Art Journal of Aesthetics | Starting an Art Vision Mood Diary Journal | Art Journaling for Beginners

Art Journal of Aesthetics | Starting an Art Vision Mood Diary Journal | Art Journaling for Beginners

100 thoughts on “Art Journal of Aesthetics | Starting an Art Vision Mood Diary Journal | Art Journaling for Beginners

  1. Hey guys! I really hope you like this video! Let me know if you would be interested in this series! ALSO! Make sure you click on the bell 🔔 to get notifications when I post a new video. A lot of you guys don't get any notification & miss out so many videos! We don't want that! <3

  2. please share a video about motivational words or posters that we can hang in our room to get inspiration

  3. I totally feel this video! It's the fear of creating something we or others won't like. But it's our own minds that limit ourselves! be brave and just go for it 💪💪💪

  4. It's funny how some you tubers have no talent and make useless things get up to 5 million subscribers but talented people like you are still yet undiscovered

  5. Omg This is one of the most sweetest videos I've ever seen in my entire life. Ahhh it's so inspirational. I love it!!! 💖

  6. I absolutely love your longer videos. Your voice is very soft and calming to listen to. I also love your work! You are a great inspiration! Keep going.

  7. I have a question… The Growth quote- who is it by, and where can I get the same qoute? I appreasaet any help thanks.

  8. You know what you are one of my favorite YouTubers and this one was the best one you ever made…..👏

  9. This is beautiful 🙂 You always inspire so many of us to be creative always 🙂 Could you please tell which black pen are you using for writing the quotes (while bending it at different angles, the text is becoming thinner and thicker)?

  10. I really loved this video and I'm so motivated to do the journal 🙂🙂🌼🌻🌸🥀🌷🌹🌺💐

  11. Hey! What software do you use to edit your videos? And do you film in natural light or with lamps? It would be super useful if you replied!

  12. I got a colouring techniques.. I realized I could do this since I was still 8 in 2013.. u can color paint the tip of a wide paint brush with colored markers and dab the tip of the paint brush on paper. u can lightly dab the paint brush in a bit of water but not too much so u don't smudge your paper just to get the color more opaque. please try it I hope it gives u an idea, it gives a very cool texture. please notice my comment I really want you to try this method. I thought I could just tell someone else since I can't show it to the world without YouTube, instagram and others. I love your videos Mako, you inspire me 💙💕

  13. New sub here 🙂 really nice result ^_^

    Could you please explain the title of the video? Why is it ''art journal of aestethicS'', with the plural, when it seems to be made pretty much in the same aesthetic 😕

  14. Hi mako , I think the idea of artjournal of aesthetics is amazing and it must be a series, it's inspiring and so relaxing 🌹🌻🌼🌷

  15. where is the haters?! EVERYONELOVE YOUR CHANNEL!😍
    Sorry, my english are terrible! I'm learning😅❤

  16. a variation for the "Permission to create" is "Remember that". this is what i personally prefer. Basically you write down things about how you want your Art Journal to go. (i.e Remember that you're free, Remember that there are no rules, Remember that new things are always welcome, etc)

  17. You have a beautiful mindset 🙂 I love everything not only about your channel but the way you think and act. You are a beautiful person xx

  18. Hey Mako, you've helped me so much with creating a scrapbook for my boyfriend. Your art demonstrations have given me so much artistic inspiration, and your view that art should be fun and not stressful has helped me go with the flow when the scrapbook doesn't flow according to how I planned.
    So thank you for making such lovely videos and inspiring people with your art and spirit x

  19. You are a very wise young lady! I think you've learned that happiness is your choice and you alone have that control. Realizing that you make you happy is the key. ❤️

  20. I'm learning that watercolor makes very HAPPY & your channel, too. Just found you today so the rest of my day will be the same. You are amazing! I'm a new subscriber fill like my painting is about to take off!! Yaaay. 🤗 Hugs….

  21. This is so beautiful and creative and inspiring. I'm so doing this as soon as I can. The end product looks absolutely stunning and its a about the process.

  22. Aye for those who don't wanna pay for pictures, i have this website that i'm using which gives you free hd quality photos

  23. Omggg ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️I love your videosss😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩this is LITTTTTT ASF🔥😻your my favv youtuber🔒🔒✨✨✨seriously ily 😻😻😻😩 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx✨✨

  24. What if I'm a perfectionist and if I like stop worrying about making things unperfect does that mean I'm not being myself?, Cuz I wanna be myself while being creative
    Plz answer me that'd be so helpful to me and other perfectionists

  25. Hello, thank u for sharing this idea… but can u please make a diy planner or a scrapbook. Please i really like doing these things especially in scrapbooking. 🙂😁

  26. hey makoccino, I would like to know what you wrote for growth……..It was a lengthy paragraph…pls share that

  27. I really enjoyed this video! I am new to your channel, better late than never. I am trying to incorporate different aspects into my journal, thank you for these ideas Xx

  28. I don't understand how 23 people even disliked this video. There is literally nothing to dislike!! The journal is beautiful, she even spread a positive message and encouraged everyone to be creative without thinking about the perfection, but yet some just have to hate.

  29. Foods make me happy, especially Mom's food! But, when I am fasting, sadly all of food seems not delicious to me, hahaha

  30. I used to watch you then stopped. Then I got into watercolour 1 year later(present day), and I love all your tutorials❤️ because you can explain clearly how to paint. I feel like after I started watching you, my skills improved. Tnx Mako💗!

  31. Could u do an update of this particular art journal plz 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  32. This is the relax and simple life talented with Lesven Silveira returns. I'm gonna start a new series with all of them and her pictures. It feels like a relax, talk, create and simple life in their multi-talented.

  33. Very nice art journal process video! With an art journal the sky is the limit really! Thanks for the ideas! ^____^b

  34. Your videos are always an inspiration for me.Keep on sending such mind blowing videos. A lot of love from India mako!👍👍👍👌👌👌😊☺☺

  35. King Roland wishes for a simple life and to be less busy, but it makes him miserable and he realizes that he's being selfish.

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