Altered beer brown paper bag pockets | Junk Journal ideas

Altered beer brown paper bag pockets | Junk Journal ideas

Hello, I’m Donna and g’day to you all… today I Have a pile of these paper bags These are from the bottle shop my husband loves a beer So one day when we went to the bottle shop I said to him Hold on doll. I’ll go in and I’ll get you B for you Now I can’t carry, you know like the boxes of beer or anything like that. This was just for one bottle of beer So I went in there and I was saying to the fellow behind the counter that was serving me. Oh You know you had these bags already on the counter because that’s how many beers they sell in single bottles in the town I live in I said to him or can I have some of these bags? Because I do craft and I want to make my husband Something out of these bags as a surprise Well, that was my story just so I could get some bags And he said yeah sure and look what he gave me He gave me all these This wider size and this size So what they’re for is that you’ve got a gusset in them and therefore that’s for a big single bottle of beer So they put a large bottle in there and then they just fold or screw the top up because you’re not allowed to carry them out in public, you know, unless they’re in a bag and This is for I think I guess that would fit two bottles So I saw it I guess but anyway, that’s what I ended up with. So I’m going to show you what I Have started to make with these I’ve had them for a little while I’ve made a couple of things with them and I thought I’d hide time I done a little video and shared some ideas So I’ve got myself a new pair of pinking shears. I had a birthday gift voucher So I went to the local shops and although these are fantastic so I was able to when I changed these I was able to Use the pink she is to replicate the top of the bag again so we’re going to alter the bags a little bit and We’re going to make just a very simple pocket You just probably already know how to do this But it just gives you a little bit of variation on you know What you can do with it after I made one thing I had some leftovers So I’ll show you This is what I made. I just made this little Folio type of sort of a cross between a journal pages and a folio My dad had a an old folio that I pulled apart and recycled lots of his stuff and he had an old photo album and I pulled apart so I just made a cover and I stitched in some of these bags I Can do a video later and show you? How to do that that it’s there’s too much chatting for me to show you that one today. That’s not what this video is about So that I made this and then I had all these leftover pieces After so, we’re not cut that off. This is what I had leftover. So I thought I want to make some more things with this So this is pretty simple Because you know, we don’t like to waste anything in junk journaling we recycle all the time so When I cut the bag off its just cut and it’s just left like that so it’s no surprise that if we Just follow that over We’ll get a pocket Now, where is that pocket? I think it’s here So that’s how I made this first run So just get up there like that. So it’s that width and about that There so I’m just gonna fold that there and get a stamp or handwrite, whatever you’ve got and just Stamp that on there That does not need to be all that bulk and width there Just get a ruler And cut that off You can cut away a bit of this bulk here again, it’s not needed One might do is just cut it on an angle there You don’t have to be terribly fussy with this part Just as long as you cut away a bit of the bowl So just cut an angle there and there and I’m folding it over. So now that’s way less bulky You can tape that down or glue it Okay, so I’m just going to glue these little pieces in here just so they don’t float around Go silly So keep everything So we’ll just keep everything sort of flat That’s the only reason I’m putting a little bit of glue on those areas because that’s going to be Glued down into the page, but that’s much flatter and tidier to do it that way. Okay and You’ve got this lovely little Gusset in your in your um your page Pocket so it’s really cool because you can you know fit whatever you want in there You probably wouldn’t put something like that in there because you’ve got your ties on the top, but it would still work But you can use it for two side of things You can put something in that side of the gusset and something in that side of the gusset That sits in there quite nicely and it looks pretty good having a tab and A place to journal just there like that with with that With that stamp on it so color it up with your distress inks and then just glue that straight down I glued the whole back of it so that it was you know had some Some oomph to it So I didn’t leave it a floating pocket because it didn’t really need to be but you could you could easily do that So that’s a a choice for that one. So there’s one idea The next idea is I’ve done it at the front of the book and I wanted to put some Washi tapes in that matched the cover all of the pages somewhat And now these are a little bit colorful for junk journaling, but they did match the cover So I’ve just used a very light weight Acetate I didn’t this is not a very thick cover so I didn’t want this to get overly bulky So this one I’ve used the bottom of the bag I’ve cut it off with the scissors as to how high I want it I Can’t believe how good these scissors are They are fabric scissors They’ve never touched a piece of fabric. Oh Gosh my eye is out But they work so well So once you’ve worked out how deep you want your bag Turn it over that right and once you tape it into place, so you’ve got a hinge and Just wrap some washi tape around Now because it’s even there like that, it makes it a little bit hard to use So just kick it up Open it up. We’re only going to cut down the front area So just cut on a bit of an angle down to there And cut on a bit of an angle down to there just a little bit Grab those pinking shears again And try not to wrinkle your bag too much and just cut it down that little bit lower sort of Get it in the right place To make the cut Does make it a bit fiddly, but if you can’t get right to the edge Just use your standard scissors to do that so that you don’t crush your paper bag too much And That makes it a lot easier to use if you’re left in both the same height. It does make it a lot more difficult And just that way you can make your acetate piece the exact right? Measurement and it sits in the pockets there once that’s put in Once it’s glued down it’s much easier to use and that and I made it just a little bit longer Than the bag just so it hangs out a little bit. So I’ve got that visual appeal from the washi, and that looks pretty good So there’s two ideas Just using up the the old brown paper bags that the bottlers throw out I Said you could make that a big run in the front as well But the hinge style works pretty well for the for the washi tape Pretty sure you could go ahead and put a tag in there as well. Just have a little tab hanging out The great thing about all these pockets are you could put whatever you want in them Everyone’s got different ideas for what they put in their pockets I’ve actually glued the gussets down in this one So you’ll see the difference here you can leave them open or you can glue them down Because I’m just using it for the washi tape. I glued that one down Even if you only have a couple of these bags if you go to the bottle shop and just get two or three of these Bags they go a long way because they’re so long I’m Donna Thanks for watching and bye for now

7 thoughts on “Altered beer brown paper bag pockets | Junk Journal ideas

  1. What great ideas and tips…thank you Donna, so nice of you to share!!! These tips can be used with all bags. Have a wonderful weekend. : )

  2. Great ideas! I actually am getting a bit tired of drab looking books and so I love the pops of color! 💕 P.S. I’m Donna too but I live in Colorado!

  3. I believe they have bags similar to yours to put wine bottles in. Have have a bunch of smaller bags that I was gifted from a local restaurant. They use the bags to put the silverware in when they set the tables.

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