Beauty Blogger’s Acne Transformation

Beauty Blogger’s Acne Transformation

she’s a YouTube makeup sensation racked up over 28 million views on a video she posted revealing how she covers up her severe acne but now Cassandra Bankson has a very different story to share I am the most self-conscious person about my acne taking my makeup off is one of the most insecure things I could probably do Here I am with no makeup I feel really disgusting this is my face it’s still all over my chest it’s not living that back goes down my neck but for me I almost feel like acne is more emotionally painful if society and they never pointed out my acne what I have hated myself as much as I did if nobody said anything it does make me wonder if I would feel the way I do about it now and I feel like acne is what made people hate me all my life it was really hard growing up for me hating myself and you know when you told that you’re stupid and you’re ugly you should kill yourself every day there are times where you start to believe it I just look back at that now I’m like wow look at how much I he’s changed me without it I wouldn’t be able to understand what other people are going through please welcome Cassandra Bankson to the show and that from a few years ago I’m curious because I and I applaud you for it what inspired you to go ahead and open up to the world on YouTube and really show the world this severe acne that you were covering up in the original video that I posted revealing my acne the reason that I did it is because I was feeling like a hypocrite in my own skin I was a runway model because I had perfected my makeup to the point that people couldn’t tell but on the inside I was suicidal I was depressed I was hurt and I felt like those two people didn’t belong in the same body so I kind of cleared my conscience by taking it off and just trying to reach out to someone and say if you’ve ever hated the way you looked this is how I get by every day and did you go through the usual regimen of treatments did you go on accutane and I did not because I’m not a medical candidate I didn’t want to do birth control and I was born with one kidney so they were a little bit afraid about that so because I know I mean I think its first of all incredibly brave that you did that video you know acne is the most [Applause] million people in the United States suffer from acne and the vast majority over 90% do have symptoms of depression because when something affects your appearance it affects every aspect of how you present yourself in your life and how you feel I’m so curious though because I know you did a follow up video then to that one so tell us about that actually did a video where I cut out dairy for two weeks to see if it was making a difference in my skin and for me my skin started to clear up in as little as two weeks and then I started to wonder are there antibiotics and the meat that I’m eating am I personally sensitive to this stuff and then when it comes to my mental health when you’ve got acne on your face when you’ve got a psychological disorder and you are so concerned about how other people are perceiving you you’re going to have a pretty high stress level chronic stress crazy the cycle that that creates stress stress that directly acts on your oil glands makes you break out more and you know the hormonal pattern is especially in women adult from unalaq be really right here along the jawline and the chin and since you didn’t want to go on birth control pills which sometimes help that there are other meds for that bitch again medically you may not have been a candidate for off-label use of spironolactone being one of them but with one kidney with the one kidney probably would have been challenged for a similar reason you think I mean you’re another shining example how every individual is different and what works for you is what works for you so my end goal my end goal is to do dermatology or something along I know this struggle is so real and sometimes as the patient I felt pushed under the bus or a doctor would tell me to try to comfort me oh don’t worry hon everybody’s got acne but when you don’t see it and when you internalize that to a certain point you really don’t feel like anyone else gets it and there were certain times where I think that my psychological health could have been taking care of a bit better to you if you decide to go that route I think you’ll have such tremendous empathy and understanding for your patients and that’ll really help you so much in your clinical skills and your goals Congrats to you [Applause] you

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  1. I never understood, even as a teenager, why someone wouldn’t want to be friends with someone because of the way they look. This is what is wrong with human beings.

  2. What she has is beyond acne in my opinion. Someone getting a clutter of zits is considered acne but this woman who literally has sores all over her face, neck and back that are oozing should be classed as something else. That is a medical condition that can't just get treated by over the counter face washes.

  3. I had a huge pimple and I had so desperate to get rid of it and so I just took a little metal bobby pin and fucked it up. Now I’m left with a scar on m nose that has been there ever since, don’t think I’m ever going to get my nose back

  4. Black haired lady is like "blah blah shut up I'm smart I'm a doctor I'm the only one who's is allowed to speak"

  5. If you have hardcore acne buy athletes food cream from tge dollar store n you wont regret it youll see a difference the next day only use it on ur pimples tho

  6. The doctors did not mention anything about dairy.. they kind of ignored the whole topic. Disappointing. Many doctors will say that diet and acne is not related but it is.

