BEGINNERS ART JOURNAL PROCESS- How start an Art Journal Page? and Fix Mistakes in Mixed Media

BEGINNERS ART JOURNAL PROCESS- How start an Art Journal  Page? and Fix Mistakes in Mixed Media

hey everyone its Keren here and welcome
back to my channel if you saw my video a few days ago with
my art journal created and this juggles our journal then that’s great and if you
didn’t then I’ll linked up below so you can see it because I really really love
this art journal by juggles because the pages come off really easily this is the
art journal that I created a few days ago and you can see the full video on it
in my youtube channel I’m linking that below and above as well and I could
definitely like go ahead and you create something in the back of this one but I
just really don’t feel like covering it with gesso right now and since I still
have some pages here I can just take some two other ones from the from the
journal and just remove them so look how easy they are to remove they’re easily
removed from the journal and all you have to do is just line them up like
this and then you can create any type of our journal pages that you want this is
great when you don’t want that bulky journal and you want something flat so
you can work with it especially with watercolors or inking or anything like
that today I want to focus a little bit on
some the crafters workshop products stencils and also their paste or new
pastes and I have a few stencils I haven’t decided what I want to do I’m
kind of going along with the flow on this I was thinking oh I’ll put some
flamingos in it and then oh I like this word and then I wasn’t sure to have a
lot of stencils and you can watch my haul video on all the products that I
kind of received from pre activation from the beautiful Jamie who’s the owner
of the crafters workshop and she just gave me a few products so I could play
around with them I helped her out and did some demos at the booth so you can
watch that video will link that as well I think I want to go with this one this
other journal that I did a few days ago I was talking about how I created like
two corners of and this is how I balanced it I’m going to balance this
more straight this if that makes sense at all and I’m going
to use some really new products that the crafters workshop has I will not bore
you with all the drawing and stuff like that that will be like that will be done
off screen but I’m not going to fuss for it or edit this video that much because
I really don’t have time and I want to bring a lot of new content from creative
ation to you guys and it’s really hard because it takes me three hours to edit
a video usually so I really want to make sure that I have enough time to do all
these projects the product I want to use for the background it’s this white pearl
modeling paste and let me tell you this is beautiful
it’s a modeling paste the consistency is amazing and it has beautiful shimmer
which is really nice and exciting it’s a product that I haven’t really seen
anywhere I mean maybe there’s other ones like that but this I really like because
it gives that beautiful shimmer to any project so I’m going to just basically
run this with my palette knife and it just has like a script stand so and I
will list all these stencils after in the description area if you don’t know
where that is it’s underneath the video there’s a
little button and there’s a little arrow and you can click on that and I list all
the products for all my videos so that’s easy to do so then that’s so so you have
an easy place to find them that’s what I meant to say I’m like trying to think of
what I want to do so now you see how this is one-sided but I want to put it
on the other side but I have to flip it so in order to do that I need to clean
my stencil so all you do is all you can do is you can I could stop this video
which I might have to do that or you can just clean it with a wipe so I am going
to clean this with a wipe but you could definitely run it under water and it
cleans really nicely if you don’t if you’re very particular about your
stencils then don’t do what I’m doing right now although it cleans it really
nicely might have some residue and I have I do have a video on how to clean
stencils if you do get that residue have a whole video regarding that on my
channel and just be careful you see how quickly it is to clean it and then I’m
just going to flip it to the other side so there we go I will flip this I will
add some of this and here we go I’m going to make it me maybe a bit lower so
I can get those little cute flowers at the top there we go now I’m just going
to add this nice pattern to the other side now I think I might actually do and
use another stencil because this pattern only gave me some only gave me like this
much of space for it and I really want it to be all over like I mean I have too
much white space and white space is good sometimes but maybe I should use
something else so I’m going to clean this one as well and I’m thinking of
using this one I think this is really nice
