At gun forum, 2020 Democrats amp up calls for licensing system

At gun forum, 2020 Democrats amp up calls for licensing system

-And I’ll tell you this. Most Americans —
It’s common sense. If you need a license
to drive a car, you should have a license
to buy and possess a firearm. This is about gun safety. This is about lives being lost
every single day. This is about what kind
of leader will you be. Will you stand apart
from the American people or will you join 75%, 80% of us who believe
in doing the common-sense things that will protect —
-The comparison’s always made — you need a license
to drive a car. They’re state licenses. You don’t need a federal license
to drive a car. And so what we should be doing
is doing first things first. Let’s have more states do what Connecticut has done
and California and other states have done,
because you can get that done. You will get that done. -You ought to have a license
for owning a deadly weapon. And what I’m finding is — My in-laws are a pretty
good barometer on this. Gun owners get that
this is common sense. You’re used to getting
a hunting license and a fishing license
and a driver’s license. How about a license
for access to firearms? -We should be
licensing all guns. I mean, guns are obviously as deadly
and destructive as vehicles, so if we’re licensing
motor vehicles, we should be licensing firearms. And then you have levels
based upon the destructive capability
of those firearms. -Ensuring that there’s
the ability, that there’s a unique marker so that we’re better able
to track ammunition when it’s part of a crime scene,
you know, and make the job
of investigators easier. I think that when you combine
that with gun licensing and investing in other programs
that will help solve gun crime that too often these days
goes unsolved — because the clearance rate
in a lot of American communities is still very low — that we can get better
about solving gun-related crime.

100 thoughts on “At gun forum, 2020 Democrats amp up calls for licensing system

  1. Thank goodness we required licensing for driving vehicles years ago – otherwise nuts today would be like, "you can't take my car away from me!!!"

  2. Why do Liberals need guns in the first place blue states controlled by liberals should ban all guns in that state

  3. When we gonna get voter ID laws then?
    Also I lost my guns in a tragic boating accident, sorry. Can't register them, what a shame.

  4. You only need a license to drive a car on public roads, dont need one to own a car or drive on private property. Wouldnt that be saying you need a license to carry? If I keep the gun at home or take shoot on private property then I wouldnt need a license.

  5. The criminal won’t bother with getting a license and we won’t be stopped from bearing arms to protect our families regardless. This is a ridiculous idea and it won’t happen anyway so yawn. Plus the candidates on the video won’t make it, there’re all very weak.

  6. What the politicians want is to take your only way to protect your law biding self and family from wild Animals and wild people and Nazis they are Socialist and they are wanting to do what they tried in World War Two . Take away your guns and then they take away you . See them people don’t like us if we are going to be free thinkers in a non volatile country and GOD fearing and constitution supporting . Well they hate our constitution . And you who support them when they get done with us , they will come after you , no hard feelings there just hungry , people they are paying attention to subjects that is puts us down and takes away all ways to make money or a living . And those who say no and have a good paying job . Well they lie they are of the sold soul group that have taken the deal well it is the mob of the Masons that are the Fallen Angels work force. At this time they in this country have not ask them selves do you really want to be shackled by them Protocols of Sion , have you read them you do know they are the same as in the Tora and Cabals of them came the priesthood’s of the False Prophet. So politicians you dirty thugs you will keep on pushing like the pusher man with your drugs made out of us real humans and it to will not last at this time and you will lose your mask of glamor and show us what you are . You are not human you are monsters ⚛️🔯⚛️🔯✝️✝️🕎🕎🕎🇺🇸🇺🇸😎🎩🤰🏻🤱🌑🌑🛸🛸🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🔯🔯🐅🐅

  7. Drivers licenses have not made us any safer on the roads. This is all about control. Why not start putting mentally ill and dangerous people in institutes. When they can't get guns they'll ru. You ovwr with trucks or curmt you up with kbives. This has nothing to do with making people safer. Let Beto prove his resolve by giving uo his armed body guards. This all about controling the people. And taxing you into poverty. I wonder what they plan to charge for that gun lucense?

  8. Licensing also will cost the gun owners alot more money, they see how many people have them so every year they can charge you a 100 bucks per gun for renewal like your plates on your car. Then comes the ammo tax… In the end it's all about revenue….

  9. The reason no license is required is because it's an American right to bear arms. Everything else like driving, fishing, hunting, etc are a privilege. Show me where in the constitution does it protect my right to driving a vehicle?

  10. Democrats want everyone to have a license for a gun which is a second amendment right but they don't want everyone to have an ID to vote in elections. Anyone see a problem here?

