Art Journal · 30 Ways to Fill a Sketchbook · SemiSkimmedMin

Art Journal · 30 Ways to Fill a Sketchbook · SemiSkimmedMin

Hi my loves, welcome back. For today’s sketchbook page I decided to
do something you’ll know I love doing if you’ve seen my travel journals. Sometimes it’s just really lovely to record
your memories in a visual way, mix photos and drawings and souvenirs. This page is for the little weekend trip I
took you might remember me talking about just before christmas. So I started out by cutting a couple of squares
of black card just to break up the page a bit, I don’t mind a pure white page but
for this one I wanted a lot of contrast. I started trying a few ideas for layouts,
just putting the bigger elements onto the page first so a train ticket and a couple
of photos. I print the photos on my regular printer,
I print them onto sticky photo paper though which really isn’t necessary its just the
only photo paper I have at the moment. And once I was happy with the layout of things
I stuck them down. I like to put the big bits on first and fit
the rest around them. So the first picture is of the lovely sunset
through the trees and the second picture is of the fireplace in the house, a really nice
big log burner with a couple of stockings hanging up above it and a game of twister
going on in the bottom corner, so you can tell it was just a proper cosy slumber party
girls weekend away. I stuck my favourite matte black washi tape
underneath to give room to write a description for the photos and then I started really lightly
blocking out different areas across the pages where I would focus my writing. I tend to write in a couple of different sizes
to give emphasis to certain things so larger text is represented with a box and smaller,
more detailed descriptions and things a draw in as lines. But its all very quick and light and loose,
none of it is set in stone. So next i really quickly laid out a sketch
of the building itself that I really wanted to include. It’s a friends families house out in a more
rural area of England, we’ve been going out there for little getaways for years and
years, its just the perfect secluded escape into nature, especially for us city girls. Its always amazing to see how many stars there
are once you’re away from all the light pollution. And you know, putting on wellies to go out
and chop firewood, it’s pretty idyllic. And the house itself is a stunning, centuries
old building, it even has its own little clock tower, maybe I’m easily impressed but I
think that’s quite cool. As you can tell, I don’t spend too much
time or put too much detail into this or any of my art journal pages really. I like to keep it nice and natural, if I put
too much thought into it I kind of lose the authenticity of those moments. So once Im done with the drawing, I start
adding text. I generally follow this ordered of doing things,
its easier to squeeze your writing in somewhere rather that trying to cram your photos and
drawings around your text. And I keep the text minimal, just focussing
on the highlights and things that will remind me of the mood of the trip. So next to the train ticket I wrote about
how we missed our stop because we were too busy drinking prosecco, which kind of set
the tone for the silly playful weekend, then I wrote in a title, bold enough to just summarise
the page if its something that I’m just gonna look back on in passing. And then I used the black box to go into more
detail about who the trip was with, I think that’s quite important as well. And then it was just a case of adding a few
little extras to the page, a caption for the photo and some writing about what we got up
to, I wrote about how all we did was eat and listen ato good music and watch old films
and eat more. And then because I felt the page was feeling
a bit bare, I added some ink details just just give it a bit of panache. And that’s that. I hope you enjoyed todays video, if you’re
ever lacking in ideas for a sketchbook page, why not write about a trip you took or even
just what you did on the weekend. Thanks so much for watching guys, oh and happy
valentines day, if nothing else today, don’t forget to give yourself a bit of love and
appreciation for being so great! I’ll see all you next time, bye!

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  1. I LOVE doing this. My family travels every 3 to 9 months (my husband is a travel medical provider), and I keep an art journal to record our experiences. Between journaling, sketching/painting, and photography, I feel like I really soak up our surroundings, and as you say, the authenticity.

  2. Hope you'll come to DC one day to hang with us. Some of the best margaritas (on the rocks, no slushies) in town are two blocks from my house. Perfect for stumbling home without driving. Lol. Luv Prosecco (sp). In some cases, I like it better than champagne, especially when I make Sunday brunch in the spring & summer. My latest cooking project? Hors d'Oeuvres and breads. My parent's house has a big gourmet kitchen. Mom was a really good cook. I learned a lot from her. So when I'm in Ohio caring for Dad, I work on learning new techniques. Homemade breads is a b#&ch! I dunno how Mom and Grandma did it every day. Mom was legendary, I miss her. RIP. On a lighter note, the anchovy palmiers I did were great! The light, crunchy, pastry is just enough to absorb some of the salt and fishy-ness of the anchovies. Darrell says they're good with beer but I'm not gonna make something that delicate and pretty for the him and his boys. Girly events only. Question: Would the palmiers work at a proper afternoon tea or would the flavor be to strong?

  3. My favorite was the inking towards the end. But your sketch of the house was, as always, amazing. I agree to what you say about unrehearsed arts. It gives an organic feel and character. This is, by far, my fave on ur 30 ways series. I'm gaga on art journals.

  4. Maybe it's just me, but I can really appreciate the fact that when you're recording your voiceover you don't just cut out the sound when you're not saying anything. It sounds more organic than loads of the voiceovers that you get from Youtube artists who have a massive break between each sentence. Could just be me, though..

