Beauty Blogger’s Secret was More Than Skin Deep

Beauty Blogger’s Secret was More Than Skin Deep

Kassie joins us now along with her mom becky in the audience Cassie how did putting your story out there change things for you. It made it known you know, it’s easy for me to hide something like depression because it’s much more of a Inside thing for me, but for this when it is on the outside people have that in To ask what’s wrong because I can’t cover that something is happening and Becky I knew you were here mom did you know about this before you saw the YouTube video, I didn’t It was really surprising to see that on video. It just it made my heart just ached for Cassie and You know I knew growing up that she was a perfectionist, and you know straight-a student, and she’s really good at putting on a happy bubbly face and So no, I didn’t know the extent of it and it was very painful to see is there a reason you didn’t tell your mom before you posted the video I Mean, I don’t think there’s a specific Reason, I think more just of anything be it with my mom or be it close friends Whatever the case may be I just don’t like talking about it because I know that There’s nothing other people can do especially when you know they don’t know anything about this stuff And I don’t like putting that burden on them. I don’t want to share my hopelessness with them I don’t want to make anyone else feel as hopeless as I feel and there’s no feeling of over Responsibility again that comes a perfectionist because you’re always trying to take care of everybody around you, yeah And then adding the shame of I don’t want people to know what’s really going on I mean, it’s understandable why you didn’t share this with some of the closest people to you well We definitely want to help you take the next step, so you’ve done the hard part You took the first step you put yourself out there, and you said hey, I have this issue And I want help and I think it’s safe to say doctor Judy that she is definitely on the path To getting to where she wants and needs to be correct absolutely And you know what this is where your perfection and your hard work and ambition will come in in a really good way because we know that you’ll go all the way and Really take it to the next level and really work on this intervention piece. That’s coming up for you Yes, and you know what we have something to help you with that We actually reached out to catalyst mental health in your home state of, Minnesota Who has agreed to give you intensive cognitive behavioral services in an outpatient setting? Have come with this and all the addictive behaviors what intensive outpatient services will do is not give you just a Traditional one session a week it gives you a few hours a week to really get at not only the behaviors But all of the underlying issues that you can really get better And I think you’ll really like the structure the perfectionism, and you will love it. Yeah. How do you feel? The determination in your eyes, so I I think that success is inevitable I do You

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  1. I love Cassie. I have been a fan for a few years. She is amazing. It takes a lot for someone to share their personal issues with the world and it upsets me that ppl bully her for not being a super model. Ppl just keep in mind that STRONG WOMEN BUILD EACH OTHER UP, NOT TEAR EACH OTHER DOWN.

  2. Anyone that has nasty negative things to say about someone with a serious mental health issue, your disgusting human beings and should really look into mental health diagnosis yourself, Maybe your a sociopath or something. I do not think Cassie putting herself in videos doing things she knows she will get hate and rude comments for is helpful right now, until she is strong enough to deal with it without causing more picking episodes. I also think being on youtube is not the best thing for someone with her issues, it probably has caused her disorder to get worse with the constant negativity from nasty people.

  3. Wow the negativity is spreading on here already. I had to stop reading comments. Again, she shows her true self and ppl are talking shit about her hair…like wtf ppl?

  4. I think it’s great they are trying to bring awareness and remove shame from any mental disorder, but not once in this clip did they ever say what Cassie suffers from – dermatillomania, or try to explain the condition.
    Hopefully the actual airing of the show in its entirety did.
    Poorly edited clip.

  5. you're all disgusting for the plethora of judgements on Cassie's life without even knowing her. I barely watch her content so don't bother saying "omg youre just a fanguuuurl" … inferring she is an alcoholic because of a few late-night check ins with a buzz? who doesnt like to have a good time? and before you say it is way too frequent – maybe once a month ISH she will do a check in after a few glasses of wine. BIG FUCKING DEAL. Inferring she has an eating disorder because she does mukbang videos? I dont think I even need to touch this one… y'all are nuts. Hopefully your backyard is clean and grass cut if you're gonna be judgemental little fucks like this. Grow the fuck up.

  6. I love Cassie's Video's, she is so brave ! Proud of you Cassie thank you for bringing attention to this! You are awesome!