trying to figure out how I will run it because I want the two circles to hmm do
I do it in the center no I think I like it like this so maybe just one heart
here and then I can move it to the other side okay so that’s what I’m going to do
I’m going to clean all the stencils after so I’m gonna do this quickly so I
don’t have to wait too long and I’m going to do that heart as well oh I
don’t want this heart I just want the other heart the first heart so there you
go and then you have to really work quickly you see because I want to have
that other heart oh you see how can move this around so then I don’t have to have
the stencil on top so this is a great thing to have and you can remove the
pages out of this out of this journal oh and I want this circle so how do I get
that circle done maybe I’ll put the heart higher up because I want that
really nice circle to be here okay so and you know me I’m winging it most of
the time I just like I just like adding texture to the
background now I’m debating whether I should have done this in silver there’s
a really nice silver paste but I’m gonna start with this one because I just
really don’t know which direction I’m going with and having something light is
perfect for that so there you go I’m going to let this
dry and clean up my mess and I’ll be right back so that okay so basically
dried in like two seconds by the time I finish dry cleaning on my stencils the
this was pretty much drier barely hot to heat set it so I did it just for one
minute and if you saw my video a few days ago with my art journal that me
using these Jane Davenport and mermaid markers I love them I loved how intense
they are and how beautiful it is and I just wanted to use them again
I know these are two videos in a row with the same theme but I’m going to use
other colors I’m going to mix it up a little bit and see just to get an idea
of how the other colors look like I’m going to try to go with other colors
that I don’t usually use because I always use the same colors I always go
with the blues and greens so today I’m going to try some other colors so you
don’t say I always use the same ones and as you if you didn’t catch the other
video how to use these you have to remove this really nice yellow ring and
then you’ll hear a little click when you twist it back in and that means it it
creates an empty M how do you call this accreta a way for the ink to get down to
the to the marker to the paintbrush so the same thing here and as you can see
my hands are really stained technically I film both videos one after the other
so it does look like it’s a few there a few days apart because you don’t notice
it from my from from the way I posted them on YouTube but it actually is the
same day that’s why my hands are all stained with blue so I do encourage you
to go watch other video and again I didn’t have time to edit anything so
this is going to be a full-on video and like I mentioned in the other one if you
want to watch this faster there’s a little button on the settings underneath
the YouTube channel on the my video sorry and you can just press on
the little cog or gear and it can make it this video go faster I will be
talking a little bit faster but you can still understand me and it’s pretty easy
to do so if you don’t want to watch this this slow then you can hope mm so you
can go ahead and do that I’m gonna start with this color this is called beach but
I’m guessing it’s like peach or B I don’t know anyway so I’m going to start
with this color and I’m going to do a little bit something a little bit
different I’m going to try and create this effect but going the other like
going up and down so I’m not going to do the corner thing like I did in the other
one I’m going to do an effect all the way up and up because I feel this
movement is going in this direction so I don’t want to I don’t want to do the
corner thing I don’t think we’ll see what happens you never know things turn
the wrong way out of the opposite way sometimes that I want them to go so I
don’t know what’s going to happen I just know that I’m going to be doing that
this way so I’m going to wet the rest of it too because I want to add some more
colors the next color I’m going to be adding is the coral this is gonna be
really nice so mm-hmm beautiful color it’s hard to see in the
video but I’m whatever go now you can see some more to me so I’m just really
liking this and I guess I could’ve picked silver I wish I would have picked
some or gold paste I might do the title and gold wow this is really strong so you see how intense these colors are it
really makes a huge difference like on how easy they apply and how beautiful
they look and you see I’m just playing I’m winging it I’m not even sure what’s
going to happen to the I’m just going with the flow whatever
happens happens this side has way more anger than the other I’m going to also
add this color let’s see what this is this is the starfish oh I like this this
move probably would be really nice oh yes yes yes yes this is like a pink
fuchsia color beautiful you see me I’m just adding color I love adding color
