Animation vs. YouTube (original)

Animation vs. YouTube (original)

Second Coming: A TV and remote? Lets watch TV! Come here Green. ? SC: Come on! There we go. Green: (Grunts) Green: Ugh! OOF! Ah, ha ha Charlie! Charlie bit me! Man: Woah, that’s a full rainbow! All the way…. Double rainbow! Evolution of dance! Man on the stage: JUBAJABAJABA *audience cheering* *Rock music* Green: Eh.. not good enough. *Guitar playing* Green: Eeh, nope. Zach King: This is how I double my money. Green: That’s kind of cool. Zach King: Might be illegal.
Green: Not good enough. Next please. Rhett: What happens when you leave a burrito out in 2 months? Link: Let’s talk about that! SC: Hm… How about this one? I like music! ♪ Badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger- ♪ Green: Eek! Cringey! Video: ♪ Mushroom, mushroom! ♪
Green: Next one please! Badger– Announcer: Try ‘We-Suck Vacuums’ today. SC and Green: Are you kidding me?! SC: Skip it! PewDiePie: Hey, how’s going, bros. My name is Pew… Siri: PewDiePie. What? Please. What do you want!? Stop! Hey PewDiePie… I’m doing my intro! Green: If these are the best videos of YouTube, its pretty lame. SC: Is this good? Green: Ok, lets watch this one! *Epic stick fight* *kicks the video* SC: Ugh… *buffers again* SC: Oh come on! What is up with this?? Come on! We literally JUST found a good video! *video plays for two seconds* SC: (growls) (PUNCH!) (BAM!) (WHACK!) *Bip plap bip plap bip!* *SC panting* SC: Huh? (Blink!) SC: What’s going on with the screen? Green: I have no idea. It looks like a face. *like and dislike button becomes hands of YouTube* Green: I got a bad feeling about this…. YouTube: So you were the jerk who kept banging on my screen! FIGHT ME THEN! SC: WHOA! *playlist scrolling*
SC: UGH! ((WHOOSH!)) SC: I’ve got you now! *slow motion* `★~ CRASH! ~★` Green: OH NO! Are you ok, SC? AAH! YouTube: Heh heh heh. SC: Help Green! Save me! *pauses* YouTube: What just happened? Huh…..? REALLY!? YOU CAN BE MY SECOND CONTENTER THEN! SC and Green: OUCH! `★~ CRASH! ~★` #* WHAM! *# ((BAM!)) ((POW!)) (BOOM!) (Train whistling) ((SMACK!)) SC: Get up partner! Green: Whoa! SC: THATS Green: ENOUGH! SC and Green: We’re gonna whoop your big bad hands!! ((SMACK!)) YouTube: It’ll take alot more than that to stop me! (Thinking) Perfect place to put these two in. *Goes in theater mode* Green and SC: BRGRBLGRRBRRR YouTube: OK, Calm down.
Lets go somewhere even nicer! *SC and Green continues to make drowning noises* Green: HOW “BOUT NO???? SC: uuuuuuAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAA ((SMACK!)) AAAAAGGHHH! Green: Stay strong partner! Don’t give up! EAAUUUUGGHH! Green: Finally I’m out of there. YouTube: Get your arms off my hand, you maggot! *@ SMASH! @* YouTube: OUCH!! D: Green: This is how I feel about your filthy fat hand!! *Hand disintegrates* YouTube: You know the good news is I still have this hand to FINISH THE JOB! (That’s a Ash vs Evil Dead quote) *Mortal Kombat Theme Plays* YouTube: That was just an appetizer. Time to unleash my main course! Green and SC: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *SCREAMING CONTINUES* *Chocolate Rain’ by Tay Zonday* ♪ A baby born will die before the sin ♪ ♪ Chocolate rain ♪ Ouch! ♪ The schoolbook say it can’t be here again Chocolate rain ♪ Green: Oh no! Whats next?! *Keyboard Cat* SC: RUN! YouTube: Not so fast! SC: UGH! AH! OW!
Green: You will pay for this!! YouTube: Ok, This is getting repetitive. Commercial: Everything you need to know about life, YouTube: HUH!?! SC: (Groans) UGH! Are you kidding me?
Green: At least we can take a break now. YouTube: (Facepalms)
*Green faceplants himself and takes a deep breath* YouTube: Stay back homies. I’ll handle this. Commercial: Because life is a drag. SC and Green: AAH! Philip DeFranco: Hope you’re having a fantastic Tuesday. Green: What in the name of Alan?! Green and SC: WHOA!!
Philip DeFranco: Welcome back to the Philip DeFranco show! Philip DeFranco: And let’s just jump into it. SC: This ain’t any better! Philip DeFranco: stories of the past few days.
Green and SC: Whoa whoa! Stay back big guy! Philip DeFranco: And that is: When is it too far? Philip DeFranco: And that is: When is it too far?
