Barbie – Chelsea Visits the Dentist | Ep.79

Barbie – Chelsea Visits the Dentist | Ep.79

Barbie – Chelsea Visits the Dentist Hurry up Chelsea! We are going to be late for the dentist! Hmmm, hmmmm… Just a few more pieces of this wonderful chocolate cake! Maybe you share chocolate cake with us Auntie Chelsea Pardon? Annabelle say you give us some cake Sorry, I can’t hear you I say… Yum! Well that was nice! Now what did you two want? Don’t worry… Go clean your teeth and I’ll meet you at the car Always rush, rush, rush… We come too Mummy? Oh, I can only take one of you You two decide who’s coming with me I got idea! I think of number between one and ten and who guess number right wins Great idea! Umm, I guess… Three! I guess… Nine! Yay! I win! I was thinking of number nine! Owww! You good at that game! Mummy, why you go dentist? To get our teeth checked and… Hey! I asked my Mummy! Like Chelsea said To get our teeth checked and make sure they’re healthy Dentist check my teeth too? Maybe, if he has time I don’t think I’ll need much of a check-up I’m sure my teeth are going to be perfect I think the dentist is going to be amazed at how they look Well I hope so We don’t really want to be paying too much to get any teeth fixed up Mummy driving a bit fast! Sorry, you’re right It’s just that we are going to be so late! I’m so sorry we’re late! My name’s Barbie Carson I have an appointment for twelve o’clock Oh that’s fine The dentist is running a bit late Phew! You’re right after those people What! We are going to be here forever! Great! Sorry girls Looks like we’ll be waiting for a while… Unless… Barbie! I just heard that the dentist is not very well Huh? I think he has a really bad virus and we shouldn’t go near him! Me heard that too! I might come back another day Me too! Me three! Alright, who was next? Oh, that must be me! Good work Chelsea! Your teeth are looking very good Barbie Thank you It’s looks like you need a small filling at
the back there but apart from that they’re perfect Ok (Buzzing) Oh I hate that sound! Yeah, it sound yucky! Lucky the dentist won’t need to do that to my teeth! Alright! All done Oh, that was easy! Just try not to eat anything for the next hour or so Alright who’s next? Me! Me! Do you mind checking my daughter’s teeth? It’s her first time Sure! And what’s your name? I’m Isabelle That’s a nice name! I know! It my favourite name! Alright Open you mouth Isabelle and we’ll have a look Ok! Ahhh… What wonderful teeth! See your teeth there Isabelle They look perfect! Wow! You’re doing a good job brushing your teeth! Thank you Mummy and Daddy help me You’re teeth almost look as good as mine Isabelle! I think my teeth better! Well you keep brushing your teeth well and we’ll see you in a year Isabelle Ok Thank you Mr Dentist! Alright Chelsea Your turn! Cool! We should be out of here in two minutes Open up! Ok! Prepare yourself for the whitest teeth! Alright, let’s have a… Whoaaa! Told you they were good! Chelsea! I thought I told you to clean your teeth! Oops! I forgot When was the last time you cleaned your teeth Chelsea? Let’s see… Not yesterday, or the day before… Oooh! Monday! No, Sunday! Chelsea! Yucky! No more chocolate cake for you missy Looks like we’ll be here for a while What! No! (Buzzing) No! Not that! (Buzzing) No! (Buzzing) So… How many fillings did you get? Seven… Hey that’s cool! You’re seven years old and you’ve got seven fillings! Hmm… This chocolate cake is nice! Hmm, hmmm You want some Chelsea? No! No more chocolate cake for Chelsea! What! Not until you learn how to clean your teeth properly! Oh… You can’t do this to me! You know what Isabelle? I think this best chocolate cake I ever have! Oooohhh! (Sob, sob)

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  1. Also I went to the dentist when I was 9 or 10 and now I’m 13 but when I went to the dentist I got a needle ? in my mouth ? I must have had something bad but I don’t know what it was

  2. Barbie beautiful ???
    Ken Handsome ?
    Skipper pretty ???
    Stacy kind?
    Chelsey cheeky??
    Max well behaved ?‍?
    Twins cute ?

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  4. You should really brush your teeth really well you even have to brush your teeth all the time.

  5. Grace's world is the best I love your videos I have been to the dentist 1 time. I love your videos and my favorite character is Isabel and Anabel.

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  8. She eat a cake she forget to brushing her teeth what a toothbrush wet your tooth brush and a toothpaste

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  10. They can not treat that bad Chelsea, they shoud cheer her up and talk to her in a nice mood, and with the rest of the family as well

  11. Chelsea got what she deserves. She wouldn't give her chocolate cake to the twins so the twins won't give any to her.

  12. Chelsea if you eat chocklate cake and not brushing your teath you have cavity's and you know cavitys are bad for pepole and then you dont eat any junk foods anymore

  13. Clean your teeth always please keep your teeth clean if you going to the dance know you better clean your teeth before you go

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