  11. In this video we have men telling us we can’t have our rights, let’s look at what they should be licensed for……lying about being Christian, paying for votes, pro illegals/ anti-citizen, sexual molesting and just basically being jackasses who want to destroy this county while they follow Hitler’s playbook.

  12. Most people don't take their guns out into the world. Kinda different than cars. And then when they do take their guns out, they get a license to hunt. A++
    You should have a license to drink alcohol and smoke smoke weed in your home. Cus you need a license to drive a car lol

  13. Our 2nd amendment is to protect us from tyranny, form a rogue government…. like a government that wants to take our guns. Give them an inch they take a mile… every. single. time.

  14. Which amendment in the constitution talked about the RIGHT to drive a car? Personally I do not think that you need a license to drive, fish, hunt, or get married. These are all infringements of our basic human rights. Stupid people should have to have a license to speak in public and they should have to make it clear to the audience that they are stupid so people know what to expect.

  15. i dont think avenatti is a viable option at this point guys, but i do have a few ideas on how we can sharpen up chief warrens style that might just sway some of the subjects to a bit more hillary type hypnotism without all the reality of criminal culpability illegal interference abuse and federally funded amnesia that was pay for play patriotism. shes far from sane and even less credible across all foreign and domestic conditions, but shes also the best dnc shot at a shot now, excluding trudeau. lets take the 'im with her', to a more progressive place.

  16. Gun owners cry about their guns leaving just as a baby does when its pacifier falls. Eventually the baby grows up no longer needing something to suck on. Gun owners cry cause they have not. Simple compensation for lack of manhood. Pussys cannot fight without weapons.

  17. This is what happens when you live in a protected bubble and dont know what the real world is like. Or they do know and want to disarm us to gain full control.

  18. Does the constitution says "shal not be infringed" in regard to driving privileges? No? Then drop this BS license talk and stop INFRINGING on a person's right to legally own a firearm.

  19. Idiots. Driving is a privilege. Gun ownership is RIGHT protected under the 2nd amendment! You dems don’t get to license my weapon or anyone else’s for that very reason.

  20. This is not about safety it's about control. Shall not be infringed means shall not be infringed! Free men don't ask permission and it's not a right if you have to have a license!

  21. The Tyrants, all sat together on a stage. Telling us to be happy that they want to take away our God given right.
    Why? Because they are wiser than us minions.

  22. Sooo.. which one of you tyrants want to come take my guns? Maybe send a 350 pound, untrained, bought citizen with a gun to come get them? I dare you to try. SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.

  23. WTF they want us to have licenses for our constitutional rights. As soon as they pass the licensing for guns they're going to pass a licensing for speech and they're going to pass a license to be able to keep your property papers secure you'll need a license for that too. This is communism

  24. This is about taking our freedom away from us and you can't tell me any different you just want all control. You remind me of bullies in high school!!!!!!!

  25. As a Connecticut citizen who isn't rich, the Democrats have made it impossible for me to practice my second amendment due to the costs, licensing, and registration which is ALL UNCONSTITUTIONAL. WE THE PEOPLE HAVE HAD ENOUGH.

  26. Driving a vehicle is a privilege, so yes you need a license for it. (Not to mention, how many people drive without a license or under a suspended license?) making laws in hopes to protect or change something, is like throwing a rock into a swelled river hoping it stops flow downstream. Owning a means of protecting yourself and family/others is a god given right, NOT a privilege. It’s not a privilege to defend yourself! It’s a RIGHT CORY and JOE! Gun licensing is another form of registry, and all registry’s lead to confiscation. Gun control is people control. Nothing more nothing less! Don’t back down my MAJORITY FRIENDS! We are the spine and strength of our nation. Without the gun owners we are a weak nation filled with victims of government and domestic/foreign tyranny! WE will not comply!!

  27. Last I checked, the bill of rights are basic fundamental human rights. Not privileges requiring government permission to exercise . Here’s what’s gonna happen, 1. Require licensing for fire arms and ammunition, 2. Register all weapons. What will follow, crime will be unaffected by legislation which WILL lead to a sweeping confiscation thanks to registration. We have already so many encroachments against our bill of rights : civil asset forfeiture , red flag gun laws, NFA act , Brady law, etc. all these violate more than one of our rights. I urge you to read them and see for yourself. Remember in order to fully take away our rights the second must fall. Stay smart and stay free …

  28. Why do the American people believe that the gov is here to protect us? Woman kills man for entering the wrong house only gets 10 year. Man has 5.9 grams of weed gets 20 year.