  7. 2:21 why does she say that acne is a disease tho? kinda insulting. it’s a genetic trait that you inherit. it’s not like you caught it from someone else.

  8. Wanna know what worse than acne? Having that acne turn into scar, which I'm dealing with my whole life 😭

  9. BULLCRAP MATE! She is absolutely super-duper, enormously GORGEOUS, im not an easily grossed out man and the acne would never bother me on any woman…but damn, this woman is a lot different,
    i think that i wouldnt even notice the acne from that beautiful face.

  10. The way she was bullied is super sad, I'm glad she survived through her hurting because not everyone does sadly.

  11. I have lines like old women have on there forehead underneath my eyes and I have dark circles all around and I have some spots spreaded around my face

  12. Acne, pimples and just unclear skin at all is the worst, especially when clear skin people don’t understand and comment on it.

  13. She was actually the one that inspired me to see people with acne still have a beauty. The journey is tough and I still have my hormonal acne… My god i am so happy for her

  14. I suffered with acne 2 years ago. I now only have 60 pimples. 60 pimples is small to me. I feel more confident now. I'm starting to wash my face more and its clearing up more.

  15. well-
    i’ve got a bit of acne on my forehead but not too much. i want to get rid of it because just a couple of months ago, my skin was completely clear and i don’t really know what went wrong?
    does anyone have any tips to get rid of this?

  16. But this happens to people who don’t care for their face at the start but you can’t kill your self

  17. The act is not what I want and I don't have time for them but like that is a good thing but like you can be nice and funny and I think that you can make it better for me a lot of fun and I don't know what I am a woman.

  18. People would point it out on my face and it would make me just want to hide. Even now that I went on accutane and my face has really cleared up whenever I hear my friends say they have so much acne when they have like one pimple it really aggravates me

  19. i tried to kill myself bc of my acne, i developed bdd, anorexia and bulimia, i felt so fucking ugly i didnt want to live anymore lol it pisse sme off when people treat acne like its just a minor issue

  20. i’m on accutane, i’m depressed, suicidal, have severe back pain and dry ass eyes ive been on accutane 5 months and i still have active acne lol rip i guess

  21. I started using witchazel & clear Aloe vera gel. Mix 50/50. Wash the skin, air dry, then apply a thin layer of the mixture onto your face & neck b4 bedtime! I've just started this 3 weeks ago and OH MY GOSH, WOW! ALL MY ACNE HAS NOW STOPPED, GONE AWAY / IN HEALING PROCESS! ALL THE PIGMENTATION IS FADING! All the years I've suffered with Cystic ACNE, nothing worked long term. It always wpuld come back. Using witchazel and also vera gel mix has changed the way I look at healing the body. All these overpriced treatments are just a scam & may heal one portion but causes something else u find yourself having to deal with. Im telling you ppl TRY THE MIX OF WITCHAZEL & ALOE GEL ONE NIGHT B4 BED AND BE AMAZED WHEN YOU WAKE UP IN THE MORNING!

  22. I had acne, not that severe but it wasnt just a couple I had it all over my forhead my chin and under my nose (those hurt a lot) and everytime my friend complained about having a single pimple I would want to kick her in the gut lol jk but I was very annoyed

  23. Beauty blogger? So she's essentially promoting the idea that people with acne are ugly and you need to hide it? Pathetic.

  24. I had the same problem with my back and arms and chest. Now I do not have much, because of a very simple trick. with some lilies left in spirits for ten days to soak. My aunt discovered that.

