake and Zayn we do know that words were definitely exchanged whatever did go down also wasn’t exactly a friendly what’s up mate kind of combo as Jake took to Twitter shortly after the incident amok thing calling him a little guy and also spelled his name completely wrong clearly he was never a directioner but in a now-deleted tweet jake tweeted quote almost had to clap ups name from one direction because he is a little guy and has an attitude and basically told me to fuck off for no reason when I was being nice to him then I know you’re reading this not being angry because you came home alone to your big hotel room haha at the end of his tweet he had it bro he literally started yelling and freaking the fuck out you want to test me mate lol I feel bad for childhood stars fans were intrigued and confused as to what actually went down to say the least especially because aim is probably the most cool calm keeps himself type of dude naturally the trash-talking didn’t sit well with Zane’s girlfriend Gigi so she didn’t want any good significant other would do and came for Jake in a matter of minutes she responded to his tweet writing lol cuz he doesn’t care to hang with you and your embarrassing crew of YouTube groupies home alone with his best friends like a respectful King because he has me sweety unbothered by your irrelevant ugly go to bed woo praise the goddess that is Gigi Hadid if they didn’t already the internet is now standing Gigi hardcore as many took to Twitter to share the typical drag him and him we stand a queen responses but many also pointed out the fact that Gigi has stood by Zayn side for years like this fan who even included past tweets that Gigi is written saying Gigi is so sweet always stood beside Zayn throughout the years true love is the only definition of their relationship another fan some of their relationship and an accurate assumption saying Zayn and Gigi are like the cool and edgy kids from that you don’t want to mess around with and I think the lesson that was learned from this situation is don’t pick a fight with a couple twice here Hollywood status because you will be ended that said did you guys expect Jake’s tweet to blow up like it did and was Gigi’s response warranted or should she just have let it go be sure to share all your thoughts down here in the comments but hang tight because Jake’s ex Alyssa violet weighed in and this gets good so this whole situation gave so much attention and made his way around interwebs so quickly that even Alyssa tweeted in support of Gigi she responded to Gigi’s tweet with a simple go off sis I love you Tana mojo also posted a cryptic tweet not exactly aimed directly at Jake but will just assume she got a kick out the ridiculousness considering she tweeted a bunch of hahahaha I can only imagine that these two are sitting at home cackling at the fact that Jake once again managed to damage his own name across an entire platform but Jake clearly felt the backlash as he took to Twitter to the next morning regretting what he had done and pulled the classic drunk Twitter finger card he wrote someone needs to take my phone when I’m drunk because I am a I can’t believe I’m about to say this but I think we can offer once agree 100% with Jake Paul then again mini fans and fellow youtubers aren’t mind the blame game like King star who wrote do not blame alcohol on high school dropout Jake Paul IQ the shade is real people but I have to know are you glad that Jake came clean and admitted his mistakes or was his attempt at damage control completely missed get to talking right down here in the comment section below and as you all know we love a queen who isn’t afraid to speak the truth so be sure to click right over here to see what GD had to say about her being criticized for her weight as a model and then before you go don’t forget to give that subscribe button some love and reading that notification bell for all the latest updates and guys I just want to say thank you so much for tuning in I’m your host Amil and it’s jr. you can find me on Instagram Twitter and pretty much everywhere a Tamilian is jr. and I’ll see you next time

100 thoughts on “Alissa Violet DEFENDS Gigi Hadid Amid Zayn Malik Internet Drama!

