#AskGaryVee Episode 99: Human Interaction, Being Selfish, & What Happened to Blogging

#AskGaryVee Episode 99: Human Interaction, Being Selfish, & What Happened to Blogging

– On this episode, I don’t
let Felicity get away with it. (laughter) Cool. (applause) You ask questions and I answer them. This is The #AskGaryVee Show. (upbeat music) Hey everybody
this is Gary Vay-ner-chuk and this is episode 99
of The #AskGaryVee Show. Before we start, follow me DRock. Just follow me DRock
because we just gotta take care of some business. Yep, yep, yep, yep. Felicity I’m using you as an example. What many may not know
is Felicity was sitting a couple of seats over. She didn’t want to be in the shot so let this be a lesson to
everybody whose gonna run away. If you run away the camera will find you. Felicity the camera will find you. Alright, we can go back. So that was fun. That was a good tone setter. That’s right Steve. Keep your shit together, Steve. If you run from the camera,
the camera will find you. Alright, I’m ready. That was a good start. Feelin’, feelin’ a solid
beginning to the show. Alright. – [Voiceover] Jared asks,
“Where’s blogging at these days? “I feel like it’s not as popular as it was “a number of years ago. – Jared, good question about blogging. Blogging, you know, what’s
happened with blogging, is blogging is massively important it’s just not the thing
that people talk about. Not only that, blogging became so big it become the establishment. I mean if you have a website and you’re putting out content on
it, you’re blogging. And what has also happened
is social networking has in theory become the micro
version of that blogging. And so now everybody in theory, as a matter of fact
Twitter was flat out known as a microblogging platform for many. Zak? Can you just show Zak’s face? (laughter) I feel like you were
hacking the show, right. Like you put them on knowing
that I would respond to that and then get on camera.
– [Zak] I just want fame. Got it, okay, okay, cool. That was amazing. Twitter was known as a
microblogging platform. So I think Facebook and Instagram and you know Medium, there’s platforms that
people are now using. Because what people
started understanding was they want exposure. If you’re blogging you
wanna talk to the world. What people aren’t as good
at is actually getting people then to come and see that. They’re relying on SEO back in the day and things of that nature. What people realized is that people are living in Instagram and in Pinterest and in Facebook and in Twitter. And so they’re now going to
the people and blogging there. You know, telling a story in your home and nobody’s there is quite lonely and not that interesting. That was what would
happen to a lot of people in the blogging sphere. Whereas going to town
hall and getting on there and grabbing a mic and talking, maybe some people will listen. But maybe that person was better. Everybody’s talking, everyone’s listening. So it’s just the evolution. The thesis of people wanting communicate on the Internet hasn’t changed, the formation, the way it’s looked at, the terminology that we
use, the new, you know, recarnation of it is just what
you’re living in right now. – [Voiceover] Soundspace
asks, “My business is “completely digital, “focused on exclusive
and shareable content, “how important are real life meetings?” – Soundspace, to me,
real life meetings matter because human beings make
all decisions, right. Like, so far, thank God, the
robots haven’t taken over. But it’s coming. But, you know, hopefully,
I don’t think I’ll see it. But it’s coming. And so, while that’s still the case, real life meetings matter because there’s just so much context that can be done in human interaction that
doesn’t happen over digital. You can’t map everything. I feel plenty of emotions over Twitter and things of that nature, but the energy in the room is lost, right. Like the energy in the room is lost. And so, to me, that is the
part that matters so much in the equation of real life. To me, I always say the
digital is a gateway drug. Hey, Kim.
– [Kim] Hey. Digital is the gateway drug
to the human interaction. As a matter of fact,
it’s funny, not Andrew, who didn’t know who the fuck I was, but a lot of the people
here on the team, and Zak, but a lot of people here on the team– India, did you know who I was? – [India] When I started here or when I started your team? (laughter) That answered that question. There was a gateway drug
happening before they got here which created context, but then, meeting in real life takes
it to a whole other level. You could work for the company and then you have a
whole different context when you’re on the team. (laughter) You know what I mean. – [Voiceover] Frank asks, “How did you meet Willie Morris, “and what attracted you to Faithbox? – Frank, you know, Willie, Faithbox, I’m an early
early angel investor. True angel investor in
both Birchbox and Barkbox and believe in the box of
the month business model. Especially when you lay
your media on top of it, which those companies have done well. I really wanted to be in that space and really thought of like, where’s the biggest open space? What’s a big business to
be in in the box space? And, you know, religion is a big business. And so, I thought that was fascinating. It was in the back of my mind. It was brainstorming. Phil Toronto, who is a
principal at Vayner/RSE was aware of Willie through maybe a girlfriend’s girlfriend, friend. He was leaving Amazon, coming to New York, I take a lot of serendipitous meetings. We sat down. We hit it off. I thought he had the right make up. He had great hair. And we made the move. That’s about it. It wasn’t super complicated. I had an idea. Got to know him a little bit. There was some correlations on passion around that subject matter. It clicked. And away we go. And he’s really kicking it in right now. Faithbox is really looking on the up. I’m really excited about
that company right now. You know what, I’m gonna
throw a right hook. Link it up, DRock. – What’s up Gary? It’s been a minute. Listen, I wanna talk about being selfish. How do you best make
decisions in your own interest even though they might negatively
affect people around you. That’s family, business,
personal, friends, anything. Let me know. – You know how long I’ve known this kid? – How long? – I think there may be a video of him actually being on Wine Library TV. – Really? – Like, eight, nine years ago. Okay, play it again. Jackson. – [Voiceover] It’s been a minute. Listen, I wanna talk about being selfish. How do you best make
decisions in your own interest even though they might negatively
affect people around you. That’s family, business,
personal, friends, anything. – Great question. Great, great, great, great,
great question, Jackson. There’s an interesting
part of your question. I truly truly don’t think that when I’m being selfish, it’s coming at the
detriment of somebody else. And so that’s how I handle it. I think I’m always
selfish and never selfish. Like, it’s just, I’m living. I’m living. The way I justify it a lot of times is I feel like when I’m in
my most selfish place it’s that I’m doing
something that optically looks selfish for me in the short term but is actually gonna positively affect the people in the long term and that I’m making a decision and I think I’m right
in a five year window versus a five month window and that history will allow that person to feel that it was palpable when they rekindle their thoughts around it, even though it might
sting or not feel as great in the short term. Crap, I really. You know what. Put in Jackson Fall. You did the right one? – I know how to use Google. – It’s really not that
hard to Google, is it? Put in Jackson Fall Wine Library. – [Voiceover] Jacob asks, “If you could only make one post “and then not post again for another year “on any platform, what would your post be? – That’s a great question. Who’s this from? – [India] Jacob. – Jacob, two things went
through my mind fast. Literally, I think fast. So as India is asking the question, I was like, the first one was gonna say, “I love you.” And then the second one– This is really– This may be– You know what, we need to
really think about this. This might be the question
that most sums me up. As you asked that question, the first reaction was, “I love you.” The second reaction is, “What
call to action do I want?” Which is like, “Buy my book.” or like, “Download my show.” or, “I promise I’ll be back “so sign up for my email newsletter.” It was literally, literally,
literally, literally, the two most polar opposite thoughts and that my friends, sums it up. That’s insane. Because that was literally the two things. But you know what makes me feel good, now that I rewind this? I thought of “I love you” first before. (laughter) So I still think I’m 51% good guy. – [Steve] Put a call
to action to your website and then you put “I love you”
for the rest of the year. – Oh, you’re a real
growth hacker, Steve Unwin Question of the day. What would be the one thing you would post on a social network, on
all your social networks, if it was the only thing
you could say for a year? You keep asking questions,
I’ll keep answering them. Cool. – [DRock] Intro? – [Voiceover] Yeah, we talked about. – Oh, you know what, real quick, I know you’re gray and now
we’re back to black and white. Real quick, before we close this show out if you’re still with me. Do we have all the information
for episode 100 down? Like, we’re feeling tight,
is everybody feeling good? – [Everyone] Yeah. – Yeah like, a couple of people painting. The four year old kid is coming. Ason, say it right, Ason, sorry, Ason. Right, cause it’s Jason, got it, Ason. Everything else is good? – Yeah, everything else is good.
– [Gary] Good and solid. – And the Facebook invite
is up to date. – Good. See you Monday. (upbeat music)

