Art Journal Process | Beginners Art Journaling | How To Art Journal using Washi Tape

Art Journal  Process | Beginners Art Journaling | How To Art Journal using Washi Tape

hi everyone its Keren here and welcome
back to my channel today I have a brand new video tutorial of an art journal
process using some tape I use some washi tape some masking tape and drywall tape
and I want to show you how to create texture using tape in an art journal
because once you see how to use an Internet journal then you can use it on
any type of project to create that beautiful texture that you can cut with
mixed-media I’ve listed all the products below in the description area including
the links to drywall tape to the washi tape and two regular masking tape I’m
working inside my 6×6 disc bound juggles art journal which is composed with
really thick watercolor paper that is perfect for mixed-media and I’m using
some washi tape from my Prima planner these are amazing planner tapes that you
can also use for any type of project I think they’re from the travelers
collection and there’s two sets of washi tapes here there’s two different tubs
and I use washi tapes from both of them and it’s really fun to use the washi
tape because you can rip it and create texture or you can use it whole
depending on the size so the thicker ones I tend to rip and the create
texture with them while the other ones are more there for the image like these
numbers that I’m applying as well to the background and you can just add them
randomly there’s really no science to this you can just add any type of washi
tape it doesn’t have to be these ones you can use old washi tapes any tape
that has an some kind of embellishment or as some kind of beautiful images or
elements I really like that these specific ones because they’re very
vintage and they have beautiful butterflies and some written images so
I’m excited to use them and create the texture that way one of the main reasons
why I like working with tape is because it doesn’t have to
have any glue in order to stick it on so you could create a mess amazing texture
by just sticking it on to the background and then you can definitely seal it
later with some glue but you don’t have to make a lot of effort in order to
apply it so you can recycle tape so you can use things like washi tape or you
can use things like masking tape or any type of tape and all you do is you just
glue it to the background and it has that stickiness behind so you don’t have
to do much it just creates that easy texture for you without having to put
much effort another option if you don’t have washi tape is to use things like
painters tape or masking tape or even electrical tape or duct tape basically
any type of tape works because it’s really easy to create beautiful texture
with it you can rip them like you see me doing this with the masking tape and
create like that rip texture but mostly it’s just recycling things and doing
things that are easy to use and that are cheap another easy way to create texture
for our journaling backgrounds or for any type of background is to use drywall
tape and drywall tape comes in two two different type of textures you have with
the netting texture which is the one you see me applying here and all I did is
cut it with some scissors it has some sticky background so it’s really really
easy to apply and just stick onto the background and you can just cut it in
any type of shape or any type of size and just apply it to the background and
although it’s see-through when you add the mediums and the paints
you will see the beautiful texture come out there other type of drywall tape is
this one that looks like a puncheon Ella and this one I think is available only
in the US and the Home Depot’s in the US or on Amazon while the other one is the
more a Canadian one or maybe it’s available also in the US so the nice
thing about this one is that it also has a tape behind it it’s sticky on the
background but in this case you’ll remove the backing and you use the tape
area you can also keep the other side which is the one that doesn’t have the
stickiness and you can use it as background for any type of project so
you could use it also as textures the brown part that I’m peeling off can also
be used to create texture but in this case I’m only using the tape because of
the same reason I mentioned before because it has that stickiness so it’s
really easy to just glue on and not have to add anything else I realized that I
was working inside the journal and the reason why I like this journal the most
is because you can actually remove the pages and work with them without having
to work inside the journal so all I did is remove them from the 6×6 journal so I
can work with them separately in order to seal all the tape and make sure that
it doesn’t come apart I took some thinner bare soft matte gel
from Prima and just using my silicon brush added a thin layer to the
background so you just seal all the tapes and make sure they don’t peel off
sometimes washi tape tends to peel off when you’re adding other mediums because
it has very little tape behind it that way you can easily remove it when you’re
using it in your planner but when I’m using it for mixed-media I want to make
sure it stays put in the background and it just belongs to the background and
the texture of the layout a heat set of a gel really well and then I took one of
the joggle stencils and some premium marketing thin aware modeling paste and
I wanted to create some more texture in the background so I use this stencil to
create these bubbly lines going across in the same direction as the tape all I
did is just use my silicon brush to just add some texture and I didn’t add it
everywhere I just added in some areas where the tape was and use the stencil
in different lengths to make sure that it wasn’t even I did this to both
backgrounds on either side and then let it heat set with my heat tool
the next step and this is an important step is to add a little bit of a thin
layer of gesso to the background you could add clear just so if you want to
leave all the background the way it is and not have it covered up or like I’m
doing here I’m using a very thin layer of white gesso which I’ve watered down
with some water this is easy to do as you take a little bit of the white gesso
and you just spray some water in it and mix it that way you get a really thin
layer it still protects the background before adding the sprays but at the same
time it doesn’t cover the whole background it doesn’t cover the images
that you have in there and you can always add more gesso in those places
that you want to cover so some places are added more gesso and in some places
added left just so depending on how much coverage I want it but it becomes a
really good primer too when you add the sprays all you have to make sure is that
once you added you dry it really really well before you add the sprays once
everything was dry really well it was time to add this phrase I recently
bought marabou acrylic sprays and let me just tell you I’m in love with them they
were on sale at JoJo’s calm and I just went ahead and bought myself a bunch of
colors I bought some of my favorite colors one of them is of course this
turquoise looking color and I will list all the colors below I can’t remember
