Armond Pain / I don’t like Google

Armond Pain / I don’t like Google

Google is the monster eating words for satisfaction It’s crawling through the hands collecting every little action The monster it is got no heart and when the mouth will spit you out it’s like a bullet in your head, you’re dead I don’t like google I don’t like google I don’t like google and I am not afraid to say I don’t like google Tell them i am just a singer please don’t let them break my finger Google is the country where they make it a religion To know about you everything you can’t escape this prison They say to be a citizen is free – this joke is funny If it’s free so tell me how they are making all this money Like a beauty queen preparing answers to the questions Words they don’t mean anything it’s only decoration The winner takes it all, the loser get to live in fear Make the monster love you or it make you disappear Mister Google don’t be mad, I am just a simple lad Maybe we can find a way, I will shut up you will pay ??? I don’t like Googe I don’t like it but Yahoo is okay

33 thoughts on “Armond Pain / I don’t like Google

  1. מה קרה, הם לא קיבלו אותך לעבודה?
    סתם אחי, אחלה שיר באמת מצחיק 🙂

    לא נורא אתה יכול לעבוד במיקרוסופט…

  2. well you continue to search on yahoo at approx 4-6+ seconds a search, while i search on google for 1/4 a second and actually find what i am looking for.

  3. If you don't want to worry about google using your search information…

    Don't worry you can always use "startpage(dot)com" which is the same thing but they DON'T keep records or IP addresses or anything.

    Totally private

  4. "i don't like google, and i'm not afraid to say"
    is an interesting remark from someone preforming with a ski mask

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