An FBI Negotiator’s Secret to Winning Any Exchange | Inc.

An FBI Negotiator’s Secret to Winning Any Exchange | Inc.

Might be interesting that… Let’s
see needs have people hostage or engage in ransom taking to get 100% of your way they’re trying to hold veterans hostage to force Obamacare
on the American people you cannot negotiate with a hostage situation we’ve
got a group to think that they can hold America hostage the president somehow
wants to keep this hostage they’ve taken hostages no person should be held
hostage holding our government hostage holding the u.s. hostage hold the entire
country hostage oh they took hostage well Thursday thanks for hostages they
had to take the country hostage whether or not it’s it’s it’s correct to
kind of use the hostage terms of by politicians when you see this as
somebody who’s negotiated a lot when you see what’s going on Washington what
jumps out to you well there’s two things about that you know on a personal note I
like that they use the word because then it gives me a chance to be on your show focus on anything his company is called
the Black Swan group that is the baddest-ass name I have ever heard I
love that now what is the Black Swan group that’s like the coolest what is
that thank you very much a Black Swan is something unusual that has a great
impact and we like to think that the way we negotiate is a great impact all right how often do you get a chance
to make Anderson Cooper laughs right all right but there’s actually a negotiation
lesson in there which I’ll get to in a minute but I you know I can remember I
was sitting there then and they’ve got you in a room that’s kind of a dark
closet a light shines in your eyes and you wait to come on and I’m hearing like
hostage this hostage that Barack Obama hostage taking a country hostage and I’m
thinking you know I don’t know this seems like a straight line I just can’t
let this go one of the things that we talked about in negotiation and how you
will get better as a negotiator never be so sure of what you want that you
wouldn’t take something better all right so fine yeah what does that mean on top
of that how do I make that happen interestingly enough the inside is a
negotiation tip there which two-thirds of us are not that good good with I
don’t tell that joke Jeffrey Tobin doesn’t give me the best
commercial of my company ever gotten his company is a Black Swan group that is a
baddest-ass name I ever heard imagine if they were in preparation and they’re
talking about going on camera and Tobin says you know Black Swan it sounds kind
of cool you know I I’m gonna say it’s a badass name Anderson Cooper everybody
else says no that’s stupid don’t do that you know the proof sir gets in his ear
and says don’t do that that’s a dumb idea but getting people to do something
stuff Spontini spontaneously in a negotiation how do you do that well the
brain works up to 31 percent better in a positive frame of mind 31% it’s no small
jump you make yourself 31 percent smarter just being in a positive frame
of mind you’re 31 percent more likely to come up with a better answer in a
positive frame of mind we have things in our head called mirror neurons I smile
at somebody in the front it hits your mirror neurons you smile back
involuntarily what’s that happen I’ve just triggered a
chemical change in your brain started to pick up your mental processes with that
smile I tell a joke Jeffrey Tobin’s brain picks up a little bit more he’s in
a better mood in a negotiation he’s willing to give me one of the best
commercials I national TV for free how much do I
paying for that never be so sure of what you want they wouldn’t take something
better how do you make these things happen
I’m gonna give you a couple of ideas tiny little things 2 millimeter shifts
we’re gonna have Tony Robbins here later this afternoon I’m a big Tony Robbins
fan he talks about the 2 millimeter ships that make all the difference in
the world would it give you some of those 2 millimeter shifts so I was the
FBI’s leading international kidnapping negotiator I handled the kidnapping
negotiation strategy of every American kidnapped overseas might ask yourself
how often is Chris Wallace busy when he’s doing that well it’s a big world
there are a lot of Americans doing stupid things and crazy places some of
you in this room managed to get away with something bad so we got that way
before the earthquake in Haiti we’ve got a just kidnapping is out of control but
it’s dual nationals they don’t know they’re grabbing Americans which comes
to be the case in many cases of Americans being kidnapped overseas bad
guys think they got a local happens to be a dual national one of the great
things about the United States of America do you know how many countries
in the world that you’re citizen of that country if you’re born in that country like I grew up thinking that was just
natural and normal yeah I was born in of course I’m a citizen must be that way
everywhere one other developed nation Canada not one country in Europe not
Australia they think you’re born in Australia an American citizen they’re
the earth´s Australian see Australian citizen they laugh at you it’s a
birthright that we take for granted one of the great things about this country
country is not perfect a lot of good things about it what does that have to
do with this story Haitian moms know there’s a very best gift they could
potentially give their child on their child’s first actual birthday it’s a
gift of American citizenship one way or another Haitian moms by hook or by crook
find themselves on American soil so the child can be born American citizenship
and all the things that that immediately brings with it so a kidnapping business
model in Haiti at the time this is before the earthquake
