Art Journal Page – Art is Freedom – Part 1(Mixed Media)

Art Journal Page – Art is Freedom – Part 1(Mixed Media)

Hi There :)Welcome back! I am tracing a home made stencil so I can cut along the lines This is a technique Dyan Reavley used in one of her videos and I just loved it. I used masking tape and matt medium to stick the cut out pieces of pages back in to the book. I struggled a bit so I didn’t bore you with that footage. Gesso over the masking tape Using a palet knife I am applying acrylic paints Using the same colours as in the background, I stencil on using a faber castel stencil I am using an old makeup sponge that I cut up to stencil and now to make the border using black acrylic paint. Just sponging on a little bit of that black in the background Now applying matt medium to adhear my silhouette Drawing frame outlines using a sharpie Doodeling on the border Drawing in pencil – Art is freedom Going over it with the sharpie More doodeling in the frames White marker to add some details Using a white gelato to shade around the frames Grey around the figure, but this didn’t really show. More doodeling around the border 🙂 Covering the figure with sharpie, as some of the gelato got on there Thined white acrylic paint splatters, being carefull not to get some on the figure Dating the page I hope you had fun watching this process video, Please remember to thumbs up, comment and subscribe! See you soon !:)

11 thoughts on “Art Journal Page – Art is Freedom – Part 1(Mixed Media)

  1. I love this idea and the beautiful PC of art is such an inspiration I have not yet done a journal and have wanted to you just gave me the opportunity to see how it really can be beautiful I love the idea of the waves on the pages I really want to do one now thank you for sharing such a beautiful piece of work your new friend PAM

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