Bad Internet – Official Trailer – YouTube Original Series

Bad Internet – Official Trailer – YouTube Original Series

♪♪ It’s not like I want
to be murdering my fellow YouTubers. – [gunshot]
– [yelp] The exposure
is amazing. Let us begin,
shall we? Okay, this is happening. Here we go. [digital sounds] I like good old-fashioned
conversation, two people silently
texting each other. We’re talking about
the end of the world.
– [high-pitched scream] Everyone’s gonna die. I want love. COMPUTER: No match found. You could try dudes. You’re attacked by
College Humor, but don’t worry,
they’re all, like, 30 and out of shape.
Oh my back! He thought that
centaurs were real. I wasn’t sure! You’re all out of your damn
mind! That’s enough out of you potty
mouth! – I’ll be there for you.
– [quick, stiff applause] ♪♪ Twerk it – Oh, God.
– [laughing] [moaning] Let’s get jiggy
with it. What? ♪♪

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  2. WaveScore – The obstacles are all in your mind

  3. What about hackers who act like girls, which is way better than fucking "trying guys" and how that has already been exposed since like 2001 Hookerz.

  4. Torrent… here we go! yeah! (Ah.. i almost forget it… i unsubscribe this channel since now, and "youtube red" can suck my hairy balls)

  5. Why use the term "YouTubers" I don't recognize anyone in this obviously low budget 'film'? nor was any of this funny. I'll stick with Netflix thanks.

  6. I like how Lazer Team was crowd funded and then you still had to pay for it, and it still sucked. Welcome to the new internet.

  7. I bet these would be pretty good as usual college humor sketches… but you don't go to the movie theater to watch tv shows. This is why youtube's behind other internet shows like what Netflix, Amazon and even fucking Yahoo have to offer.


  9. i really don't get the youtube red hate. Have you seen the quality and effort that went into these projects? (even though Bad Internet is the only youtube red show I really like) You can't expect anyone to make something like this for free, just because the internetgeneration is spoiled with "free" torrents, streams and all that shit. Respect the creators if you like what they do. And if not, you really don't have to pay for anything, they still upload their other stuff for free, you know, the stuff that didn't cost them those humongous amounts of money and time. I'm 24, and I already feel like a grumpy old man complaining about the next generation, the internet just spoils us with all the free stuff.

  10. Lame…Could have used any other track for that 10 seconds and I wouldn't have been slightly bothered by this.. man…that blows….For the record, so there is no confusion in the future. The music used in this trailer at 0:23 has been planned for the opening scene of a feature length film I have been working on for quite some time now and I refuse to change it.

    As far as the Series goes that they used this track for, I literally came up with a very similar idea for the website Newgrounds over 10 years ago when I was 15 but decided to scrap it after getting through 2 episodes cause the idea was just not worth investing my time into..It was called Portal Assassin for anyone wondering….Where Newgrounds was actually a place and not just a website..the Portal Assassin looked like an Arnold Duke Nukem type guy and would "Blam" bad new cartoons that made it on the webpage..I even spoofed a few of the cartoons in it that I put together and uploaded to NG when I was totally noob despite them never actually being Blammed.. The script dialogue was inspired from some of the comments I had seen on videos and some left on my own.The animations were actually some of my best and those two episodes were probably more entertaining than this whole series is going to be considering, despite Youtube being an amazing place for so many reasons, Newgrounds will always be much cooler based on how it's setup and would work a lot better for an idea like this..

  11. Youtube! you are alienating the people who made you famous! Aka, the millions of people who watch and upload videos. That is the entire reason Youtube became famous, anyone could watch anything from anywhere, without content restrictions, paywalls, region restrictions, etc. Keep focusing on ad revenue and proper payouts, etc and junk this Youtube Red shit. You dont have to listen to Taylor Swift.

  12. For all of you guys complaining, here is a tip SIGN UP for Google Play MUSIC for 2 months trial. YOU GET YOUTUBE RED FOR FREE FOR 2 MONTHS. I really love this College Humor's Bad Internet.

