Be friendly and have fun (Welcome to Fun Fun Forum)

Be friendly and have fun (Welcome to Fun Fun Forum)

So, let’s take a… walk, for no particular reason at all What, what, what is that thing? That… That… That is you! You did this! I am so… I don’t even There are so… There are so many of you Good Monday morning!™ My name’s Nick, from Melbourne, Australia I am Laís Tomaz, from São Paulo, Brazil I am JNF, from Hod Hasharon, Israel and I would like to welcome you to Fun Fun Forum™! (Oooh, there’s a duck) Welcome! Bienvenue ! Welcome! Välkommen! Witamy! Welcome! Bem-vindo! Bem-vindo… ou… bem vinda! Be friendly and have fun Friendly because programming can be really confusing, and that can sometimes make us feel really stupid and alone, because everyone around us seems so smart. This forum, and this show, is here to be a constant reminder that in reality all of us are confused. And that is fine, that feeling of confusion That’s our friend. It means we’re learning. Fun – because programming is exhausting ! Programming is constantly changing so the learning never ends. Both the show, and this form, is here to help you to stay curious about programming, so that you can fall in love with it over and over and over again. Good Monday morning!™ I am Christian, from Olso, Norway I am Nuno, from Viseu, Protugal I am TNT Flynn, from Indianapolis, USA My name is Drew, from Los Angeles, California and I would like to welcome you I am Georg, from Vienna, Austria and I would like to welcome you Would like to welcome you to Fun Fun Forum™ Velkommen So, kindly, share your confusion, everyone around you is just as confused, but they’re too afraid to ask and share your excitement when you find a piece of code or anything that just makes you happy to be a programmer then please post that! Good Monday morning!™ This is Patrick, from Vlaardingen, in the Netherlands I am Gissur, from Reykjavik, Iceland I am Wolfgang, from San Diego, California I am Ricky from Tokyo Japan. I’m actually from Indonesia My name is Chris, from Warsaw, Poland I’m Sebastian, from San Martin de los Andes, Patagonia, Argentina I’m Nora, from Stockholm, Sweden I’m Romesh, from Melbourne, Australia I am Viktor, from Poznań, Poland My name is Umesh I am Oz Bublil, from Tel Aviv, Israel I am Victor, from Moscow, Russia My name is Sri, from California, USA I would like to welcome you and I would like to welcome you and you, are being welcomed to Fun Fun Forum™ שלום! Welcome! Dzień dobry! שלום! स्वागतम Good Monday morning, I’m
Hafiz, from Enugu, Nigeria, and I’d like to welcome you to Fun Fun Fourm™! Kaabo!

94 thoughts on “Be friendly and have fun (Welcome to Fun Fun Forum)

  1. Thank you SO MUCH everyone that contributed to this video. You cannot imagine what it felt like to edit this video. 💕

  2. Hej, Mattias! Grattis för det! I would like to suggest a video subject: Memoization. It would be a great addition for the functional programing playlist.

  3. Aaaah, G'Day matey! I've been writing programs for over 35 years and I'm still confused … just confused about far more sophisticated languages than I was back then 🙂

  4. Huge congratulations. What a pleasure it has been to watch you and the channel grow. Love the mission and the good work. Keep it up! (Proud to become a patron today.)

  5. Love from Pakistan, and boy that was good video, loved it, you should do more of these vlogs, they are soo good, Good Monday morning

  6. I'm François from Montréal, Canada. Strong Québecois accent and windy overpass don't mix well apparently, sorry about that ^^

  7. About Patrons Only: (I'm not a patron)
    To be fair you can become a patron for like 2 USD a month… I think thats a low enough bar money-wise but its still the mental leap of paying for online subscription. So maybe the people in it will actually really care about it and post great quality content and develop more meaningful relationships.

    Sure it might leave some people out, but if you've ever been to a massive party vs a smaller intimate party then you know the value a more closed community can have. And similarly, you know the value of a big open community. There is a place for both, but not all places are for both.

  8. Your videos have given me the confidence and some training to pursue and achieve a dream to be a developer. This is long overdue!

  9. I wonder, if there is someone watching you walking around the field with camera, falling on the ground and doing weird stuff while recording this amazing video 😀

  10. Have you tried Elm?
    It's a cool functional programming language for app design.

  11. What a great message and glad to see there are still places friendly and open to confusion like this.

  12. You are a freaking boss, @MPJ and have been an invaluable mentor for me in my first year as a developer! Love from St. Louis, Missouri.

  13. Thank you so much Mat! I am always confused and because of you I love it now, confusion became a nice feeling 🙂

  14. Change Text with Click Events

    Get JSON with the jQuery getJSON Method

    Convert JSON Data to HTML

    Render Images from Data Sources

    Prefilter JSON

    Can you be kind enough to make videos on these? Thankyou very much!

  15. Do you plan on making a discord server aswell? I find the possility to ask quickly in a chat really helpful, since often you have question not worth an entire thread and also not easy to find answers to on google, because it may be very specific or just too bleeding edge.

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