  5. I defiantly watched this video before, I even told myself whilst the video was loading up, I've watched this but Ive prob forgotten it, during the video I remember telling myself o yea then she does this and she does it and at the end she is like happy valentine day and I'm like hold up.. am I psychic and was just going through tart vids and watched this exactly a year after Valentine's Day which was posted on Valentine's Day. 2017.. no.. lies.

  6. i forgot what its called but theres this awesome phone case on the market that you can use to print off photos from your phone directly! seeing how much you like (and are freakin awesome at) journalling in your sketchbook i think you would really love it

  7. This series has really helped my art improve!! I'm only 14 and I'm so grateful how confident you've made me in my art now xx

  8. I couldnt sleep, found your channel, started watching all of your videos… and now its 4am. I love your work. Your videos give me so much inspiration.

  9. omg this two pages look so amazing! I have to say I always fuck up my ink pen drawings and I use exactly the same as you. I love the drawing you did in the left and the ink details?? ahh I love it so much

  10. I've been desperately searching for the video where she talked about that website that teaches you different skill. I remember she said there was a coupon code for three months for a dollar. Does anyone know the website and code? Help

  11. the first video i watched and already in love with your channel, you're true inspiration.. excited to see the rest!! thats my kind of art

  12. this is amazing! I love the white pen on a black surface, I'm gonna get one! and the quick sketch and the inking was brilliant! just made my first art journaling video, so I'll definitely have to try out those ideas in my next ones 🙂

  13. this is the first video of your that I've ever watched and I really enjoyed it! gonna through and watch more of these for sure 🙂

  14. didn't put too much detail…. oohhhhh…. hhhmmmmm…… hahaha you are so lovely … and your art work just captures your lovely soul..

  15. I just found your channel, and I can tell it's going to be one of my go-to sources for inspiration. <3 Your voice is really soothing, and I just love the combination of papers and inks and handwritten texts.

  16. I just stumbled across your videos a few minutes ago and I am BLOWN away by your filming style, your personality, and your over all projection of your art! You are amazing! I'll be keeping and eye on you!

  17. hi x ive just come along your channel and my passion is art so i have found your videos and work really inspiring you are amazing at it ❤❤

  18. I realize this is a very late comment, but I just delved into your series recently and am inspired! I don't think you listed in your description the sticky photo paper stuff that you used, though. I wanted to ask where you got it and what it's called? Thanks in advance!

  19. You are totally #journalgoals!! I'm going on holiday this September to Melbourne and now I really want to do a more detailed travel journal than I did last time I went.

  20. Hi Minnie! Thank you for sharing your videos with us! May I ask do you use the same sketchbook for memory journals as well as ideas drawings too? I don't know why I ask this question, but I guess maybe it's because I don't like having 3 different sketchbooks for everything 🙁

  21. If that's art, I still have a lot to learn. Really inspiring too, now I have even more ideas of stuff to put in my sketch book ( it's all pencil drawings without colour and some line art too at the moment ).

  22. Love your intro, wow on not adding a lot of details into your sketches and such. That house is awesome. 😍 Love it. Thank You for sharing.

  23. This is a really nice idea! It takes the "photo album" to a more personal level. I'd like to say I'm going to try it but I know I won't. 🙂

  24. I bought two beautiful lined notebooks but I don't know how to use. I want to write everyday life how I feel but don't know if i could use watercolours and other creative things. I am scared to mess up my notebooks cause I loVe them. Could someone help please!
    its been 6 months I bought my notebooks.

  25. Dear Minnie, I saw you by the wood stove and you talked about being in the outdoors happily away from the pollution of the city. May I please share with you a little knowledge about wood smoke? Did you know that wood smoke is causing even more pollution than cars? Burning wood is very fashionable at the moment. You see stoves and bonfires everywhere, but it's actually very damaging for your health. According to a study done by the Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment: "1 hour of burning wood emits as many deadly chemicals as 6000 packs of cigarettes" (Source > Minnie, could you please help to share this information? It took so many years to get bars, restaurants, offices and playgrounds smoke free, it would be silly to start all over again. Thank you Minnie <3

  26. I'm becoming such a fan of yours. everything you do is so wonderful and freash.

    and not many youtube artist present there work in such a professional way.

    your videos are just outstanding

  27. Have you been to the Lake Distict? I stayed at Glenthorne in Grassmere, probably just another American tourist. Seriously great painting ideas hiking in the fells!

  28. its 12:47 at night i have a headake and i really need to sleep…but every time i watch your videos i always want to draw something so thanks for giving me insparation

  29. Does the pages crinkle and shrink a little when you used the ink or if you used watercolor? I hate when it does that, I'm looking for a sketchbook that won't do it because even water color sketchbooks do leak or crinkle a little in my experience

  30. Wow. In all my years of travel and art, I never though to combine both! Now that I'm looking for some relaxing, self-love, arts projects, this is perfect. I loved your ideas and everything came out super. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  31. This is the first video I’ve ever seen from her and I already gave an applause for the aesthetics for the intro

  32. Hi Minnie: What a lovely drawing and page. I love the way you use the ink and writing. Happy ART making! XO amy

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