18 thoughts on “Askwith Forums – One on One with Jaylen Brown: Athlete and Intellectual

  1. Without tracking, wouldn't you chance a form of confusion? Placing student in slots that they obviously don't belong would accomplish just that. Wouldn't students that "track" higher also suffer. Tracking is a form of organizing. Also, seeing racism around every corner is short-sighted. Sorry, Jaylan being-well spoken doesn't make you correct.

  2. Iam blown away of this 21 yrs old insight and intellect and I dont care what color he is. Very impressive Jaylen. And start shooting more in the playoffs cause your too dam good to not.

  3. Model Athlete, Model Student, Model Teacher, Model Citizen, Model. Jaylen Brown is a great ambassador for people who believe athletes to be uneducated.

  4. I love Jaylen Brown, but Jesus Christ does he actually think success in the NBA isn't linked genetics? LeBron James is a fucking freak of nature, 6'8" built like a brick wall runs like a gazelle and jumps like a kangaroo. Obviously he worked hard to become the player he is but don't act like genetics aren't the main reason

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