90 thoughts on “#AskGaryVee Episode 99: Human Interaction, Being Selfish, & What Happened to Blogging

  1. #QOTD: I would tell my wife I love her.

    DUDE, YES! Excited about Monday's 100th Episode! Congrats @Gary Vaynerchuk

    BTW, I love it how you acknowledge your team members and call them by name when you see them!

  2. #QOTD: I would express my gratitude and thank my family and friends who have been supporting and inspiring me. I do that already as I think being grateful for who and what you have is beyond critical and makes you upbeat about life. Side note: I hope there will be some videos from the 100th episode Pow Wow. #AskGaryVee

  3. Hello @Gary Vaynerchuk! I think it's one of your best videos so far. 

    It's very "on-the-moment", you have a softer tone in your voice, and you speak more slowly than usual. I really like this relaxed version of you.

  4. #QOTD: I would say to come to my website (link included) where we can build a meaningful & beneficial community.

  5. #QOTD a quote (idea) that needs to go viral

    “Uncertainty is an uncomfortable position. But certainty is an absurd one.” Voltaire

  6. If I could only say one thing for a year…it would be: "The only thing that remains the same is change."

  7. Hop on LinkedIn

    Post generic picture with super motivational quote about leadership

    Peace out for one year

    Return to find everyone who read it is now CEO of billion dollar companies

  8. I have no idea of what I would post, I still suck at social media. I'll Leave this to answer a month from now, when I get better at this.

  9. I would post: How can I help you? Then spend that year executing on my promise to help asking nothing in return but knowing somehow all my service will return to me 10x

  10. WOOT WOOT!!!!!  I got on the show and got the question of the day!  DOUBLE SCORE!!!  

    #QOTD   "Thank you Gary Vee!  Keep an eye out for me when I contact you next :)"

  11. If I had to post something and would not be able to post another thing for an entire year, the post would be:
    "Life is too good to spend all your time in a box.  Go out and live it".

