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Hieeeey babies! Welcome back to my online beauty vlog! Please subscribe if you haven’t already
and you can check out my other vids Here, here, and here! Oh this brush is so soft, it’s like kissing a mouse. Sooo today I’m gonna try out some mineral
makeup! maneral mookup, what? That’s not how you say words Mineral makeup usually comes as a loose
powder, but you can get it as a liquid foundation too. This one smells great. Oh yuck Just kidding, please send me more! Now, unlike regular makeup, mineral makeup has
natural ingredients – finely ground minerals! So like tiny rocks I guess? It’s pure, natural and healthy! So no nasty chemicals! And like my friends at eco minerals say.. “Consumers are becoming aware of the harmful
side effects of chemical products on the skin” Most minerals are processed with chemicals
to be used safely in cosmetics. Butt out, loser! Anyway, all minerals are made of chemicals. So there’s no way mineral makeup can be
chemical free. Well the ingredients aren’t artificial or man-made they’re derived from the earth. Cool. So is asbestos. And petrol. And you know, actual dirt. So if you wanna rub that all over your face,
go nuts. Get lost! I’m filming my- I was just trying to help! Well don’t! Oh my god! Well that was random! Anyway! The great thing about mineral
makeup is that it’s pure! Like Natio Pure Mineral Foundation. Look at the ingredients. Which of those are minerals? All of them? Four of them. And it only says “may
contain” for three of them! And two out of the three main ingredients are
petroleum and palm oil! Well this one is “formulated with
pure minerals”. Most mineral makeup products are just normal foundations with minerals added. But you can’t just sprinkle peanuts on
Vegemite and call it peanut butter. Are there ANY that are just made of mineral
ingredients? Those products are out there. But don’t just trust the claims on the front of the pack. You need to check the ingredients
to be sure. And as a general rule, you won’t find a pure mineral makeup in liquid form Because you gotta add stuff to get
it from this, to this. Brr I can’t even speak today! I need my coffee! Coffee coffee coffee yum yum yum. Just kidding! It’s chai! I don’t have to worry about
sunscreen when I wear my Thin Lizzy mineral foundation It contains Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide
which acts as a natural SPF that I can trust! Remember my effortless
beach babe look tutorial? Yeah..I remember. She’s been asleep on her towel for about
45 minutes.. BWARRRMP! You are so sunburned! Oh my god you look like a beetroot! Oh my god! Don’t film it! Come back here! I’m gonna kill you! Oh my god… how many views does that have? See? This is why the Skin Cancer Foundation says
you should also wear normal sunscreen when you’re wearing mineral makeup for extended wear. But it had an SPF rating! Look, some mineral makeup doesn’t have sun protection ingredients. But even if they do, since you’re just dusting
powder on your face, you’re probably not getting enough coverage to give you full protection. How do you know all this crap anyway? I’ve got a dermatologist on Skype! Why? Is she researching your ginormous pimples? Muuum! Ok so speaking of pimples mineral foundation actually improves your skin. Like this one which is my absolute fave at the moment Antipodes Performance Plus Mineral Foundation which is $40. The earth minerals “rescue blemished skin”. Mineral makeup can also
improve skin texture! clears the skin of toxins
And makes your skin clearer, smoother and more radiant, even when you’re not wearing any! (sarcastically) Mmmmm I can feel it fixing
my skin already! Let’s ask Doctor Katherine Armour from
the Australian College of Dermatologists. There’s no proof that mineral makeup can
improve your skin. It doesn’t have any therapeutic effects. Your friends are weird. But isn’t mineral makeup..non-comedy..ogenic? Non-comedogenic. That one. It means it doesn’t clog pores and give
you pimples unlike other makeup. Sorry to interrupt, just calling to say I love your videos! Aw thanks babe! You’re Sunburn Girl right? There are no standard definitions for
“hypoallergenic” “non-comedogenic” or “dermatologically tested” in any regulation or Cosmetic Standard, so these terms
are used pretty loosely when it comes to on makeup products. But claims do have to be truthful and accurate
under Consumer Law. But if I can’t trust multinational
cosmetics corporations then who CAN I trust? A doctor? If it helps, some people find they get less breakouts using
mineral makeup, but that’s because of its powdery form – It’s generally thick
or greasy products that clog pores and cause pimples, so if you get acne stay away from
these. Or try a good filter! If you have sensitive skin, zinc oxide
is a common ingredient in mineral makeup that has anti-inflammatory properties, but you
still want to stay away from irritating ingredients such as preservatives and fragrances. Are YOU made of preservatives and fragrances, coz you’re irritating me! So there you have it babes, everything is
hard and you shouldn’t trust anyone. Look. At the end of the day, whether it’s regular
makeup, mineral makeup, or some weird hybrid, no makeup has magical properties. It’s not gonna make your skin healthier,
it’s not gonna protect you from the sun, and it’s not gonna make Bobby Georgiadis in Year 11 pay attention to you. SHUT UP!!!! Read the ingredients and if you want more
info you can look them up on sites like the European Commission Cosmetics Ingredient Database…. OK, I’m even boring myself now. …It’s not like you even need makeup anyway,
your skin is fine. Awwww! Did you just say I had amazing skin? Oh my god you’re obsessed with me! You love me! No I don’t! Get off! You’re gross! MUUUUUUM- Oh my god my Dad just came home. Stupid! What am I saying? God I’m so stupid just get it together. My nails are chat AF. This is so random I’m not putting this in.

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