#AskGaryVee Episode 83: The Role of Blogging Today, Parenting in a Social Media World, & Sasquatch

#AskGaryVee Episode 83: The Role of Blogging Today, Parenting in a Social Media World, & Sasquatch

– On this episode, I talk about advice in social media to parents,
blogging, the current state, and changing your business’s name. (applause) You ask questions, and I answer them. This is The #AskGaryVee Show (hip hop music) Hey everybody,
this is Gary Vay-ner-chuk, and this is episode 83
of The #AskGaryVee Show. I’m in a fairly grumpy
mood because Staphon and I were on a basketball team that
lost two runs this morning including the second game
where we were up ten, four in a game to 15 and we lost. So, let’s do the show. – [Voiceover] Thomas asked, “Hey Gary, “what is the future of
blogging in all this “rented social media space?” – You know Thomas, I think the
interesting thing about blogs and it’s really fascinating for
me to watch what’s happening is in 2003, four, five, six, it was very commonplace to
use the internet in a way where you would be driving
someone to your home, right? Like, come here to consume me here. I think what we’re seeing a lot now is I’m over here. If you want me to know what’s up, you better learn how to speak to me here. And so I think that what’s happened is the attention graph that
I spend so much time paying attention to is shifting, and people’s willingness
to jump to some place to consume is not down
because the truth is I believe social networks,
specifically Twitter and Facebook and Pinterest, yeah those, LinkedIn, are really gateway drug pieces of content to drive to this before mentioned home, a blog, an e-commerce site, your download page to your app. So, I think what’s changed
is people understanding they need a great skill to
be a wonderful storyteller within social networks to
become a first impression to the, ya know, it’s like
you have to be really good at the bar before you get a
chance to do something at home. And I think that’s the
analogy that I’m looking for, if you know what I mean. – [Voiceover] John asked,
“What are your thoughts “on creating a successful, long term “social media strategy for
yourself or your clients? “How long in advance do you create “the content you roll out?” – John, that’s a good question. I mean, I think this all comes down to something that I call reverse engineering. The truth is everybody’s different. You know, my vision is very long-term. I don’t know how you define
long-term in your question, but some people think long-term
is three to five years. I think long-term is until the day I die. And so, my clients may not be as patient when your Fortune 500 company that needs to hit numbers each quarter, your patience to build a three to five
year plan is nonexistent. When you’re a Series C Startup company that just raised 200 million dollars, and you’re only burning
four million dollars, you’ve got a lot of patience, and the idea of building brand and
having a patience game to your execution becomes more attractive, then we reverse engineer that. Then it’s more about branding, Instagram, doing high-end video, long-form content with no right hook, lot of jabbing. If you’re a startup that’s
gonna go out of business in 24 weeks if you don’t sell some stuff, we’re in full right hook,
ya know, Facebook dark post, SEO, SEM, influencer marketing with calls to action to sell. Ya know, all that stuff
completely is determined based on the client’s current
short-term and long-term needs, but the truth is short-term
and long-term needs really balance based on a moment in time, and so, ya know, the reason I think I’m
good at business is, for all of my talking, I am 10X at my listening skills, and it all just comes down to listening, and so the way we strategize
is predicated on listening, and I think the biggest
challenge for so many of the VaynerNation
that’s watching right now is I don’t think a lot
of you, and this is, with all due respect,
this is for everybody, I’m just picking on you
’cause I love you, tough love. I think a lot of people aren’t really sure what they want to accomplish
in a one-year window versus a five-year window
versus a ten-year window, and their behavior doesn’t map to it. Ya know, to me I got lucky. I just decided it’s everybody
shows up to my funeral, hedge forever, build up equity,
cash it in as I need it, if I ever need it, which has
allowed me to be very patient and really has allowed
me to dictate my behavior being probably a better human being. And in a weird way, and
again, I think a lot of people would find this funny. In a lot of ways, I’ve been a pushover as a entrepreneur because if you would look
at it in the short-term, I’m leaving money on the table. I’m not fighting for every cent. I’m not trying to drill it
down to the biggest advantage. I’m not even getting mine everytime because I’m just hedging along the way, and so just comes down to what
you’re trying to accomplish. I think the better question
to this question is how can you help someone
or are you capable of really understanding what
you’re trying to accomplish? – [Voiceover] Matthew asked, “Hey Gary, “I’m speaking to parents
at a public school event “on parenting in a social media world. “What would you teach them?” – Every time I get in front of parents, they get really upset
with me because my move is to punch them directly in the mouth. Parents are becoming their
parents on an everyday basis. I would tell them that
they’re fearing technology and they’re forcing their
kids to spend less time on it, which is not preparing them for the actual world in the future. I would tell them that they talk about how much they hate technology