  1. I imagine jake inviting Zayn to his bedroom to have some fun with some girls and Zayn rejected that’s it🤷🏻‍♀️

  2. This is why we are never gonna accept influencers into the media mainstream. They act childish and show almost no respect for their profession

  3. Don’t mess with people twice your Hollywood status omgggggg the shadeeeeeee and I’m so here for itttttt 😂🤣👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  4. Lol calling Zayn the most cool calmmand collected dude is ridiculous. Dude has issues and being an addict is one of them

  5. Hear me out; I literally hate Jake BUT dude Zayn is said to be rude to even his fans , if he really said “fuck off”and if jake really asked nicely ( which can be the case, considering jake is always up A list celebrities’ ass) then Zayn was wrong here, also to note just like if I had a bad encounter with a celebrity, I’d rant about it on Twitter too, but, do I expect their girlfriend to jump in and swear at me? No! What’s wrong with people today on social media is that they easily take the side of the person they like(Gigi), against the person they dislike (jake). Gigi is literally shaming jake’s career and cussing at him. Guys please understand even if you don’t like someone, acknowledge that they’re humans too. You never know what they’re going through or have been through. Again I don’t like jake, I just want y’all to be kind.

  6. Jake needs to check himself and come back down to earth. His big ass head has him floating away. Twice his Hollywood status? More like 50 times his status. Especially Gigi. He's a sad little boy w/ enough ego for 100 people. I'm so happy Gigi put him in his place.

    Of course she was right in this situation, at the end of the day she is just a person like everyone else who has every right to defend her man, especially when someone as ridiculous as Jake Paul is trying to make him sound like a dick.

  7. The fact he even thought anyone would side with him cracks me up 😂😂 like there's BILLIONS of Directioners ready to come at him ffs🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

  8. Sorry Jeck Pool, but Zayn, One Direction, Gigi Hadid, and other fanbases have Zayn’s back always and forever! He has the biggest, sweetest, and bravest fans! DONT MESS WITH USSS

  9. zayn was really mature to not even respond to his shit
    Jake wrote "zane" from 1d on purpose to show how he doesn't care but in reality him crying on twitter speaks volume!
    That jake puke got butthurt after being told to "fuck off" by ZAYN so he went on twitter whining bout zayn not being cool to him XD
    (i think he lied bout the whole zayn thing coz jake is an attention seeker and he said "zane was yelling" so there must be a vid that would've gone viral till now but nah so yeah he might be lying, as zayn didn't even bother to look at his tweet, zayn prob doesn't know him and his existence)

  10. Lol he actually thought zayn would hang out with him 😂 zayn is the complete opposite of jake ..jake got mad because someone put him on his place

  11. She needed to clap back so that he could delete his whiny ass tweet. Do you think things would have gotten better if it didn't trend? If it didn't trend he wouldn't receive as much backlash and would think it was ok to carry on being an asshole towards every celeb who didn't kiss his feet which would have made his ego even bigger. He needs controversies like this to slap him back into place and remind him that hes not as special as he thinks he is and that everyone still hates his irrelevant ass. So glad Gigi responded. Joke Paul is soon over and I can't wait for when he eventually does disappear!

  12. Fuck you Alissa Violet. She prostituted herself to get clout from Jake. Jake knew it and took advantage of her. Her next bf banks did the same because she was using him for fame also.

  13. Jake should be embarrassed he thinks hes at the level of celebrity status. Hes barely a D-list…more like N-list, nobody list.

  14. I never knew who jake paul was until this whole situation and I can confidently say that his face is annoying and his ass is burned.

  15. Yeah, she was dismissive and mean. I really don’t like Jake, but the fact she’s looking down on YouTubers while simultaneously calling someone ugly ain’t okay. Also, let Zayn fight his own battles, she’s not his mommy.

  16. YouTube destroyed celebrity culture. So many undeserving, talentless morons acting like they're important people while embarrassing themselves on the daily because 11 year olds were discovered as a new demographic that bring money and clicks.

  17. Jake is irrelevant he needs to go for someone he has not business with to make some noisy for his already dead career, I love Gigi for standing up for her man but putting yourself on the same level as jake is low, I mean isn’t jake at the same level of 2 year waste gum on the floor is? Someone needs to take this little bitch ass Paul off the internet, cancel culture!! Where the fuck are you with this asshole?

  18. By Gigi, an A list supermodel, responding to Jake, a D list YouTube douche, she actually increases his fame and maintains his relevancy while putting the spotlight on him. She fell for his clout trap. Dumb models lol

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