and I’m basically covering everything the reason why I’m doing that is because
this is a different design than the one from the other day it’s it’s just
different it just shouldn’t you don’t have to have it all the same you know
what I mean like you didn’t want to have it a bit different so it mixes and
creates this beautiful pattern of color I think what this one needs though is
some of that yellow orange this is the one called I remember see if I remember
this is called pirate gold funny thing is that I’m reading it in Spanish and
I’m translating instead of reading it in English I think gold usually makes
everything looks so pretty oh that does I might have to dry this okay so as I
said before when you want to add a lighter color like I said in the last
video you do need to specifically dry things because then they don’t mix
together that well you want to dry things and then add lighter colors so
I’m going to definitely dry this but first I’m going to just have the water
and the water what it helps the water is it helps it mix together it helps all
the colors kind of blend with each other and that’s what I like about the adding
water well it’s so intense but it’s beautiful I love it okay I’m going to
dry this up it will take a few minutes because there’s a lot of water on this
okay so bear with me although it will only seem like a second to you so now
it’s fully dry and I can go ahead and add some of that yellow that I
really orange a yellow basically oh it looks orange a yellow when I add it here
I just want to add a little bit of this here because it just makes it really
stand out I really love the yellow part of it here so it’s a good idea to dry it
up first the reason why I say it to dry it up is because the yellow is too light
and it mixes with everything so you don’t want it to be too mixed with
everything else because you will not see it and look how nice it is looks like a
watercolor effect I took also this red this is the lobster
red and I’m going to edit this probably really dark which I want to add only at
the edges of my journal to kind of tie it all in and I’m going to add a little
bit of water there as well so just want to add it first the reason why I wanted
dark and the edges because that’s kind of frames everything together so I
really like that it it just gives that darkness and the edges and that makes it
look really cool okay so I think the only thing I’m a little bit missing here
is something here in the center I’m trying to figure out what color to add I
want to say that although you can’t really tell
it is super shimmery and pearlized and it looks beautiful so I think I’m
going to make some of this one and I mean there’s no rule about what colors
to mix with what but I really like I want to kind of tone down this pink a
little bit excuse me so this is a good way of doing it and
once this is dry and then I’m going to just highlight these designs a little
bit better and again you play around with the colors it’s really important to
play around with the colors to see how you like it like I mean there’s no rule
about what how to work with the right it’s just a matter of mixing them
and having fun I love these markers they’re really
really nice okay so I think I’m satisfied with the color in the
background and I’m going to dry this again so looking at this layout I really
feel like I should have used gold instead of the white pearl of the
modeling paste from the crafter workshops coming aid colors and there
this is another one it’s a champagne gold and I have to add some highlights
of champagne gold that’s what I’m going to do because I just feel like it needs
that so I don’t know I’m trying to think of what to do I really feel like it
needs a little bit of those highlights and let me see I’m trying to think if
I’ll adds maybe some of these maybe hmm or should I add some of these like
golden maybe you should add golden flamingos that would be so cool yes I
think I’m gonna add golden flamingos just because I really want to okay so
I’m going to add them here they look really nice I think that will look
really nice we’re gonna see you see how I’m trying
it out I just want to basically see what will happen and I just love how smooth
this texture paste I mean this modeling paste is Wow
and we’ll play around this might be an experiment and I’m not sure I’m not
gonna put all of them I’m just gonna put up two here so not all the flamingos
will be here and I’m gonna put the two taller ones somewhere else okay let’s
see how this turns out I really like these flamingos really excited about
time I never used any of the animal stencils so I’m excited about these
let’s see let’s see let’s see let’s see yes I really really like that
oh it ran a little bit underneath here and I have to clean that up okay
that’s okay it’s an art journal so that’s okay let me see I’m gonna put the
taller ones here I have less space so I’m gonna put the taller ones around
here yeah okay because I have some space here let me see
so I mean you see I’m basically journaling having fun and what I like