and its impact on kids, but they should look
themselves in the mirror because every time they
don’t wanna parent, or the kid’s crying a little
bit more than they like, they throw an iPad at them
like it’s a Chinese star. I would tell them that they’re
full of shit and hypocrites and should never try to
build their self-esteem through their kids’ accomplishments. If your little Ricky is
the best baseball player in the fourth grade team, that
has nothing to do with you, except it has your DNA, but
like don’t walk around like you’re the best player
on the fourth grade team. So, you know, I would tell them that it’s never been a better
time to be a parent because all the social networking tools allow us to spy on our kids
and know what they’re doing at a level we’ve never seen before. I’m, you know, I used
to think it was great that I lived in New York,
that I wouldn’t have to worry about drunk driving. Now no parent does because by the time their kids are of age, Uber will be at scale. I would tell them to stop playing defense and stop being scared
and start playing offense and start being pumped. – [Voiceover] Moveandbezel asked, “We are in a nonexistent market, “but the sharing economy is
growing, and we play in there. “What would you do to
determine or come up with “a market size?” – Moveandbezel, you know,
obviously I’ve jammed with you a little bit on social. Ya know, I guess you’re
asking me this question to try to figure out how
to put it into your deck so that you can raise money. You know, the people that
are gonna give you money are not gonna give you money
on the potential market size of the watch renting market. They’re gonna do it because,
you’re right, it doesn’t exist. They’re gonna do it
because they believe in you as an entrepreneur hustler, and they’re gonna believe
in the sharing economy, and they’re gonna think that
watches are an interest graph of end users, but ya know, I don’t think you have
to come up with, ya know, the amount of financial
engineering that goes on in startup culture and the
finance world and raising capital is really silly to me. What you could do is you could find out how big the AirBnB market
is, then you could figure out how big the renting market is versus the overall watch market, and then you could just do
the math and say, “Oh OK.” There’s a lot of hacking you can do, but I think you’re asking
the wrong question, and I think India, when you
asked it before we did the show, I think, wasn’t there also like “How do you market to a market
that doesn’t exist yet?” or something? – [India] I think that
would be interesting. – Ya know, I do too, and
I think that, ya know, I think that I’ve spent a lot
of time thinking about that in general in my career, and I dislike it when
people that are started or businesses in it are
asking that question because obviously you’ve
started the business with a belief that that
market’s gonna happen, and more importantly, I think
there’s a confusion to you about what you’re actually marketing to. You’re thinking, “How
do I market to people “to build awareness
that, hey, you can trade “and rent and share watches.” The truth is there’s
just watch enthusiasts. And so like, they’re there. Marketing to, ya know, I
think people get confused when they’re marketing a new version of a historical product
versus creating a new product that doesn’t exist, ya know. Uber didn’t have to sell that. Like, people rented black
cars and took taxis. They had to bring some
awareness to they existed, but I don’t think anybody’s confused that’s listening or watching right now or of anybody out here
they’re like, “Oh, watches?” Ya know, India, there’s watches. You can rent them and you
can put yours on there. Like, it’s just not super complicated. Ya know, just not complicated, and so you market to people that
give a crap about watches. – [Voiceover] Andrew
asked, “My investor wants “to change the name of my
company’s brand Sasquatch Fuel. “Should I change the name to something “that includes the name of our
unique pouch like Omni Fuel?” – Andrew, I think a lot of people that are watching this show are gonna say, “He’s about to go crazy and be like “screw your investors,
stick to your guns.” Truth is I’m a very funny
guy when it comes to names. I think execution is everything, and I think the name is
literally irrelevant. Like, ya know, what did
Google mean to anybody before, ya know, it became something? What did the word Nike mean to anybody before Nike made it happen? Like, my last name is Vaynerchuk, ya know? Like they used to teach you in Hollywood before you build a brand, like
I would’ve been Gary Smith ya know in 1961 if I went
to Hollywood and did this. Like, names don’t mean crap. What you make that name
mean is the real game. And so, ya know, you wanna be a pushover? I’m just kidding. You want to change your name? Great. You want like, you don’t
want to change your name? Great. Bottom line is is your product good? Are you gonna be able to market? I mean, ya know, what’s the other name that he’s considering changing it to? – [India] He said they have a,
their pouch is called Omni– – Yeah, I like Sasquatch better than Omni. Something I remember better than Omni. Like, everything’s Omni. And so yeah, that’s it. That’s all I got. Question of the day. Are you so competitive that if you lose a meaningful
basketball game in the morning, would you allow it to completely alter the happiness in your day? You keep asking questions,
I’ll keep answering them. You think the Fika
monster’s gonna come up here and be like “Don’t give
me (censored) press”? (censored) DRock.