  13. this youtube red scam is suposed to be a way of suporting who you want, but things like patreon work much better and easier, it devides those $10 between everyone you watch, wich means you're giving less than $1 to the people you think deserve it most if you watch more than 10 people (and that'swithout taking the money they get from it into a count) at least patreon is easy and tells you what happens with your money, this whole yt red thing could easily be replaced by youtube paying their creators more, but instead they thought this was a good idea, if I was a content creator, I would never want to be appart of these scam shows. also the name reminds of a pornsite, redtube

  14. When you have this much money and you're trying to make more it's shenanigans. I just imagine Trump calling Bill Gates over the phone saying "Mwhaha I'm gonna beat your record :D" Bill Gates is just like "NOOOOOOOO"

  15. Absolutely awful, CH has enough trouble filling 5 mins, now it's 10 mins of drudge to get to a weak punchline.

  16. Can i have a explaination to HOW THIS WILL FUCKING MAKE SENSE,how the fuck do you get all this madness to happen and no back story

  17. Am I the only one that thinks this series is pretty good? Am I the only one that's actually seen it? In fact this is by far the best YT Red series IMO, it's really clever and dark, not the funniest thing ever but that's OK. Production value is great as well.

  18. Is just offering ADDITIONAL content for $9.99, youtube still free,
    +you can listen to live concerts on the go
    +google play music subscription at no additional cost
    I'm actually pretty happy with all of it

  19. As a creator either you're partnered with youtube red or not every video watched by a youtube red user will give you money, this means better and greater economic stability for content creators, I am not a big channel by any means I bearly got to 100 subs and have 7k views on my channel, but since youtube red opened (when I had 3500 view) the small income my channel gets has more than tripled just from youtube red views, I can't imagine how much it helps big youtubers , I fully support youtube red and what it's doing, the floor is open for discussion.

  20. Most of these Red Originals are swings and minor-major misses. Only a few are somewhat decent or pretty good. One off the top of my head is Rhett and Link's Buddy System. It's weird and corny, yes, but unlike most of these, it's intentionally so, and they run with it. And the result is actually kinda good. Everyone's having fun, but not in a Kevin Smith's "Yoga Hosers" way, it's a practice that's actually pulled off right.

  21. look I watched this and it is really funny just like any other CollegeHumor video because it's just like any other CollegeHumor video why should you pay for it?

  22. I want DanTDM to die the most brutal and most messed up way ever AND PUT DAN IN!
    maybe like Impaled? decapitation? something with his head.

  23. YouTube red fricking sucks… it's one of many things that will lead to the apocalypse… but I don't think this deserved to be disliked, I mean it looks promising, rather entertaining, and a lot of these actors I know and like, and don't want them to feel discouraged.

    Hopefully anyone who disliked this specified that it was simply because it's YouTube Red and I hope the directors of these skits at least know that THEY did a good job and YouTube Red is the reason for the dislikes.

    But honestly, like… fricking YouTube Red… why you gotta ruin everything…

  24. Sure, I understand some people need to make money… sometimes productions can be expensive and there's a reason for YouTube Red.

    But how about instead of YouTube charging US, the viewers, through YouTube Red, thus depriving US, the viewers of content… they just get rid of YouTube Red altogether, and YouTube being the multi-millionare/billionaire industry it is pays these actors themSELVES to produce content for US, so that WE don't have to pay.

    YouTube makes enough money without YouTube Red as it is, through advertisements…

  25. Youtubes feelings when they've already made this and 90% of people think its garbage and are saying they will never use youtube red

  26. its like they were like "hey! we're out of ideas so let's rip off movies like the hunger games and make money off of their ideas!"

  27. I'll wait for the book to come out, or for Netflix to pick up the video rights or maybe hulu, Microsoft Groove or amazon or maybe a porn site. YouTubeRed? No. To me "Red" means stop.

  28. Well I have the noose tied and I'm ready to go, and this looks like the thing I needed to push me over the edge

  29. I know this is a year too late but I just saw it all with a free trial and it's actually really good and the best YouTube Red thing I've seen. It's very reminiscent of Black Mirror in short digestible sketch sized stories. It's actually really thought provoking and well acted and written. Idk why they marketed it like this where it looks like a bunch of idiots jumping around and yelling.

  30. This trailer really doesn't do a good job selling this show, it's really just a satirical version of Black Mirror. It's a lot of fun!

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