kidnapping is a business it’s commodities business to us it’s horrible
to them it’s another day at the office understand the business at your
counterparts in how they see it how you see it doesn’t matter which it did
doesn’t it’s a business in Haiti business model is it’s a great business
model car checker car with more than one person in it
keep a car in a person let the other person go they’re gonna let them know
they probably they were in a car with them they probably know who their
families you can tell them they got kidnapped I’d if they got enough money
for a car and gas money they plug onto money for a ransom get it you got a car
in Haiti at the time you probably got some money it’s a great target for a
kidnapping what happens if you know the person you grabbed was one person and
family nobody likes you still got a car it’s a great business model say good and
if there’s a kid in there he’s done better families more likely to pay 12
your boy gets grabbed in carjacking and Haiti father is not an American citizen
but he knows his son is and he’s told that the the FBI is gonna help now I
don’t know what went through his mind when he was told that the FBI was gonna
help him but I could imagine that probably he figured maybe about 15
minutes later he’s gonna hear on a front door and Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones
were saying you know maybe maybe he might have FBI hats on no no instead 15
minutes later he gets a call from some guy in Washington DC says his name is
Chris Foster he’s gonna help he literally says to me on the phone
you’re in Washington DC how you gonna help me how long have I got four he
hangs up seriously what do you say what do you say to this guy how do you lay
this out how long before he hangs up maybe ten
everybody you deal with maybe less intensely when they interact with you
says to themself how you gonna help me they don’t they don’t with less
intensity but it’s the same question everybody that you interact with it’s
not an unfair question to ask how are you gonna help me now I’ve done this
wrong before how do I know what to say because I did it wrong before remember
the first time I was in the Philippines on a kidnapping which I’m gonna tell you
about a couple minutes I showed up the FBI’s expert which pretty much at the
time made me the expert for the United States government and I’m walking to
room that in the Philippines everybody’s shorter everybody below the president
everybody but the president Philippines is in a room Secretary of Defense
president’s personal advisor all the cabinet members who are you you know why
should we rely on you and I make the mistake of trotting out my resume FBI
this many years train not only trained to Quantico but I teach at Quantico now
I wrote the book at Quantico lay out my my resume my my experience they might as
well have looked yawned in my face cuz they’ve never seen me before so I’ve
made this mistake before and you guys know a resume correlates loosely with
whether or not you know how to do a job if your resume shows for sure that you
could do a job you’d never lose one they’d never be a bad hire they’d never
be an employee that didn’t work out correlates loosely with whether or not
you know how to do the job so do I say this father in Haiti I got maybe
somewhere between 3 and 10 yes well the line goes there this is
what I said all right so Haitian kidnappers are not
killing kidnap victims these days I realized it’s really stupid because they
kill each other at the drop of a hat but for whatever reason and not killing
kidnap victims now today is Thursday and Haitian kidnappers love the party on
Saturday night if you say the things I want you to say and you do the things
that I asked you to do we’ll have your son out by late Friday early Saturday
morning he said tell me what you want me to do and we had his son out Saturday
morning did I lay my resume out did I lay a strategy out I begin to provide
value what’s your value proposition what I did
was I showed him in less than 10 seconds that I saw what he was looking at and I
offered the slightest amount of insight into the dynamic and anybody that you
deal with the first question they ask themselves is do you see what I see I
didn’t say I understand to try to shortcut the process it doesn’t take
that much longer so delay to save time 10 seconds 15 times telling them in no
uncertain terms there’s no doubt in his mind that I see what he sees and I have
the slightest and if I see what he sees the chances are that I got answers to it
are very high he never asked me how many kidnappings I worked he never asked me
how many times how many kidnappings in Haiti I worked the qualifier questions
how long you’ve been in this industry what’s your resume how many times you’ve
done this before he didn’t ask me how many kidnappings had worked in Haiti he
never asked me how many times I’ve been to Haiti you know how many times I’ve
been to Haiti never been there he didn’t ask me what languages I speak do you
speak French do you speak Creole do you know you may ask yourself Chris Voss and
I was the international negotiation coach really I coached negotiations all
over the world how many languages is Chris Paul speak by now you realize the
answer that is almost one and a lot of languages in there I’m
happy with complete sentences and don’t hold me to pronunciations but I
understand negotiations I understand – oh she Asian skills here’s a bad news
for what’s the bad news you know it works where people are involved won’t
work any other time cuz I get asked all the time I said working real estate it’s
a working media to media negotiations you know what stuff doesn’t work it
doesn’t work it doesn’t work where people aren’t involved so I’m gonna talk