OOF! Philip DeFranco: And that is: When is it too far? Annoying Orange: Hey Apple! Can you spit seeds? Tomato: What? Annoying Orange: Like this! (PTOO!) SC: GET DOWN GREEN!!! Tomato: Ow! *Annoying Orange laughs* Tomato: What the heck is wrong with you? Annoying Orange: I’m an orange!
SC: AHA! Tomato: Don’t ever do that to a tomato. *@ SMASH! @* *YouTube & David shriek* YouTube: Ow…! SC: I’ll smash that like button! (Yeah it was the like button, if you’ve been paying attention the whole time) (Second hand disintegrates) YouTube: Curse you stick figures! SC: Come on Green! Lets get out of here! YouTube: NO! Please! SC: YAY! *Slow motion* *annotation appears* Annotation: Hey
Green: Whoa! What the hell!? I’ll try! Yah! *More annotations appearing* I’m not done with you yet YouTube: Did you really think you can escape that easily? Green: You are correct… YouTube: HOW DARE YOU! THATS IT! `★~ BANG! ~★` ((SMACK!)) `★~ CRASH! ~★` SC: (I’m going to outsmart YouTube.) *Green still getting beaten in the background* SC: YES! OW! Annotation: Don’t think I don’t see you YouTube: Stay in there! Green: Damn it! Can I even break these annotations?? YouTube: Wait a second, I wonder if I can make another pair of hands with this…. *P O P* Alright!>:^) *Disassemble Exit full screen button* SC: You cheater! YouTube: You want this? YouTube: Come and get it, you turdheads! Hiyah! `★~* BANG! *~★` *explosion* Green: Come on, we’ve got to get up there! GIVE IT TO ME!! SC: WATCH OUT! YouTube: (laughs) YouTube: Come on. You can do better than that! *slow motion* John: Good morning, Hank! It is Tuesday Currently me is actually on vacation, Green: Come on SC!
John: So this video is made by 5 days ago me. John: So this video is made by 5 days ago me. Ugh!
John: So this video is made by 5 days ago me. SC: Grab it!
– I hope it’s been a calm and peaceful five days. OOF!
– I hope it’s been a calm and peaceful five days. YouTube: Come here you little numbskulls!>:^) SC and Green: HOLY SNAP! SC: Must be painful for that guy… Green: This stupid soccer ball! COME ON! SC! SC: You’re making me frantic! Flula: Boom! Hey guys, it’s Flula Borg how are you? Flula: I am-
SC and Green: Oww…. Flula: Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! SC and Green: (SO MANY OOFS) Fluta: Hey guys, it’s Flula Borg. How are you- YouTube: Its over here now. Come here if you dare. SC: That’s a big panda though. Green: Slow and steady wins the ra– *Baby panda sneezes* AH!! YouTube: It’s over here now. ♪ *Lunatic Tears (DJ Shimamura Remix) ♪ Green: Ooooh! What is this? SC and Green: (SCREAMING AGAIN)AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YouTube: (chuckles) SC: Alright, I got you now–! Huh..? Hey. You look familiar. Green: You fit! That’s perfection right there! AY! DON’T YOU DARE!! Green: You filthy annotation hand!
YouTube: STOP! I just got these new hands! YouTube: LET GO OF ME! Green: I’ll delete all your fingers! EERRRAAGH! F(Censored)! *Annotation fingers popping back in* SC: (Finally wakes up from that beauty) Hold on… There’s a annotation switch here! I need to turn it off. OOF! YouTube: WHAT THE-?! NO!! *annotations turned off* SC: Aha! Yes! Green: Nice one! NOWS OUR CHANCE! YouTube: Please! Noooo! T_T You know what? I’m a fool. I AM this screen. I can do whatever I want! ✸ BOOM! ✸ Michael: Hey, Vsauce, Michael here. This appears-
SC: OH COME ON!! WE HAD THAT! *pause* Green: That’s not fair AT ALL!! *Plays Backwards*
SC: Come on Green! Michael: This appears blue.
SC: Fine; I’ll do it myself. Markiplier: I’ve seen people beat this, Markiplier: But I can’t even get back on my own two feet.
Green: I can’t jump high enough! “Welcome to Minecraft!” Egg: Y E A H ! *Pause* Green: Never thought the day I would be fighting over a stupid button! SC: Neither do I! PewDiePie: (Inaudible) I think you and I are gonna go well together-
