Beauty Blogger’s Skin Picking Secret

Beauty Blogger’s Skin Picking Secret

She’s a Popular beauty Blogger With Millions of views on YouTube but Behind all the fun Makeup Tutorials and Bubbly Exterior Cassie, Was dealing with A disturbing Problem? You’re Making Videos and you’re Lucky if You get 5 Years I started my youTube Channel I just be able to connect with People Beauty Lifestyle Fashion Pack Hello Everybody Once it Grew it Grew It’s Overwhelming in the Best Way Possible My Name is Cassie I am Known on YouTube as Terrific I hate Saying it but you know People Have Always Told Me I’m Pretty I’ve Never Felt That way I Have a disorder that I’ve Been Struggling With most of my life it is called Dermatillomania Stress Coping Mechanism it’s Where a Person Feels the need to pick at their skin It’s done From chest to Arms two legs to Shoulders Walking Around Campus was Debilitating for me? This Disorder Herbs and Flows and waves the Feeling of Shame and Embarrassment is always There I have Depression and Anxiety and Panic Disorder acne Predominantly on my chest Blotches of it I Pick a my skin at least 10 Minutes in the Morning Upwards of A few Hours as I would pick the Spots Would get Deeper I Ended up Having a pile of Picking Clothes That Already had a ton of Bloodstains on them you’re Gonna do Anything to get at. That spot that you’re Picking at and Fingers Just aren’t enough Using TWeezers using Scissors Going Into your Kitchen and Getting your Butcher knife just so you Had A sharp Enough blade to scoop wow i had no idea I Feel like I’ve pushed a lot of People away when in Reality it has everything to do with me Hating Myself I can’t even Talk about it Without Getting Choked Up from getting to know so Many of you here it really Does touch me to know that There Are People like you out There Struggling Cassie Had Never Met With a mental health Specialist About her skin Picking Disorder so, we sent her to? Neuropsychologist Dr.. Judy Ho for answers Little Did We know She was Keeping an Even Bigger secret? Cassie Has This Duality Where She has this Public Persona And then She has her private life but Nobody Knows the full extent of it It was Really you know in Late Middle School high School When I started getting acne it turned Into Picking What Are some of Those Deeper Elements what are some of the things that you Feel like Are Driving the behaviors for you it’s A Comfort Thing Almost I think Since I have Been Doing it for so long I’ve Always been a perfectionist and A very Anxious Person Sometimes When People Suffer from anxiety They Also Sometimes Have Depression Yeah Definitely what does Depression Look like for you it’s like Wearing A, wet blanket it’s i i can Go out in The World and Manage but it’s Uncomfortable it’s slow It Just Feels very Down She’s Coming to me and She’s Saying skin Pulling it’s her biggest Problem I feel like There’s A lot more under the Surface You Have other Compulsions as, well Checking locks on Doors You Know I know I locked the door We Check the lock the oven all the Switches are off Even If I Didn’t even Use The Oven Everything has to be Done it Became Really Clear That There’s a Cycle of addictive behavior when you were Younger and This wasn’t an Issue how Were you Calming Yourself when you became Stress I would do it Through Exercise and? Controlling my Eating did you, over Exercise that at that Point in your life doing it to the point Where I couldn’t stand up? How Little Are you Eating Anywhere from Nothing to a granola bar for the whole day for a day But then When I moved out on my Own it went the Opposite in that I would binge eat? What Would you feel like after you ended Up in Jail The exact Same Feeling for me as the skin Picking Almost you for it and then after Just like that Crippling guilt and Shame Needing to Hide Evidence My Concern for Cassie, Is that she is going to Continue to go from one Addictive Behavior to Another Difficult When That Thing Is There you you can’t? You have to eat every day so you have to deal With your addiction your skin Is there You have to see it every Day it’s not like I can Just Avoid a Dealer I’m my Own Dealer and I’m right Here you

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  1. As long as you stay in a vicitim mentality and don't take advice or seek help, nothing will ever change. I hope Cassie finally takes the proper steps in getting help. And not just another pair of new fake nails or abuse alcohol.
    And don't get me started on her mother… Are you for real lady? You completely enabled her to be the way she is. Spare me your fake tears!!

  2. So happy for cassie. She's such a kind soul and to see her so strong and being able to get help is amazing! I've subscribed to her for years and wish her nothing but the best. I know it's hard but girl you got this!!!

  3. Love u Cassie , I'm a long time subscriber and I can relate to some of this behavior as far as checking locks and I used to pick at my skin too but this was when I was in a very abusive relationship and since leaving this relationship I was able to get a handle on my feelings , we love u girl and hope u continue to bring awareness as well as find what helps u!!! Love ur channel!!!!

  4. Thank you Cassie for sharing your story and talking about such a real and raw subject. Much love from Portland.

  5. Cassie is so brave. She shared her stories and her personal struggles on TV and we have to respect her for that.

  6. I have this disorder and have to work hard to keep it managed. I have gone so far as to buy actual Dermatological tools and oils, so that when I do pick, I cause less damage and reduce dry patches. Dry patches are extremely addictive to pick at. I also keep my nails short, either biting them down or cutting them so as to reduce picking damage. I think that anyone who is unable to get Psychotherapy for dermatillomania, should really focus on attempts to reduce the damage they are inflicting to themselves. Probably 70% of the skin irritation over my body from picking has gone away since I've been working on damage reduction techniques.

  7. these comments make me sad. what is productive about commenting negatively about someone's appearance when they are openly admitting to having a mental illness?
    I don't think she needed to publicly get help but it's a step in the right direction. Cassie, I hope you stay away from this comment section and don't read it but I'm rooting for you & your health. 😊

  8. Honestly she looks unrecognizable here! I gasped out loud. I know people have filters on their videos but this is insane. Is this The Doctors or Catfish?

  9. It's crazy to see the negativity regarding Cassie, not necessarily the amount, but the actual things people are saying/assuming/accusing. Even if you don't like someone's personality or actions, why resort to stooping just as low and saying some of the nastiest shit. How is that difficult to defend your arguments and make relevant statements without being dicks 😒

  10. For people commenting "fake" and such, don't you think there might be at least 1% chance that you are wrong? She's publicly talking about her issues, and you can see it in her skin. No need to write down discouraging comments. Yes this might be a fake show but if you believe that's the case then close the video and go on with your lives. It is much worse to shame someone when there is a chance that they are actually struggling.

  11. Picking what? Did u have a ingrown hair u picked at? You pinch the skin? Like what I the objective? I don't get it

  12. Last week was mental health/disorder awareness week. SO many of the people here are exactly why there is still such stigma

  13. I can't imagine how hard this was for her, but I'm so glad she got some help out of it!! Love you Cassie💖💖

  14. 3:05

    "Sometimes people suffer from anxiety…"

    I personally never suffer from anxiety.

    On a side note..


    Just wondering, y'know.

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