about the crafters workshop stencils that they come in different sizes they
come in this six by six and a twelve by twelve and it’s the same design so if
you want to do it on a bigger page you can mm-hmm
there we go yes I really like that how cool is that
maybe I should add a small flamingo kind of here kind of sticking up here going
in this direction have to kind of hold this up
let’s see hopefully I didn’t join this sure what I did hold on where’s the head
here well this is the Flamingo head hold on I need to realign it up okay so this
is the Flamingo this is not part of the Flamingo so you see sometimes because
they’re all attached to each other it’s hard to tell what’s part of what okay so
I’m going to have to clean up some of this stuff yay I’m going to grab
something thin like this okay and a little wipe so if you make a mistake
ever you can always fix things right so I’m gonna add one of my cookie tools and
I’m going to just remove maybe with a clean white would be best and if you
can’t remove you just figure it out but I’m able to remove so I mean you don’t
have to I guess watch this part but I just wanted to make sure that you see
that you can fix things by just doing other you know but just mix my
just like scraping off the extra the nice thing about modeling paste is that
it can easily be scraped off while it’s wet so it’s great for that for that kind
of for that purpose so I meant to say let me get another way to do this is you
can use a small pallet knife also use some of these like barbecue sticks and
just remove the excess so yeah so basically you can fix things as much as
you can I mean not everything is fixable but you can scrape you see once it’s dry
look at sakshyam and scraping it off and it’s perfect oops sorry that’s my
necklace that’s my bracelet banging and here I’m gonna scrape off some of it too
so look how quickly it dries I already have it dry from the other side and I’m
just able to scrape off that little bit that I did so if you like fixing things
like I do then this is a good idea you don’t have to fix it are usually in
mixed-media I try not to fix things but this kind of deformed the kind of deform
that so I wasn’t too happy about that I formed the Flamingo there we go so they
see I just moved it around until I was happy with the way it looks there we go
how cool is that oh I like that now what I’m thinking is that I want to add a
little bit of gold to the edges of my layout so I’m going to basically just
put this here and just add a little bit of gold as well kind of off to the side
so it doesn’t interfere and I do have to wash this stencil so don’t leave your
stencils the way I do like this I mean I could have stopped the video but I’m
quickly going to do this and then I’m gonna go to the to my sink and wash
everything now I’m not going to add the gold everywhere just in some areas just
to get that likes crypt of gold a little bit so it really
brings and ties it all in so let’s see there you go you see what I mean okay
now I’m going to do it the same thing on the other side and just make sure you
hold to make sure that it doesn’t go on that it doesn’t like ruin their the
other designs even though they’re technically dry okay so this is exciting
this looks really cool oh I like that a lot
mm-hmm I’m thinking also that maybe it almost looks like a golden pond where
the flamingos are at now I’m just going to add that would look
cool but I’m going to instead add some some of the golden texture here yeah
because that kind of brings it in a little bit and I need some on the other
side as well so hmm so you see I’m winging it I like winging things it
looks good that way and I’m going to add a little bit more here it kind of looks
like a golden pond like I said yeah oh that looks really nice I really like
that I don’t even know sometimes what I do and how I do it too but I’m always
like get excited when something works out really well
oh I like that so much yay I want to add some here okay I think that’s good I
think it’s golden enough I have I have to add a little bit more of the darker
red now but I wanted to dry it first so in retrospect I wish I would have put a
gold paste first before actually putting the ink and I see another spot here I
want to remove some pace from but I wish I would have done that but in our
journaling you can’t like expect to get it exactly
right on the first try you’re just experimenting
and I was just thinking about that what I was watching the stencils that our
journaling is like a box of chocolate you never know what you get so basically
our journaling is like life because you never know what you get so this is the
one that I went I mean I wish I would have done things in retrospect but you
know what you can’t go back on things but you can always move forward and try
to add things to it why because I want to add some of the shadows around the
around the flamingos so what I’m going to do is I’m going to basically add the
shadows in between here because I think it helps and I’m going to add some water
so don’t worry about that it kind of brings them out of their background