to a couple get you out of a couple of bad habits real quick what’s hurting you
the most in your negotiations this is addicted to yes I mean you got a bad
addiction – yes you know was that kind of a meeting right hi I’m addicted – yes
hi Chris here’s the problem with yes we’re all taught its of gold the gold
end of the rainbow where we want to go do you want to be a better negotiator
would you like to make more money would you like to have more free time bigger
house buy my book boom yes is always a trap it’s always a trap I don’t know if
this ever was a good idea maybe there was a point in time that it was a good
idea to get people in – yes mode or mere agreement the theory of that if I get
you saying yes to a little yeses the chances are that you’re gonna say yes to
the big yes is much higher there’s actually a study out there that says
that that works if you find out if you hear there’s a study that says something
more take a hard look at the study see if you agree with how it’s done but even
better still ask yourself if you pick up the phone six o’clock at night I don’t
care what time it is one o’clock in the afternoon and a person on the other end
of the line says would you like to make more money do you go thank God you
called I’ve been waiting all day long or somebody to ask me that question
somebody calls you on the phone and says have you got a few minutes to talk well
nobody immediately says yes any question there are three kinds of yeses
commitment confirmation and counterfeit people have gotten us try to walk us in
the commitment he has so much with confirmation yes that the vast majority
of us are good with counterfeit yes that’s all you ever hear counterfeit yes
nobody in my company or that I’ve trained ever calls people on the phone
and says have you got a few minutes to talk nobody what does that do to you
when somebody asks you that’s a it’s at least four questions in one if I have a
few minutes do I want to talk to you I have a few minutes I don’t want to talk
to you do I want to talk about what you want to talk about how long is a few
minutes how do I get off the phone the problem is why all these questions
are running through your mind you’re actually not listening to the other
person it’s equivalent to talking to someone who has another person
whispering in their ear watch out it’s coming you know there’s a hook how long
it’s gonna be there taking you somewhere be careful be careful that person is
whispering in there all the time so the very first thing you could do is get out
of that and believe me that’s gonna be one of the hardest things you have to
overcome it’s not complicated it’s really difficult to break that habit
I hope I’m getting you to the point where you’re worried about that so you
might be asking yourself right so now what am I supposed to do well anybody
recognize this guy Jack Welch came through Los Angeles but two and a half
years ago with his wife Suzy the real-life MBA I’m at a book signing I
want to ask Jack well sir coming be guest speaker at the negotiation class I
teach at USC Marshall School of Business in the MBA program how many people in
that book son you’re gonna ask Jack Walter to say yes or something easily
200 people come through the book signing Jack want to come over to the house Jack
come come we be Godfather to my my child how many how many yeses are gonna try to
get out of them in the book that day that week how many people are trying to
get Jack Walter say yes on top of everything else this is a book signing
up to 300 people walking through how long do I have with Jack Welch they ask
you your name write on a piece of paper Jack looks ups Chris when I stay keep
going they don’t want me there for logistics reasons they don’t want me
bothering him on top of that Jack Walters his celebrity he’s legitimate
celebrities got a security detail I’m gonna be within arm’s length of Jack
what so what am I gonna do to him and you know I I could kiss him they don’t
know what I’m gonna do right how much do I have less time with Jack Wilson I had
with the Haitian father so I walked knowing this hostage negotiator I know
how the brain works emotionally I woke up to Jack Walton I say is it a
ridiculous idea for you to come and speak to the
negotiation course I teach at USC and he looks up and to the left of his face
just freezes just gets this really intense look on his face and I think to
myself I just killed Jack Walsh I mean I got scared
first I figured he’s gonna fall he had a stroke he’s gonna fall over the
Securities gonna tackle me they could drag me on handcuffs I’m gonna say but
I’m an FBI agent so initially when he doesn’t die I’m
relieved but now I figure he’s gonna start he’s still security security he
doesn’t do that either he looks back you mean he says it’s my personal assistants
name this is a Twitter account that we have set up her I will call her and tell
her who you are what you’re gonna be reaching out to her about I think we’re
gonna be in Los Angeles in fall if we are we’ll come in and speak to you class what I get him to say instead of trying
to get it you’d be shocked at what people are willing to say no to as
insane as it is all the problems of trying to get somebody to say yes the
complete opposite happens when they say no people feel protected they feel safe
their brain clears up you’d be shocked at what people are willing to say no to
I coach some of my students and some of my clients that are in job negotiations
to say to their bosses do you want me to fail you’d be shocked shocked shocked at
what people will comfortably say no to we do it all the time when you get home
Google Ronald Reagan are you better off Ronald Reagan Presidential first time he
was elected president when he beat Jimmy Carter their last presidential debate he