  7. Awww, sweet Cassie! I hope that you are soon in a place of hope and peace. You are amazing and I'm rooting for you!! 💛💚💙💜

  8. Cassie you are so beautiful, and I'm sure it was hard for both you and your mom to share something so personal. Positive vibes, thank you for being you 💕

  9. To Cassies" lovely Mom……Thank you for bringing such a wonderful person into this world. Cassie helps so many of us by sharing her personality with us on youtube. Always makes me smile. Please accept a virtual hug from me. 💖sandym💖💖

  10. ❤ I love watching her videos! She's so down to earth and real, and beautiful! I love her hits and misses videos and lets test

  11. She's one of the most amazing, sweet, and caring women I've ever watched on YouTube. She's helped me diagnose and acknowledge my own dermatillomania and become confident in my own mental disorders. Seeing her cry made me shed a tear myself, as I've followed her journey for a few years now. I'm blessed to be a part of her wonderful community and to have found her channel ❤ what an inspiration

  12. Love to watch her you tube videos very much, sorry you have these issues, hope you take care of your self and think of yourself first, xxx

  13. I have the same problem. I hear and understand and know what you’re going through Cassie. It’s something that not everyone understands

  14. I follow Cassie on YouTube. Wow Cassie you are such a great person getting your story out there even more. This will help so many more people. We all have our issues and some you’re right are more hidden. Proud of you girl.

  15. Best wishes, Cassie. You seem like such a sweet, beautiful woman. You always make me smile when I watch a video of yours!

  16. I’ve been subscribed to cassie for a long time and have been busy with school work I had no idea she was on this show?!!??? Like wow. So proud of her for opening up.

  17. So what if she is fat? I am fat (not proud of it but I admit it) there's a lot of fat people on the world. Don't act surprised. She makes beauty videos, not fitness. Gosh people

  18. I love Cassie. I've been watching her videos for a long time. I think that shame is one of the biggest burdens we bear, so good for you, Cassie, for speaking out and seeking help. Good luck, girl.

  19. Cassie getting help has inspired me to get my own help. I love her videos, her positivity, and her heart. Ignoring all the ignorance in the comments.

  20. I had no idea she went on TV about this. Kudos to you Cassie for your bravery and courage! Super proud of you for getting help.

  21. Cassie, I think you are amazing and I am so grateful for all that you share online. We're all flawed beings with struggles and if we don't share them life is so much more painful and lonely. So much love and light to you on your journey

  22. Cassie I love you girl xxx you don’t deserve what’s being said at all. You’re a beautiful person and I wish you all the best.

  23. I love Cassie one of my favorite beauty Bloggers and all around real genuine person. I am proud of her for searching for help and I hope this helps her get past this.

  24. I think shes a very well adjusted girl forging her way through a particularly gnarly business (new media). More power to her.

  25. Cassie! She's seriously my favorite beauty guru! I dont buy anything unless shes reviewed it and tested it, i trust her opinions. She is suuuuch a sweet woman. I love her sm!

  26. I adore Cassie. She is not only a wonderfully bubbly and charismatic person to watch. She is real and down to earth. She embraces who she is and I think she is just beautiful inside and out. Thanks Cassie.

  27. Cassie is so beautiful. Ive been following her Beauty channel for years now and I trust her opinion over everything. she's helped me get through anxiety and depression. Her videos not only touch my hobbies, but also relax me with the content. Thanks Cassie!

  28. Cassie is one of the most upbeat and genuine personalities on Youtube. Her honesty with her struggles is so amazing and I am sure it has helped others with the same or similar problems. Love you, Cassie!

  29. Aw this made me tear up. I didn't know Cassie went on The Doctors. I have been watching her YouTube videos for couple of years now. So brave of you to share this publicly, Cassie! I send you best wishes and luck!

  30. I think she looks just as lovely than when she's in her regular videos. People are so harsh and cruel. What a sad state we are in when all people can do is be hurtful. We all cannot be paper thin and generically perfect… And not everyone wants to be either. If you're judging people so critically put your honest self out there and someone will pick you a part too and see how much you enjoy it. Show love and compassion rather than hurt and hate

  31. I can relate. I suffered from depression, and anxiety since childhood. And, I'm still struggling even with medication and therapy.

  32. I had watched you for so long and kind of floated away from your channel…but I'm back!!! You got this girl. Much love

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