the names of all of them but I will just list them all below and then you can
purchase the ones you want or the colors that you want
they are highly pigmented they’re acrylic based and once you heat set them
they’re permanent so they don’t reactivate with water the way other
sprays do so all I started doing is adding them with a small paintbrush onto
the edge of my art journal and then spraying water and letting it drip down
between the different textures that I added with the tape once I finished
adding the turquoise I went in with a second color which is a darker blue
almost like a royal blue I think it’s called gentian this one I do remember
the name and when they were mixing together it created a beautiful color
and now you can really see the tapes and the textures especially the ones from
the drywall so you can see how it’s going in between the netted tape and the
one with the punchin Ella and it makes a beautiful beautiful texture it’s also
going around the texture from the stencil and it creates that beautiful
pattern as well I did this exact same thing on the other side I just went
ahead and added some of the turquoise color first and then I sprayed with
water I did it the same way first with the turquoise and then added the darker
blue and it’s really really beautiful to see how they interact with each other
although I love how it looks right now I wanted to introduce a darker color this
is a darker green or teal and it’s also really beautiful it’s in the same shade
of colors and it looks amazing together with this one so what I did is I added
some of this so it could drip in between the textures and really add some darker
shades to the background I did this of course on both sides and as you can see
that the edges are darker but you can still see some of the designs from the
washi tape which is what I wanted to accomplish I only added a little bit of
this darker shade and then I went ahead and did the same thing on the other side
so whatever I did to one side of the page I also did to the other you don’t
have to work on a double journal page you can only work you can go ahead and
just use one side and do this on one side or on a canvas or whatever you want
these sprays work on any type of surface I wanted to add a little bit of that
lime green color again I don’t remember the name but I will definitely add it to
the list underneath and I just splattered a little bit
and since the background was still a little bit wet they kind of spread and
created really nice highlights in between the textures so first I just
went ahead and did some splatters but then I went with my paintbrush and just
added a little bit of that greenish yellowish tint on to the background I
did have to heat set the darker colors first because the lime-green was kind of
mixing with the darker colors and I wanted it to stand on its own so by heat
setting the background I made sure that the ink in the background is permanent
and that way I can add some splashes of the lime-green color and have it stain
the background without mixing with the other colors the next color I added was
black and in retrospect I wish I would have not added this black because I
really loved the way it was looking with the blue and greens but once I added it
I realized that it was too dark so I had to go with it and although it made it
look beautiful and it really brought out those colors I really felt that I could
have done without it it did look really nice
with the black but I think looking back I would have probably liked it without
it as well I did end up adding a little bit of
black only and wiping it off the edges and just adding at the top and letting
it drip down and I tried not to add too much because once I realized it was too
dark I didn’t want to add too too much on it so and you can always add water in
dilute things more in order for it to become less dark I did the same thing of
course on the other side and lent and then dried it up I heat set this really
well so I could then add some gold to it probably I would have not added the gold
had I not added the black but I wanted a lighter color so I could kind of lighten
and highlight the black a little bit more since I had already added that
black and because it changed the look of the background I felt like I
needed something a bit more shiny to add to the background now this gold is
really interesting this gold spray because it has an element that looks
almost white when you apply it the medium inside that is mixed with the
gold it looks white when you when it’s wet however once it dries it actually
becomes a beautiful shiny gold and I really liked how it looked because of
that so although you see it looking kind of whitish gold when it dries you’re
gonna see the beautiful shininess of the gold itself and I did this on both sides
just to add a little bit of that beautiful shiny shimmering gold I heat
set the gold really well so I could see that beautiful shininess and then I took
the same gold and I sprayed a couple of leaf swags that are part of the joggled
collection these are the watercolor art parts and all I did is just spray them
with some gold and then splatter them with a little bit of that turquoise
color that I had used at the beginning this turquoise kind of mixed with the
gold and spread and diffused and that made it look really cool and then I
dried it really well these art parts watercolor art parts are
made out of watercolor paper and they’re almost like laser-cut chipboard but
they’re made out of watercolor papers you can paint them and use them for
different things in this case I wanted to add this Leafs onto my art journal
and I wasn’t sure how I was gonna do it but I just painted two of them just in
case because I wasn’t sure how many I needed when it came down to it I ended
up cutting them and only using the top of the leaf on both sides just to have
the movement continue on towards the center and then I grabbed two acetate
words from Heidi Swapp which say enjoy today and just added it to my
I took some premising of airsoft matte gel again and using my soft silicone
brush I just glued the leaves and the words to the background I tried not to
add any gel on top of the Leafs because I knew I wanted to outline them with a
black marker I took my black pasta pen and once the
gel was dry I went around and I highlighted some of the Leafs and
created some designs and drilling inside the leaves you have to make sure that
the gel is fully dry and some places it wasn’t fully dry and it can ruin the tip
and it did ruined it a little bit for me but I tried to be very careful and not
go where the gel was once I added all the little Leafs and the outlines I was
done with the layout but of course before putting it back in the journal
I took my gold spray again and started splattering in the background I wanted
to create some golden splatters to tie it all in and match it to the rest of
the golden elements finally I took the two pages and I added them back into the
journal by clicking it to the discs it’s quite easy to do and it makes it so easy
to use these pages because of it thank you so much for watching if you like my
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have an amazing day bye

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