  12. QOTD: it would be an instagram post where I post a picture of a money bag and write "the last person to tag a friend will win $1,000."

  13. QOTD – you said it. It would be, "I'm checking out for a year. I love you all."

    I don't think I've seen you this pumped for anything in a while. I'm real excited about Monday's show! I'm ready to have my smashed!!



  14. If I could post one thing before I left for a year it would be about the great thing I'm going to announce when I get back in a year, so "stay tuned for a big announcement", then I have a year to think of something epically revolutionary. 🙂

  15. #QOTD: I'd go for something that is most likely to be shared, as that would keep me popping up time and time again.

  16. Hey GV – My first thought to the QOTD was to steal Matthew McConaughey's saying, "Just Keep Livin'." My second thought was some type of right hook – with a link to my website: GeekLawFirm.com.

  17. * Real life meetings will always matter. No matter how great technology gets, person to person a.k.a. belly to belly will always matter.

    * I KNEW you were going to say "I love you" as the first thing that came to mind to the last post for a year question.

    * Question of the day:
    Hey friends! So…. Yeah…. Uhm… This will be the last time I post on any digital platform until this day next year because (________insert reason here_______).

    I'm still here in real life though. Please don't forget me. Cyber see ya in 12 months!

    Bye for now.

    Hey! Wait a sec. I got an idea. Since this is going to be my final post for 12 months I guess I'm having a hard time hitting that post button but here's my idea: I'd like you to get in the comment section below and tell me, in great detail, what you want your life to look like by this day next year. What's your career look like? Married? Kids? What kind of car(s) you rolling in? Toys? How often are you working out? You in good shape? How much money you brining in? How many movements or missions are you happily supporting, both with your wallet and your time? How many out-of-town fun trips did you take during this 12 month period? Have you accomplished something great? Tell me what you'll have done by time I return to the Internet. Know that I love you. Also know that if you have the vision, you truly can have the experience. I look forward to hearing all about your year!

  18. Nice play on Felicity, Gary. That'll teach her to try to hide.
    I agree that meetings are super-valuable, because the emotional connect or disconnect can't take place in email or chat. I do a lot of video calls, which is a helpful half-step, but still lacks a lot of the personal chemistry.
    In off-line relationships, the signals that I always put a lot of attention to are a person's handshake and whether they look me in the eye. So far, we haven't found a way to simulate that handshake online, so when a face-to-face meeting is possible, it's always the best bet.
    It's obvious you're really pumped about #100 and meeting some of your VaynerNation folks… I hope a massive turnout blows you away! Wish I was going to be there.

  19. Blogging has morphed into content syndication, everyone is doing it – articles, selfies, soundbytes, it is all happening man!

  20. #QOTD I would do a long form video and post a Jab and a link to it. The video essentially comes down to the "Create Awesome" Philosophy and letting people know what it has allowed me and other people to accomplish and how my content can help them achieve their goals. I feel like this type of content would communicate a lot about me and the value I want to create for people. It's a combination of encouragement, enabling, education and execution.

  21. love the transitions from color to gary by the way. I also love the walk by coffee pass off…smooth….  Last thing i would say for a year? wow …..wait until you see whats next!! Fire it up!!

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  25. Commit a selfless action which has a dramatic impact on someone else. Being a GENUINE HERO™ is the right hook.

  26. #QOTD: What would you post on your social networks if it was the only thing you could say all year?

    "This year I will do better"

  27. I've been listening to the podcast version of this for too long. Ashamed to say this is my first time checking out YT version. Visual! Much better. 😎

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    "I love you Gays/Gals and  persons of questionable status!! I have to be away from this thing for awhile… But, here is my number: 907-XXX-XXXX

    If you are in my area gimme a ring and we will setup some time to hang/hack and hollar at each other! Til then…. gimme some mental lovin's cause ill be giving them right back.

  29. #qotd one post for a year? It'd be " whatever space you're in- don't be afraid to ignore all preconceived notions and challenges"

  30. #askgaryvee  I so appreciate you, your staff and this show! It has changed my life! 
    QOTD: Subject matter would be something inspirational and like "I so appreciate you! You matter!"

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    Can't wait to catch up on Episode 100 when I get home tonight!

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    Hello Gary!!!! Great episode!!! Thanks for sharing brother!
    Well, i am 100% sure that the first 11 months of that year, i would make drafts with everything that comes to mind…and the last months i would choose the one that i believe fits best!

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    " if you have my number call me and let's connect in person because; fuck social media,I'm dope in real life."

  36. QOTD – initial thoughts would be a video on FB sharing my true authentic thoughts on where I am right and where I am planning to be in 12 months (like a time capsule I could go back to a year later). But then I had the business thoughts of put together a video of my best content that adds the most value and FB dark post it for 12 months so it stays at the top of everyone's feed and even though people are sick of it, it is drilled into their brains like 'let it go' from Frozen.

  37. #QOTD – Be good to one another and reach out

    Appreciated the question and answer about blogging nowadays because that is the space I am most heavily playing in right now. Good shtuff Gary

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