SC: Catch it Green! We’re so close! SC: YESSSSS! *slow motion screaming* SC: Lets turn myself into a giant! Press it! *body grows* SC: Godzilla mode! HERE I COME! Smosh’s Ian and YouTube: OW GOD! UHH! AAGGGH! AHH! WAAH! WOOHH! *Screaming and grunting continues* *Slow motion again* YouTube: My last second save! Will it work?! COME OONNN! TAP! *page refreshes* *SC Shrinks* SC: Wait…. WHAT JUST HAPPENED!!? YouTube: Ha ha! I knew it would work! Yes! Green: And you got your “FILTHY HANDS OF OBESITY” BACK?! UUUGGHHHHHHH!! Dude Perfect: YEAHHHH!!! Youtube: OOHHH NUMA NUMA!! It feel so good to be victorious! *Crowd cheering* Green: We’re still not done yet! SC: What are you doing? We’ve already lost. Green: Not yet baby! SC: Yes. Yes! YES! YouTube: NO! YOU’RE NOT BECOMING A GIANT AGAIN! Green: LET GO OF IT! SC: Oof! Green: I said let go of it, you ugly halfwit!! YouTube: NEVER! SHUT UP!! ~* SHATTERS *~ THAT’S IT. I HAD ENOUGH OF YOUR NONSENSE. *fire noises* *Scrolling* (One of the most unique moments in a YouTube video) 10/10 C: *fire noises* *Intense music intensifies* Green: What do we do now? SC: We need to head over to the upload section. That’s our only chance to defeat him now. Green: Okay. *annotation hands popping out* YouTube: I’m going make you guys suffer until you have no souls left! ((WHOOSH!)) Green: Yes! Green: OH!
YouTube: Gotcha! YouTube: I’ll suffocate you with my privacy that you insulted! ((WHOOSH!)) `★~SMASH!~ ★`
(Remember to smash that subscribe button for Alan Becker’s channel!) YouTube: Get over here you orange freak! I’LL TEAR YOU APART! SC: TURN OFF THE ANNOTATION GREEN! *Annotations disappear* HIYAH! YouTube: You’re done now green stick figure!! SC: What is he doing? Green: OH NO! PARTNER! DO SOMETHING! SC: Prepare for a boost, Green! YouTube: NOOOOOOOOO! Green: Yes! SC: Ok, we made it. SC: Now, I want you to hop in to that file over there. Green: Are you sure? SC: Yes, go ahead. Green: Ah… I get how this works. SC: Are you ready? Green: Ready! SC: Lets set this up. If YouTube wants to play us like that, we will pay him back good! Green: Good luck partner! *Intense music continues* Plink! YouTube: I found you! OUCH! YouTube: You’re messed up now! SC: Ow! Ugh! Oof! AH! SC:(weakly) Yes! YouTube: You little orange bastard! Die!! Green: HEY! PUT MY FRIEND DOWN RIGHT NOW! YouTube: Ahhhh! *Screen malfunction* YOU?!
Green: Ha! Are you surprised to see me?>:) HOW DID YOU GET INSIDE MY SCREEN?!
THIS IS REALLY UNFAIR! Green: “Unfair?!” You don’t play fair against us either!
How does it feel to taste some of your own medicine? YouTube: NO!!! IMPOSSIBLE!! YOU CAN’T DEFEAT ME!!! *Screen cracks open* YouTube: AHHOWW NUTZ….. (BOOM!!) Both: (weakly) High five man. We did it. The other 3: Whoa! Blue: What happened here? Everything is ruined! Yellow: Wow! Did all of this happened while we were getting some popcorn? Red: We took so long, we missed all of it! Blue: Are you guys ok? Green: Hello everyone. You didn’t have to kick me like that. All but SC and green: Whatever, lets clean this mess up before this evening gets any shoddier. *Page refreshes once again* SC and Green: OH GOSH! SC: No no no no no! IS IT COMMING BACK?!?! Green: Maybe he really can’t be defeated! Green and SC: THE’RE REUNLEASHING THE BEAST!! RUUUUUUUUN!! Yellow: What’s wrong with them? Blue: I have no clue. *Rock music* *buffers once again* Red: Are you kidding me?! Our evening was just ruined and now this is not working! Why??! FUNCTION PROPERLY! YOU STUPID WEBSITE! THE END (Subscribe to Alan Becker for more amazing videos!) (Subtitles by Zi Wang)

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  1. Русские,лайкните чтобы англичани думали что я что-то крутое написал

  2. I'm going to watch this video every day because I love it it's my favorite video I'm going to make a video kind of like this where I do stick figures on paper and they're watching YouTube and they get attacked by something and he keeps switching videos with different punch moves and puts them in the punch at the end there's so ripped up that I'll probably just throw them away after that

  3. Man, why exactly do you like violence so much? The only video you made that doesn't have any violence and fighting in it is AVM 6: Note Blocks, and AVM whatever: minecarts.

  4. Did you make that "Best videos of YouTube" playlist just for this video, and then delete it? Because I can't find it anywhere on your channel, even though it says that the playlist in this video is made by a channel called "Alan Becker". That is literally exactly what your YouTube channel is called. BTW, your YouTube channel's name should never be your real name. It's a safety issue.

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