90 thoughts on “#AskGaryVee Episode 83: The Role of Blogging Today, Parenting in a Social Media World, & Sasquatch

  1. Regarding the first question and blogging.  While I am fine with people advertising what they are doing via social media, I find that I miss a lot more of their stuff.  I'm a big RSS guy, and the people who don't allow for RSS I just ignore unless they are the ones who I will constantly check to see if they have anything new.

    I feel like many people miss out on a lot when the do all the social network stuff and swing and miss on the "here is where you can find all of my content".

  2. Hey gary. In the beginning I would be slightly annoyed. But after the game I would pick up my pace and continue to progress at work. Yours… chris

  3. Thank you for the show, always entertaining. Losing a game wouldn´t alters the happiness of my day, for me it is only a game and having fun while playing is the important thing. Maybe this is a womens perspective.

  4. I'm super competitive as well. But a game is game. You loose because you were not good enough. Get your shit together and then back to work

  5. The thought of losing at a competitive game would linger through out my day but wouldn't necessarily alter my happiness

  6. QOTD: ABSOLUTELY! I am that competitive. I want to win everytime hands down and because of that drive I usually do win pickup games. I'm not there to lose and if I do that game is on my mind for the rest of the day. Great show love it Gary you're the man.

  7. QOTD : I usually don't go home after a lost pick up game until somebody else plays my team and we win. I hate losing pick up games. That's how competitive. So i really don't know if it would mess up my whole day. Great Show again Gary

  8. QOTD ANSWER: I get fucking pissed when I lose! Everyone looks at me crazy…and I'm obsessed with winning. (Once I fouled my bro on purpose in 1on1 while I was winning 20-0. Then I lost the next game horribly lol

  9. This episode seemed very down. I think the devastation of the morning B-ball game affects you AskGaryVee-ball game.

  10. Re QOTD: brutally honest, yes. Maybe not the rest of my whole day, but I'd let it "get to me" because I dig the things that sometimes come out of being down sometimes. It's taken me about the last decade to realize that losing and being in a stink can sometimes equal new, good ideas.

    Thanks for the show Gary.

  11. Really liked the answer about parents as you proceeded to tear them apart. I wish I had a personal Gary V to do that for me all the time.

    And hell yeah losing a basketball game can put you in a shitty mood for the day. The more passionate and competitive you are the more pissed a person be. Aka Kobe or MJ.

