Basic DIY Bullet Journal | Solid Pages, Pockets, and Dot Grid!

Basic DIY Bullet Journal | Solid Pages, Pockets, and Dot Grid!

Hey Everyone, today I am going to show you
how to make this simple diy journal. The dot paper we will be making would
be perfect for bullet journals and any other journals alike. All materials and links can be found down
in the description, so check that out when you start this project. First things first, I found this free dot grid pattern that worked for a standard letter size paper on this awesome blog. I went ahead and checked out some of her content
and it’s definitely worth looking around! Once you have it open, go ahead and load 12 sheets of 8.5 by 11 drawing paper into the and then hit print. Make sure to check off “fit to page” so
the printer doesn’t downsize your dots. After printing the one side, reload the printer
to print on the blank side and hit print again. Now you have solid quality dot grid paper! Next, take a sheet at a time and fold the
paper in half lengthwise. Insert them into each other and place that
aside for now. Use whatever cover paper you want, I am using
12×12 Kraft scrapbooking paper for mine, and then cut it to 9 by 12 inches. Fold it in half and then measure .5 inch from the bottom. Cut triangles on the centerfold and then crease
the .5 inch flap using a bone folder or anything that has a dull edge, butter knife works too! This will create a clean fold. I actually messed up and added a flap to the
top as well. As you’ll see later, I’ll be trimming
that off. To bind the book, measure about 2 inches from the top and bottom of the center fold and mark it. Move in .5 inch from the first marks and then mark that. Use a push pin or any small sharp needle to
poke holes through the pages and cover. Grab a single staple and insert it into the
holes. You’ll need two for this journal. Once you have that done, turn it around and
fold the stapler ends to secure the book. Now pull away the cover and trim off the excess
paper to create a clean edge using an xacto or mat knife. Make sure the blade is sharp to produce a nice cut. Now fold the cover back over and mark where
the paper hits the cover. Crease the line and then fold it in. Now cut off the corners of the flaps to help
the book lay flat. To attach the elastic, mark about 1.5 in from
the top and bottom of the back of the book. And then mark about an inch from the side
of the book. Create a cut that is the width of your elastic
and then insert the elastic. Play around with the length until you are
happy with the closure. Now secure the ends using hot glue. If you want, you can also cover the exposed
ends of the elastic with another piece of kraft paper to keep it super clean. And finally it’s time to finish the pockets. I created these shaped inserts for my pocket
facing which will go into the flaps like so. Since I like to take things a step further,
I printed on my pocket flaps using my laser printer and now I am prepping it to be foiled. Using this reactive foil, I cut that to the
size of the insert and put it into this sleeve I made by folding sketch paper in half. The sleeve will protect it from getting tangled
in the laminator as it heat up the foil. So instead of buying the minc press machine,
I bought a laminator that basically does the same thing but at a lower cost. Feed that through the machine a few times
until it bonds and now I have foiled stripes! It wasn’t a perfect bond, but it looks pretty
good. Now, use hot glue and secure the pocket facing
into place. Close up your new journal using the elastic
and you’re done! Here is the final flip-through of the journal. It lays flat and surprisingly the dots line up. I love how this turned out and I am so excited
to start my first bullet journal! Hopefully, this will help keep me on schedule
to be super productive! Subscribe and give this video a thumbs up
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and behind the scenes sneak peeks! Thank you so much for watching and I’ll
see you next time! Bye!

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  4. For anyone wishing or wanting a template for A4 , A5 and A6 size paper check this out! Hope you like it! 🙂

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