stood up in front of the American public and said next Tuesday you go to the
voting booth next Tuesday you have a decision to make which by the way is
exactly what I did when I was laying things out to the Haitian kid now
this is what you see this is what you’re gonna look at this is what you’re faced
with Megan is smart enough to just lay this out he knows he’s getting your
attention by telling you what you’re gonna look at he says I just ask you
this question are you better off than you were four years ago have you got
more spending power than you had four years ago is America in better shape
that was four years ago succession of no questions no no no no no says if the
answer to any of these questions are yes and then your your choice is clear but
if it’s no well I’d ask you to vote for me no no no no no make a deal you got
elected give you one other subtle insight what if knows not enough what do
you do next here’s what you want really want people to say this is the game
changer it doesn’t seem wonderful you see that’s right and you don’t feel the
heavens apart and the birds chirp and a choir sing but when other people say
that’s right you’d be stunned at the transformation that they go through the
last presidential election whether you’re a Republican or Democrat when you
watched the presidential debates in either candidate that you supported said
something that you believed in you you said that’s right that’s what you say
when the other person have said something that you completely buy into
there’s an actual chemical change that happens it’s a combination of an
establishment of empathy and epiphany simultaneously and suddenly you feel you
so so much more connected to the person that got you to say that’s right now I
need to point out very clearly that this is not your right your right is the
worst form of false agreement that there is it’s probably costs people and
companies more money across the board and cause people to accuse each other of
being liars when one of your colleagues at your job when anybody in your life is
after you about something and they won’t let up and you want to maintain the
relationship but you just want to shut up
what do you say to you look him in the eye and go you’re right they go yeah and
they go away and they come back the next day and go whoa wait a minute we talked
yesterday I laid out my case I told you everything I was talking about and you
look at them again you go again you’re right okay they leave again
nobody would ever do that to you would they so the two millimeter shifts from
getting the other person to say you’re right there that’s right does it work on
social passes are working kidnappings this American got grabbed overseas he’s
being held by our friend up here on the right hand side and this is a bad to the
bone sociopathic rape and murder and killer named subbaiah so bite is as bad
as they come it’s no coincidence that he’s got on sunglasses a black bandana
black t-shirt he always dressed up like this because terrorists like the media
that’s why you’re in a terrorism business you want attention it’s a cry
for help he always made sure he got himself photographed but like this
American is wandered into the wrong place to the wrong times being held and
there’s a ten million dollar demand for his release this is guy I’m coaching a
great human being one of the few people on a planet I would literally trust with
the life of my son and in the Philippines this is no small amount of
trust he actually recently at the time he was
a colonel he recently retired from the Philippines he was the number three
general on Philippine National Police a legitimate hero and a bad-to-the-bone
himself guy because he was the leader of the special action force which was
Philippine National Police version of the Navy SEALs when I met this man he
had personally led 30 rescue operations for kidnapping victims that year it was
only August give you an idea how often they’re out the door and he and his guys
didn’t take handcuffs so that means 30 firefights we get into the midst of the
negotiation with our terrorists still made it for four months and I tell
my guy you know what we’re gonna do today we’re gonna get it that’s right
out of the other side that’s right out of a sociopath that’s right out of a
killer because if they’re not coming down by one penny on the ten million
dollar ransom so we coach them up we get the
terrorists on the phone and my guy repeats chapter and verse all the other
sides of nonsense you know how asking for ransom you’re asking for war damages
you’re asking for ten million dollars of economic harm it’s happened in this
Philippines for the last 500 years from the Spanish to the Japanese to the
Americans in atrocities under blackjack Pershing now I realize that this doesn’t
apply to you because you would never be in a discussion with somebody where they
brought up stuff that had nothing to do with the situation would you nobody
would ever bring up something that happened in the past that had been
resolved for years and bring it back up again that never happens to you
so we summarized all the nonsense that this terrorist had been spouting the
sociopaths have been spouting my guy got done there was a moment of silence and a
terrorist said that’s right another moment of silence and my guy says talk
again in a couple of days we went from ten million dollars to zero in that
moment it went away they never brought up money again a couple of months later
the American walks away we fly them out of the Philippines the terrorists got
nothing zero I’m back in the Philippines three weeks later on another case I
connect up with my guy he says you’re not gonna believe who called me on the
phone I don’t know who called you on the phone