  12. QOTD Response: Absolutely not. In fact, a buddy and I used to race on our morning runs, and win, lose or draw, it was the race that boosted me for the day. I love competition and as long as I gave it my best shot, losing wouldn't bum me. If anything, it makes me more competitive.
    You definitely seemed to be running on less energy today, Gary. I hope the beard isn't draining your energy.

  13. QOTD: The majority of the time, no — but under the right circumstances, I could linger on it a bit throughout the day. It just depends on how you lost and against who. I'd still do everything in my power to not let it ruin my day though. 

  14. QOTD: failure is an event not a person… But I hate losing and it would piss me off the rest of the day.

  15. QOTD These days not so much so,  if you were to ask me that in my 20s I would have said "YES" , and might have still been mad from a lost . lol  A few months away from turning 40  not  so much,  in the  last 7-10 years i have really grown as a person

  16. QOTD – it depends. If it was with some folks that don't really care they're just they're for the fun of it 👎 then prob not. But when my team exits the playoffs I'll be upset about it for weeks or longer.

    Okay my dude, I love this show, but for some reason I wasn't feeling it today. I know this is totally not the concept but maybe you could do a show where you would take one question (or zero) and get super nerdy. Show what some of your peeps as far as numbers or more in depth on how they handle creative. Mix something like this in every 25 shows maybe. But trust me, you know I'm an every episode lifer.

    Much love brother.



  17. QOTD: Yes, it's happened before. I've got better at only letting it last only a day or a few hours but it still happens. So much emotion is put in to the game, in winning or losing it takes a lot of energy out of you. Of course winning is exciting, and losing can be deflating.

  18. QOTD: The whole day… nope… I might be pissed at myself for a little time, but then it would spur me on to make the rest of the day awesome. My competitiveness comes from refusing to let people/things (including myself) get the better of me.

    Great show lots of food for thought and snippets to reflect upon.  

  19. QOTD: Nope~ But would alter my happiness of the day would be waking up to no coffee in the house. 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  20. Yes if I was in control and I blew it…Might go away but later in day a good chance it pops back up and I'm looking for another match…Back in high school and college, hated it when people said "Nice game" after a loss.

  21. Yes. A loss in a game impacts my mood.  In basketball (I love basketball), in video games (seriously!) – I will keep thinking about the loss, with the what-if's, with what I could do better to change the outcome.  I will put up a smiling face, but deep down, I'm annoyed, big time.

    Scared of the beard, Gary.  It's almost as scary as James Harden!

  22. Hey Gary,
    QOTD, I wouldn't let a game get to me at all because it all about learning new moves everyday!
    Thanks for the show:)))

  23. If I'm up 10-4 and end up losing, I'm pissed until the rematch! Spot on with the parenting/social media statement.

  24. My passion is soccer and Im competitive as fuck. When i lose I only feel bad in the moment. after the game it's all good. can't hold on to mini failures like everything else in life. 🙂

  25. Taking a loss is a challenge and how you take it may give you insight into other places you can put work into, beyond just trying to win next time. I recently found myself getting very frustrated with a client (not afraid to say so).

    I then took a hard look at the situation and challenged myself to get over and make it a good experience for the client regardless of the fact they were getting on my nerves. In that moment I made a choice to grow, and hustle harder rather than just get/stayed pissed.

    Every loss is like that. I'm glad I was a gamer growing up because it taught me that you have to "take unlimited jabs" and be consistent and patient if you have any hope of winning.

  26. I would not let it ruin my day as in pro sports you have to let it go sometimes as it will affect your game the next night. In real life and business the person that is up next after I lose it getting it over the top bring down the back board break the plexi glass send them to the er for zippers.

  27. QOTD: I'm not an "it's just a game" person. I hate losing, but then I look forward to the next time, because losing a basketball game means revenge is necessary.

  28. Losing any sport game is irrelevant for me: not a big sports guy. Losing in business like a client or an account would definitely drag me down. I medidate most every day and part of my meditation is being thankful. When you think about things to be thankful for you realize your loss, most losses, are irrelevant. Thanks Gary!