  29. Connecticut and New York are registering guns and despite making noncompliance a felony and threatening arrest and prosecution, estimate that about 15-20 % of people have complied. Those of you on the left have no concept of how seriously we on the right take our constitutional right. Simply put, we will not comply with any law that abridges our right to own the means to defend ourselves and our families. The only way you are going to get them will be to come and take them. If you do, we will resist. From there the step from civil disobedience to civil war is not a large one. It is only the difference between individual resistance and organized group resistance. Many of us served in the military and took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. The right of the people to keep and bear arms is part of that constitution. We offered up our lives once in that cause and will do so again if necessary. We are willing to die defending our rights. Are you willing to die to take them?

  30. So they give an example of needing a license to fish, hunt, and drive which is an infringement of our rights… Free people do not ask the government for permission and pay that government for their God given rights… Heck off Commies!

  31. This is about the Government taking rights away. They want you to get use to having to get licenses for everything and for every licenses your required to get is a right you give up and then charged to get it back.

  32. Driving is a right also, its the right to travel freely. We gave that up only to have to buy it back with licensing. Don't be fooled the government wants to take all your rights and then sell you them back for a licensing fee. This is about control not safety.

  33. Any person here who thinks taking away guns will somehow stop people from killing people should go spend a year in the UK. I'll take death by a gun any day before being chopped up by a knife or acid in my face.

    Remember a time when Americans didn't use to have to lock their doors Yeah almost every home in American had a gun, people knew how to use them, and diversity wasn't our strength. Funny how facing reality and using logic works.

  34. The democraps have lost the f-ing minds… They haven't done anything for the country but obstruct and divide… vote no-confidence and vote them all out in 2020 and lets get this country moving.

  35. This is EXACTLY who our fore Fathers were afraid of ever getting into power and EXACTLY why they wrote the 2nd Amendment and why “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” was inserted. These idiots are TYRANTS and should be THROWN out of office and THROWN into jail for treason or at the very least THROWN out of OUR Country and be reminded that our Government was built to be BY THE PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEOPLE!!!! These TYRANTS should be reminded that they work for US!

  36. Cory booker is a dumbass. You can legally drive with out a license if it's on private property. To drive on public you need a license. That's more like carrying a conceal gun rather than a just having one at home.

  37. News flash, the licensing system exists in states that want to enforce it (typically democratic states). There also different classes of the FOID's, and specialized firearm licensing for caring a concealed firearm (some states do not allow for that). Thus what the hell are they trying to do? Nothing.

    To fix a flawed problem of background checks in states that like to pretend to enforce gun laws, federalize it. This way everyone wanting to buy own firearm will be checked in federal databases instead of just that single city/state police databases; but the democrats don't want to have federal law, as they wouldn't be able to create their own by-laws for political gains by scared sheep people.

  38. so If 75 percent of the people agree with these elitist clowns then why is the like to dislike ratio so one sided? Seems way more people are telling these anti freedom d-bags to go F themselves rather then supporting them.

  39. stage shootings, create fear , change laws , = change government to communism .. END RESULT ???? starvation, desperation, lost rights, lost freedoms … LOOK AT VENEZUELA….THEY LOST THEIR FREEDOM OF SPEECH.. THEY LIVE IN FEAR .. THEY LIVE IN DESPAIR….they have no future they try to Fight army tanks with rocks . that is what they did to them … they took the people guns so they can not defend themselves then make it easier for change of government… since people cant fight back with stick and rocks…

  40. if you don't know the difference between a right and a privilege , you have no business being anyone representative and sure in the hell have no business making laws . so let me explain it to you, the bill of rights dose not out line the peoples rights but outlines the what gov is prohibited from. See they knew you idiots would try this crap, So 200+ years ago they put it to pen to tell you what you can not ever do .

  41. Look it's Satan and his minions. Nice try Satan, but we see you. By the way did you know Joe Biden is a pedophile?

  42. "common sense" says no one has claim over another persons life, and infringing on the rights of others is illegal.

  43. Title firearms, when a private owner sells they must transfer Title.
    Currently if the police find a gun, they can not trace it to the last owner.
    30 States allow Cash and Carry for private sales.
    "We have a gun, that was used in a crime and the title shows you're the Last owner."
    The title still stands in your name(not transferred, reported stolen, reported not in Possession)
    Deep doo-doo, Prison time
    Everyone will have to Title their firearms.

  44. Thomas Jefferson, letter to James Madison, January 30, 1787 “What country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance. Let them take arms.”

  45. You don't need a license to BUY a vehicle or To DRIVE it on your property.
    So if you really want to treat them the same.
    I don't need any license to buy a firearm, and can shoot in on my property as much as I like.

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