our terrorists still knew him by his undercover name had the undercover
number calls him on phone and literally says have you been promoted yet
I don’t know what you said to me on the phone but whatever was I was gonna kill
the American you stop me from doing your really good they should promote you
hangs up the phone what’s he saying he’s saying I deal with
you again at the end of a negotiation where he got nothing
he called his counterpart up on the phone to pay his respects everybody that
you deal with regardless of how much they get out of it should be willing to
say to you after the negotiation yeah I’d talk to you again
I feel respected by you that’s the way you should leave everybody that’s what
builds a long term career that’s what builds success in your negotiations and
that approach the tactical approach of empathy and getting that’s right side of
people give you the opportunity because we made mistakes people used to say to
me you know what’s it like when the slightest mistake and somebody get
killed said it wasn’t a slut we’re gonna make mistakes
I took an approach overall that gave me latitude because I knew occasionally I
would make mistakes I do my preparation I’d get into a negotiation I do and I do
and I’d say something wrong but take an approach based on this genuinely trying
to understand the other side for sociopathic reasons not for missionary
reasons but for mercenary reasons because of how much latitude it gives
you in the negotiation understand you’re not going to be perfect don’t try to be
perfect so in closing allow me to leave you with
this problems how to overcome problems even matter how regardless of your
preparation a proof of life video that’s what
they’re called the ultimate good news bad news story if you’re ever
unfortunate enough to see one today hot today’s high stakes rescue mission in
Columbia ended a drama that has been dragging on for years Kris Voss is the
former FBI lead the International kidnapping negotiator he worked on them so in terms of preparation what have I
done wrong here my hair sticking out now this is the
first time I was on CNN Anderson Cooper like I’m enthusiastic about being here I
mean I think this is cool I’m a small-town boy from Iowa son of
Richard and Joyce have lost time to 7,000 people Anderson Cooper a million
people gonna watch this you go in there you go through makeup makeup then you
put you in a room that’s a big dark closet light shines right in your eyes I
say look right below the light down to the left is a monitor I say do you want
it’s gonna go live when we go live do you want it off Iran I go I leave that
baby on I never seen me on TV before I want to
see me on TV so we have just gone live and I’m looking down as you can see I’m
looking down at the monitor and I’ve realized my hair sticking out the
additional problem is the monitors a mirror image so I don’t know what’s out
of my head they’re sticking up this is my first issue I got a I’m a
negotiator I gotta figure stuff out I got I got a workout option so I have to
identify which side of my head the hair is this case from the beginning until
retirement of last year I know why I thought move my head around
you’re gonna make my hair like shake or something and I’d be able to tell but
you see from look at my face I’m like now it didn’t work I feel the one where
it is so I gotta decide what to do how much time do I got my mom’s probably
watching this back in Iowa all these friends from a Bible study class are
watching this you know you can’t teach you son how to comb his hair so I’m
sitting there trying to decide you know and tonight how can I handle it you know
and I realized what can’t I do I can’t lick my hand and do that some senators
on each side why don’t they gonna make me look worse
I know the Bruce is going like Hanson’s hairs perfect let’s go side by side
somebody can see this thing but is no Anderson Cooper mr. perfect hair on a
planet let’s make him look bad it’s like being
the before it was a fat guy in the before-and-after right so I’m sitting
there I’m trying to decide what to do when can I make my move how many moves
can I make what can I do you know work up the courage closely involved in this
finally I’m kind of disgusted right now but it
went on to finish the interview and they did ask me back so what I’m here to tell
you is you’ll make mistakes and they won’t be the end of everything and let
yourself make mistakes it’s gonna be okay have a good steady process where
you treat people with respect and appreciation you use empathy in a
positive way not because you’re a nice guy you are but because it works got a
free newsletter texts to sign up FBI empathy all one word don’t let it
spellcheck it take it out of it so in closing and this is only if you
want it’s for free only if you want then we bother with it if you don’t want
remember remember I mentioned Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones at the beginning men
in black well they actually worked for me I like everybody stand up please
stand up but it stand up remember the little red flashy thing all right got
one right here we look up here watch very closely all
right after today you’ll take an approach with people what’s not a
problem to treat them with respect you’re gonna make people feel good about
dealing with you so that no matter what the outcome is they’ll let you know that
after they dealt with you they’re willing to continue to deal with you on
other projects because they felt respected they felt appreciation and
they felt some kind of way they don’t know what it was but they felt like a
bond with you so move through the rest of your careers by that with that and
you’ll be very happy where it takes you thank you for spending time with me
today a completely enjoyed beer