  29. Ohh mos def, getting beat at golf in the AM or even posting a sub average time when running will piss me off for the day, softball at night can even bleed to the next day

  30. I would be upset, but my entire day wouldn't be ruined. I would be more concerned with how I was going to win the next game.

  31. Question of the day: Nope, I don't think so. 

    I like the conversation about blogging and "being good at the bar"
    Great way to illustrate the point. 

  32. QOTD. Depens if i thought I gave my all. If i give my all and lose then I know i have to get better.  If i lose cos I wasnt at my best, then yes I am more than peeved.

  33. Hey GV – You're looking lean & mean. Working out is working out for you.

    Basketball isn't my game so losing a game probably wouldn't kill my day. I'm sure there are other disappointments that would make me grumpy for much of the day.

  34. #askgaryvee #qotd I'm only [day-altering] upset when I lose to someone about something I care tons about & they win from dumb luck

  35. One of the true 'Gateway' skills for all internet marketers is actually WordPress site building – if you think about it being able to build your own web assets is central to having social media accounts, which all link to those assets – so becoming skilled with WordPress is truly the gateway of having an online presence.

  36. #QOTD No way would I let a basketball loss affect my day. Leave it on the court, Gary! Just like you say you don't let your work day affect your home life. I think you mentioned that when you go home, you don't feel it's fair to bring your work frustrations to your family. Maybe it's not fair to bring your basketball mood to your work?

    I agree, the name with Sasquatch in it is a much better name.

    Thanks for doing the show, Gary!

  37. This episode is 3 weeks old but I’ve watched it now and I just have to answer #QOTD 😉 F### yeah Gary! Even after a meaningless soccer game with my friends I am so pissed off after poor performance and bad score. Peace man 🙂

  38. Another one in the books – hope you win a game before the next episode – missing the positive energy 🙂

  39. #QOTD: Depending on the loss and how upset I got could possibly start the day off terribly. Then hopefully something will come along to make me forget about that terrible feeling.

  40. #QOTD  Yes but it would be mainly out of frustration that I messed up at certain parts.  If I played my best and lost though, then no.

  41. Super competitive! But with friends most games turn into a full contact game at times, but all in good fun

  42. I'm so competitive I carry it all day that day if I lose at sport. Similar to you Gary it also ruins my day if my team loses. Go Chargers!

  43. love that 10x my listening. Great advice. I see 16-20 year olds on youtube making bank. Its important to understand technology and use it more than to google fights, gossip, and music video games. wow the name is irrelevant I think thats true if you hammer it folks get use to it.

  44. Lol. I actually love Fika. Try a hemp chai. soooo good! It's crazy to go back into old vids. It's like you're turning back the hands of time.

  45. No, i am competitive but if i lost i would get over quickly as life is to short to drag on something to long. it would however motivate me to improve on my skills and crush them next time around.

  46. Hey Gary! I have to disagree with your perspective on the name change. As a wedding planner, since changing my business name I've attracted my ideal couples much easier. Wish it wasn't true but the name change made all the difference (game changer). Focus on your ideal client when deciding on the name.

    QOTD: I'm not THAT competitive but my pride would be shot lol

  47. Question of the day – I don't let outer competition ruin my day – the self awareness of letting that go to not impact my inner competition is detaching the meaning of outer to not impact my inner emotions or responses (easer said than done).

    GREAT video – lots of notes taken to work on.

  48. QOD, when I was younger absolutely! I'd be done for a week… Now, I couldn't give a "ish"! 🙂 #the50yroldman

  49. QOTD Answer – ABSOLUTELY…. it changes everything! I need to go up to NY and play some with you guys…. sounds like fun/competitive.

  50. QotD: a basket ball loss, probably not, something else I cared about? Something I thought I was good at? I'd be looking for other wins all day to make me feel better, they would feel necessary to restore balance.

  51. #QOTD I'd love to say no but in reality, I do think it would linger in my head for a while, but I wouldn't mope about it, I just wouldn't be at the same energy levels as if I had won

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