  25. Frigging PHENOMENAL!!!! I wish SOOOO MUCH I had known about dairy my whole life when my face was covered w cystic acne. I used to hide in my house on my days off and at night so i wouldn't be seen and so i wouldn't have to either continually re-do my cover-up or have to go thru the 2 hr long regimen just to leave the house. I was EXTREMELY self conscious and SEVERELY depressed. I saw Dr's and Dermatologists and all they would do is put me on an antibiotic, which would work but ONLY while i was on the medicine. Now conventional antibiotics don't work for me for ANY medical needs. I now have to take a natural antibiotic every day of my life or I will die from a strep bacterial infection that attacked the entire inside of my body 9 YEARS AGO. I don't get the acne anymore THANK GOD and I can only attribute that to age (i'm 49) as well as the Neutrophil Plus that i take every day. I am SO PROUD OF YOU for ALL that you've done and are doing to help people who literally suffer horribly in every way from acne… truly IS a debilitating condition in every way. I didn't want to live more times than i can count and came pretty darn close once BUT GOD PHYSICALLY SAVED ME. No one can POSSIBLY imagine the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual pain that acne causes unless they've experienced it. Doctors and psychologists were sadly NO HELP whatsoever and are just not equipped, i guess, in this area. I'm SO HAPPY you are furthering your education to HELP PEOPLE! THANK YOU! You WILL BE literally SAVING LIVES!

  26. This is literally me. It hurts me bc my skin is horrible and filled with acne and i’ve literally tried everything to clear it but nothing helps… I don’t know if it’s something that I’m eating or drinking or putting on my face but I jus keep breaking out and breaking out and i hate it!😕

  27. Its acid trying to come out the body. She had a lot of triggers, stress, dairy, and meat with only 1 kidney… The skin in your 3rd kidney.

  28. my acne are so severe montchs ago and i just wanna rip my skin but now i use ash mask now i have just few acne(tigyawat)

  29. I heard dairy causes inflammation. I did a test run without it and yes my constant breaks out ceased. I have slowly but surely cut out certain things that I noticed causes a major breakout. And sugar was huge!!!! Not sure why but any dairy, sugar, and nuts are bad for me. Experiment with what you eat and you can find what is the culprit.

  30. 40 years ago I worked for a dermatologist and he had his acne patients stop all dairy and pop and w/ every pt that followed these instructions upon their 4 wk f/u the acne had improved remarkably! Some went on antibiotic therapy as well. Accutane was not around back then. I was always amazed at how much better the pts were w/ just these 2 changes in diet.

  31. I'm 49 and i still get acne.

    For acne that's really bad, I would first recommend an antibiotic.

    Go to the Dermatologist and ask for either Clindamycin or Doxycycline.

    Either one of those Antibiotics did wonders for getting rid of my face and body acne.

    I would recommend 150MG or 300MG of clindamycin if you get that.

    If you get Doxcycline, i would ask for 100MG.

    You should also use a good cleanser, toner and lotion with salicylic acid for your facial acne.

    salicylic acid works good for my skin.

    I didn't like benzoyl peroxide which is the main main ingredient that Proactiv uses.

    That seemed to break me out more.

    I use Olay Total Effects Blemish Control Salicylic Acid Acne Cleanser.
    Put the Olay on your face for 30 seconds than Wash it off.
    Then i use Humane BHA Pore Minimizer Clarifying Toner.
    This Humane Toner has BHA, Green Tea and Salicylic Acid in its ingredients and its real good.
    Its also fragrance free which i like. When you put the toner on, just leave it on your face. Don't wash it off.
    Then i use Burt's Bees Spot Treatment. Also leave the Burt's Bee's spot treatment and don't wash off.

    For body acne you can get the Neutrogena clear body scrub which has 2% salicylic acid.

    That is my favorite body acne product

  32. Dont worry … nd not u r not ugly… i can feel your pain from ur voice and never think u r not beautiful

  33. fuck my acne on the cheeks are still here but fuckkkkk I JUST WISH MY FACE TO BE CLEAR AND SMOOTH god damn


  34. Even the way they are like “awh you were so brave” brave for showing her natural and beautiful face? why should you need to be so brave to show your face if you have acne

  35. As a student I spent most of my allowance on skincare.. I literally tried every single suggestion even if it meant I had to live on instant noodles. That was a serious battle.. struggle.. torment.