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  17. ꜱᴏ ʜᴏᴡ ᴅɪᴅ yᴏᴜʀ ɴᴇɢᴀᴛɪᴏɴꜱ ɢᴏ ꜰᴏʀ ᴛʜᴏꜱᴇ ꜱᴇʀᴠᴇʀꜱ ʙᴇᴇɴ ʜᴇʟᴅ ʜᴏꜱᴛᴀɢᴇ ʙy ᴛʜᴇ ᴅɴᴄ..ᴍy ɢᴜy, ᴛʜᴇy ᴛᴏʟᴅ yᴏᴜ ᴛᴏ ɢᴏ ᴏɴ yᴏᴜʀ ᴍᴇʀʀy ᴡᴀy..ɢʀᴇᴀᴛ ᴡᴏʀᴋ ꜰʀᴏᴍ ᴛʜᴇ ꜰᴇᴡ ᴄʀᴏᴏᴋᴇᴅ ꜰᴇᴅꜱ..ꜱᴛᴇʀʟɪɴɢ ᴡᴏʀᴋ, ᴊᴜꜱᴛ ʙʟᴏᴏᴅY ꜱᴛᴇʀʟɪɴɢ..

  18. Whole world was in recession at the beginning of Reagan, and he actually made it worse in America before it got better.

