Anti-Valentine’s February Bullet Journal Setup // Plan With Me

Anti-Valentine’s February Bullet Journal Setup // Plan With Me

Hello friends, this is Hedda. In today’s
video I am sharing my bullet journal setup for February with you. I have to admit,
I’m not the biggest fan of Valentine’s themed bullet journal setups, so if
you’re interested in a non-Valentine’s themed setup, this is the video for you.
Before I get into the planning, here is a quick flip-through of my January spreads.
I really enjoyed the kind of monochromatic look and I am proud to say
that I didn’t use any black the entire month. If you would like to watch the
full video where I set up for January, you can click on the card and go
directly to that video. This video is kindly sponsored by Rustico. Rustico
makes gorgeous leather goods and notebooks such as the Traveler’s Notebook I
am using at the moment. Rustico makes their products in Utah (USA) and their
products are made to order. Go to to check out their website or
click on the link in the description box below. Let’s dive into my February
spreads. Like I said I didn’t use any black for January, so because I’m a
little bit dramatic, February will be all black. The setup itself is definitely
minimalistic – however because of my drawings it doesn’t really look like a
minimal setup. In other words, a perfectly minimal setup in disguise! I am a huge
fan of Studio Ghibli movies. If you don’t know who they are, Studio Ghibli is an
animation studio in Japan and they have made movies such as “Spirited Away” and “My
Neighbor Totoro”. Since Netflix has bought the rights to stream Ghibli movies all
over the world starting from February 1st, I thought a Studio Ghibli theme
would be perfect for this month. The tree on my cover page is inspired by “Princess
Mononoke” which is my all-time favorite Ghibli movie.
The forest in the movie is green and lush, but since it’s February and the middle
of winter here in Norway I decided to make the tree without leaves. it fits my
current surroundings better. The weird little creatures are forest spirits.
Apparently Ghibli movies will not be available for Netflix users in the US,
Canada and Japan, but HBO will start streaming them in those countries later
in the spring, so don’t worry! They should also be on Amazon Prime which we don’t
have in Norway, so, you know, we can’t all have everything. Oh! I should probably
mention that I’m using a Pentel sign pen to draw everything in these spreads,
because I think it creates more movement in the drawing than a fine liner would
be able to create – if that makes sense. Since I’m not using colors, it’s
important to make the line art interesting enough. This next spread is
my monthly calendar goals and to do-list spread – three in one! On the left side I
have a small calendar and underneath it I will write down important dates
throughout the month. They won’t be in order, but I think I’ll be ok with that.
On the right side I decided to draw Totoro, because he’s so cute. I was a bit
concerned about all the black I’m using in these spreads. As you can see there is
quite a bit of ghosting, but honestly I’m okay with it.
As long as there is no bleeding I will survive. Above Totoro I made space for
monthly goals and also a short to do- list. I made sure I would not have very
much space to write here so that I will have to focus on a few things that I
find most important. I used a black Crayola Supertips to color in Totoro,
because I thought maybe it would ghost less than the Pentel sign pen, but I kind
of regretted it afterwards because the black isn’t completely black. However,
there is no way the paper can handle me going over twice with black color, so it
will just have to stay this way. Moving on to the next spread I started out by
drawing Haku from “Spirited Away”. “Spirited Away” is probably one of the most famous
Ghibli movies outside of Japan, and although not my
favorite movie from Studio Ghibli, I do appreciate the amazing world they
created within this movie. Also, I love dragons – that’s probably why I like “Tales
from Earthsea” so much too. What I like about Ghibli movies is that
the character design is so simple, yet very expressive. I thought it
would be difficult to draw Haku but he doesn’t actually have that many details.
I just made a snake-like shape and then I looked up how his head and tail looked,
and then kind of put it together that way.
So this spread is actually my habit tracker for the month. It’s very simple –
as you can see – so if there were no decorations it would take literally five
minutes to set up. I’m tracking the same habits as last month: skincare, sleeping
eight hours a night, reading every day and writing every day. The clock is ticking
for my Master’s thesis and I am slowly dying inside 🙂 I used the same grey (Zebra) Mildliner as before to color in parts of Haku’s body and then I used the Pentel
sign pen to color his… fur? I thought it would give the drawing a little bit more
depth. If I had to make a list of my favorite five Ghibli movies it would be
“Princess Mononoke”, “When Marnie Was There”, “The Tale of Princess Kaguya”, “Tales from
Earthsea” and “My Neighbors the Yamadas”. That last one is so silly and ridiculous
compared to the other ones, which are more serious and kind of sad. The next
spread is a February special: I printed out 20 movie posters of Ghibli movies I
would like to watch once they are released for streaming on Netflix. I
accidentally printed two posters for “Howl’s Moving Castle” and forgot to print
a poster for “Porco Rosso”, but I’ll fix that later. I’m out of double-sided tape,
so I used a gluestick to randomly place the pictures on the left side. This is
the only spread for February that has color in it, and I did consider printing
the posters in greyscale but since they’re so small I thought I wouldn’t be
able to see which is which very well, so I went with color. On the right hand side
wrote down each movie and I filled the circles with gray if I’ve watched the
movie before, and then I’ll tick the circle boxes when I watch the movies on
Netflix. Now, I realized that not all the movies will be available on February 1st.
Some are coming out March 1st and some April 1st. This is probably a good thing,
because I will not be able to watch 20 movies in one month, so I’ll just come
back to the spread in March and April and fill it in. That’s all the spreads
I’m creating for this month. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel if you liked
this video, and make sure to leave a comment with your favorite Studio Ghibli
movie. Now I’ll leave you to the final flip-through. I hope you’re having a
lovely day, and I’ll see you next time. Bye!

11 thoughts on “Anti-Valentine’s February Bullet Journal Setup // Plan With Me

  1. Well done, I am very impressed, loved the Dragon and Totoro. See how he looks at you full of judgement, so you finish your to do list 👿
    Do you have a master thesis tracker spread? So you can mark down progress and feel less like dying?

  2. I love the Ghibi theme! You capture the characters so well in your spreads! I wish the movies were out on Netflix here in the US… But have fun on your Ghibli marathon! 😀

  3. Thank god, someone who isn't following the crowd! 😅 My partner and I never do anything for valentine's Day haha never was a fan of it! Amazing spread!

  4. I was so excited when you said Netflix would start streaming ghibli films. And then instantly crushed when you said except in the U.S. that was such an emotional roller coaster.

    But you're set up is as beautiful as always! ❤❤

  5. I'm all for non Valentine theme!!
    My top 3 favorite movies from Ghibli are Kiki'delivery service, Arietty and Howl's moving castle.
    As always, love your spreads and you've inspired me to try something new =)

  6. Just subbed! I really love your drawings and can't ever say no to Totoro. Haha. I also just uploaded my February Setup and i focus on a very minimalist setup every month with just a black pen setup with no doodles really. I add in any doodles I want later on whenever I want. Great for any beginners or anyone who always likes to implement their own theme! Would love for you to come check it out!

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