  36. i cry every day because of my acne. I look into the mirror everyday hoping it has gone but no its just there. I have to lower my face while im travelling to school because im scared of what others will think. Thankfully i have amazing friends who always say im beautiful

  37. Lets us all join hands and destroy the face of those who makes fun of people with acne….lets declare war. Rise of the planet of acne

  38. Cant relate to waking up in the morning, while being able to feel the smoothness of your own skin. No texture, no random bumps, no "moon craters" and those tiny dots. It doesnt even feel like human skin, more like some fancy crocodile leather bag's surface.

  39. someone should tell me how she did her make up tho. I'm not going waste my time trying to clear something that wont clear when i could hide it in under an hour.

  40. I m a Teenager….I m struggling from acne to 3 years when i start getting acne the worst thing happens to me is my friends those who don't has acne….they treated me differently..they treat me like an animal who got fungus infection on its body…..Those who don't have acne they never understand our struggle some said me to not to hug them they feels disgusting when i touch them some advise me to poke my acne but its not good for my skin thats why i never poke my pimples…..but now i m happy becoz those who makes laugh of me becoz of my acne they also has acne so they don't want dare to make laugh of me…and the first thing after 3 years struggle my acne is goneeèe😊😊😊

  41. Wow she said every thing i though about my self :
    Feeling ugly
    Thinking about killing my self everyday

  42. Living with acne on the face is very stressful, I know something about it because since I was 12 I have acne. It is shame to go out to people and hate your appearance, but very much a tower that I will eventually win this fight.

  43. I feel so bad I feel ugly because I have pimple acne n I can't afford high products n I have really bad skin

  44. Hey Cassandra! I've been following your YouTube videos since a year and now i saw this video for the first time and now realized what a great transformation you' ve done with your skin. I literally start to cry because I' ve been suffering from acne almost 16 years and I know how it is. Through your videos I am learning a lot and 3 weeks ago I started to use the AHA and BHA products, which were introduced in your channel and there is a phenomenal change in my skin. I am so graaaaatefuuuul to you and grateful that I' ve found your channel. Thanks a lot for that!

  45. I thank God I have no acne it is because at a young age( 12 years ) I started eating helathy and taking care of my skin daily

  46. I developed a horrible nail biting habit from grade 8 on. I had bad acne and the worst part of it was my chin so I bit my nails to cover my chin with my hands. I still bite my nails but the acne is gone I'm 34 now.

  47. My face like you… I know how it feel😭😭😭😭 when every time I go out people look like me as a monster 😢😭

  48. Really I fucking hate my school. Those bitches with clear skin literally talk about acne in front of my face and how disgusting they are. Like they don't literally shove it on your face but they'll talk about their past classmates who have acne and tell how disgusted they are. Like bruh, it really kills my confidence and makes me want to stop school.

  49. Fuck that women still have it easier than men when it comes to severe acne!! For women, people feel sorry for them and empathize like this woman….men will still go for the women like her…….men are considered disgusting…women will think they have a disease!!!!😡😡

  50. its truly fucking crazy how diet does have a major effect on our skin's health. I tried every topical medication and lotions because I suffer from severe eczema and my eczema was never under control. Ive had eczema since age 8 and have struggled with it for 11 years. In fact it had gotten worse all over my body where my skin blackened (im dark skin) last year and i was bleeding and having cuts everywhere and itchy all the fucking time. Then I implemented yogurt in my diet every damn day (its a struggle it eat it everyday but i do it cus i know it helps) with 80% wholesome foods (just to be safe) and literally ALL the fucking eczema was gone. A life saver. Im thankful probiotics exist in the world and help with skin allergies such as eczema.

    Just to add though, since i go to the gym now and lift heavy weights, I do struggle with eczema here and there (i guess cus of sweat) but overall it IS 90% under control.

    I dont want to stop going to the gym or else i would to have my eczema completely gone.

    IT SUCKS that people have to deal with acne all over the body, rashes, skin allergies, etc. Just wanted to share.

  51. Most of the time I always have 5+ pimples on my face, when i take one out, one day later another one sprouts, its so annoying

    Meanwhile my friends are out here eating junk food and milkshakes with clear skin

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