  19. you guys DO KNOW u can find these same secrets ONLINE RIGHT, dont gotta have a has been FBI agent tell you all hahhahaha. also u really really think he is telling ya stuff that you cant… AGAIN go look up on the internet vs him just telling you… hmmm weird

  20. 33 minutes to say what I learned in Kindergarten. Oh yeah, no one watches CNBC or Anderson Cooper anymore. Why?

  21. I understand your approach of empathy when speaking with the terrorist, but what did you coach the Filipino general to say to the terrorist so he wouldn’t kill the hostage and didn’t have to pay him a dime?

  22. These things like body language and such can be faked ,in order to be misleading . I use body language that is preformed and it gives a false look at my self ,from their point of view. As to say I make mistakes on purpose.

  23. Lot of folks dissing this dope video. That exchange with the Dad was sick. "How you gonna help me?" —> "Tell me what you want me to do.". What an alpha.

  24. I trust this guy´s opinion as much as I trust a gypsy´s opinion. This guy is an "expert"?! He comes across as an idiot.

  25. THIS is what a narcissist looks like. And typical Haiti hate. Look at the history between Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Inc., should be embarrassed. for giving this guy a platform.

  26. I was interested so I looked at the wiki page… (realizing this doesn't mean it's exactly 100% true), but it might give you some answers.

    According to this, a person born from Australian parents in Australia is Australian (obviously), but if you're birthed from non-Australian parents in Australia this does not give you immediate citizenship, whereas for people (regardless of parentage) born in the US are citizens of the USA and subject to the law of the nation and the state resided in. This law as you may know has caused some arguments in the US with the "Anchor Babies" stuff.

    I thought the statement made about citizenship was weird too, but maybe he was just talking about people born in a country from non-citizen parents.

  27. No, actually if you're born in Australia and one of your parents is a permanent resident or citizen then you automatically become an Australian citizen…you lose credibility when you make a false statement early in the piece FYI

  28. Stilly piling on Haiti…I’d bet there are far more kidnappings of Americans in the US than Haiti. I’m sure Mexico will come up next.

  29. Stilly piling on Haiti…I’d bet there are far more kidnappings of Americans in the US than Haiti. I’m sure Mexico will come up next.

  30. It's amazing to see how different human behaviors are so easy to spot for these men. Practice, practice, practice is how you get good!

  31. Win any exchange huh. Is that why North Korea keeps getting billions in food aid and monetary compensation just for destroying a nuke they made three days ago?

  32. Great content, but the audio quality is poor, and this expert poorly enunciated his points. Frustrating, rewinding every one minute.

  33. His concept is that you can not negotiate with anyone that is not involved.
    Why would anyone want to go directly for a Yes? Voss has never been to Haiti, yet negotiated the kidnapped sons return in 1 day.

    Some of the responses here are from people that are clueless as to negotiation and they should study. Be better prepared for handling situations around you, as you are being negotiated with constantly.
    Usually by limited skill persons but you fall for it all the time.

  34. Winning is on purpose. Chris had us see that he is human too at the end of his talk. You like him now. You learned something that you probably didn't know during his talking and maybe it changed you.
    You've seen the black swan!

  35. Anderson's Cooper is ASSHOLE. Make him laugh? I'd be greatly amused watching him get the shit slapped out of him.
    What an idiot.
    Lost all interest in this horse shit.

  36. I question if you're a deep stater sir? Given what we know now about what happened in Haiti. You were under the Clintons? I notice you only went on FAKE NEWS media

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