Atomic Bomb Site – Peace Park – EMOTIONALER Besuch in HIROSHIMA – JAPAN

Atomic Bomb Site – Peace Park – EMOTIONALER Besuch in HIROSHIMA – JAPAN

The second stop in Japan we are in Hiroshima. Our first stop was in Fukuoka, but we left you at home. It wasn’t that spectacular and that’s why we didn’t do much but now we are in Hiroshima and we’re back on track. Now we take you everywhere. On our sightseeing tour. The next two days we are here and let’s see what we find. I think it’s a city packed with a lot of history, there is much to explore. Sweetie, there is a park around the corner, let’s go there. It was around the corner, only a 20 minutes walk. Firstly, and secondly, he’s lucky that Google Maps only works 2D. When I hear park, I imagine some benches, a lawn, where do we end up? Hill. – Hi… Hill. – Little Hill. – Hill. View. We found the Skywalk. – We were looking forward to this and thought: “Cool there is a Skywalk you can…” Like in Kuala Lumpur. – Or Langkawi where you can walk around up high and enjoy an amazing view. Here, Skywalk. Naked truth. Follow us. Skywalk is just a…. a…. fucking escalator. A Walkway into the sky. And now we go down. Down the skywalk. It’s a very huge escalator. What is that? No. That is a waste of money. For lazy people. – Really for lazy people. What the fuck? This is a vending machine. You can get pickled fish? – Fish sauce. – Fish? Gross. So yesterday we were very successful on the Skywalk in Hiroshima. And now we have a history lesson. Today is going to be a little heavy, but we picked Hiroshima for a reason. It is one of the most significant…. Places. – Misstep, no missteps in human history. The first nuclear bomb that was ever “tested” on humans, there is no other way to say it. And why we talk about this is, because there are still some idiots out there who have the power to do something like this again. And there are still nuclear weapons, and we should not forget about what really happened here. It was 3.000 – 4.000 degrees Celcius hot. And it happened at 8.15 a.m. on August 6th, 1945. – Unbelievable. – Right here. It’s called the Hypocenter. – We are at the Hypocenter. And 100 meters further we are at the Atomic Bomb Dome. It’s the only building that survived… well survived is a little much. – In close proximity to the Hypocenter. The only building that was left. And it looks like this. Ther are many school classes here. I really like how they carry on the story and nobody forgets. That is why we are here. It’s heavy today, sorry. Thousands, tens of thousands of cranes. Folded paper cranes. Origami. – Origami. Like this one. A sign for peace and whatnot. It all started with the little kid. – That fell ill with leucemia. A kid that got leucemia from the consequential damage of the nuclear attack. There is a tradition that says if you fold 1.000 of these paper cranes you get a wish granted. The girl folded 1.300 of them before she died. But as I said, the girl did not survive. Ever since this became a real monument. They send cranes from all over the world. Now we are at the peace bell. Everybody can ring it. And on the bell, there is a world map without borders. Very cool. Fail. And now we check out what else we can find, we also want to go to the museum. We want to get the full insight. – The full story. Let’s see what there is to see. – And now we are at the Peace Memorial. And in the back, I bet you can see it better when you look through it straight, you can see a fire. The fire will keep burning until the last nuclear bomb gets dismantled. We just spent an eternity inside the Peace Memorial Museum. To remember this horrible disaster. And it was very alarming what happened back then. What humans can do to humans. The whole area, we show you in a second, is really beautiful. It’s worth a stop on your Japan trip if you ask us. Totally. I have to show you our accommodation, we are in Hiroshima, in Japan. And it’s really cool. We are in a, they call it guesthouse, we would call it a hostel. Our “room”. There is a toilet, so fucking clean. And it’s a toilet with buttons. With shower arm, air blower arm. So funny. Here we have washing machines and dryers. For brushing your teeth. And everything is so remarkably clean. Here we have the shower. I tell you, this accommodation looks so simple. But is much cooler than many of the other places we stayed in so far. What do we think? Awesome.

2 thoughts on “Atomic Bomb Site – Peace Park – EMOTIONALER Besuch in HIROSHIMA – JAPAN

  1. Omg you on that escalator thing your hilarious and dominic is a badass today dropping the f word ??? as if that was the only building that survived so interesting to see it! Haha your bell ringing attempt was incredible ? I'm so happy to see you guys back! Such an interesting vlog x

  2. Really nice vlog you guys, you always explain things really well and talk well about what you're doing. Haha love the toilet tour – we'd always known that they are amazing in Japan, but when we got first hand experience we couldn't get over it for the whole time we were there hahah! ?

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