because it’s right now everything is kind of blending together so by doing
this I’m bringing out some of the the shapes of the flamingos let me add a
little bit of water and dab out oops about the areas where I don’t want it to
be I might have to even add like darker
colors even like some of this red thing oops it’s so getting stuck to me so I
want this to kind of flow you know what I mean so yes I’m adding it but it
should flow out it shouldn’t just be there like as if I put up as if I
painted it you want it to flow out into the other areas yeah I like that so this
is good I’m gonna add a little bit of yellow here helps okay and now I’m going to add some of
the darker colors again on the other side because this really looks good like
that okay so I want to highlight around the Flamingo so let me just finish that
and okay let’s see so shadow is really important in a
project and also this dark color is is covering any areas that I screwed up on
so anything that I didn’t do properly it’s basically covering it which is nice
so I mean it’s just playing basically back and forth this is very cool I
really like this I wanted to add a little bit more darkness to the edges so
I’m actually going to take brown for the lack of having black it’s almost like a
black I just want a little bit of this at the edges and of course I’m not going
to leave it like that I’m going to be adding some water to it as well and just
letting it run a little bit okay sorry I had to go refill that bottle I didn’t
have enough water to to use this for to use for this marker and I wanted to make
sure I have enough water so I don’t waste it so I just think a little bit of
this nice color is needed just because it’s kind of to oranjee to red to
everything so yeah I think it needed a little bit of that and I’m going to do
the same thing on the other side and I might even add a little bit in between
the flamingos so this is what I mean but you never know what you get you’re going
to experiment with different things and then see how you like when it comes up
and if you don’t like it it’s just another page in your journal you can
just turn Paige you shouldn’t be afraid to create
you should just continue doing what you love and no fear what I like about these
markers is that the more you squeeze the you can get like a darker effect as well
so I need to wipe okay when it gets too far this way okay I did you think that I
need some of that darkness as well with the gold it looks really good when you
have that but you don’t want it to like stain the actual flamingos you want to
have it just at the edges so there I’m just adding some more because I really
wanted to just frame things mmm-hmm so I mean as you can see some of
the things that I added might not might have not been like necessary to add but
that’s okay I’m going to make up a floor for the flamingos if that makes sense
the pond even though it’s gonna be a little bit of it on the dark side and yeah I’m going to add some more I just
love how beautiful these markers are I really like it cuz I’ve been saying this
over and over well it looks really cool so yeah I
really like this as you can see this is neat so you can definitely okay
that’s too much but you can definitely wipe it off okay
so that looks really cool I like this brown on this and I think I might add a
little bit as you said the shadows in different places hold on as I said
before I want maybe just shadows coming here it might help kind of define the
flamingo’s let’s see if that works there’s too much water here there we go yeah I like that
it’s becoming a little bit more me you know I like it more distressed and when
it’s too perfect it’s not enough for me I like it when it’s more distress when
things are more messy that’s my style I guess so that’s why this looks really
good I think it needs like some here as well it’s kind of defining those
flamingos so I mean you have to be I guess gutsy to just try the dark colors
without being scared that it might ruin things I guess you have to be brave when
you’re art journaling that should be my where’s our saying that says be brave
maybe I’ll use that because it is true you have to kind of be brave when you’re
are journaling just to basically make sure that you that you’re taking risks
that you’re experimenting that’s too much and if it’s too much as I said you
remove it you remove it I think though once I am once I’m done here I’m going
to definitely highlights the flamingos I think
they do need I need God why are they still wet I think they’re getting wet
with what I’m doing I’m going to have to dry it up again
so um it’s just you know give and take on this one until I’m happy with the
results so I’m going to dry this again okay so adding the brown kind of messed
it all up I think I don’t know so I’m gonna try to fix it I’m taking some of
the big brush pens from from faber castell and just adding a little bit of
shadow a little bit more controlled shadow I think that will be a little bit
easier to do so there the nice thing about is they’re like it’s like India
ink so they’re really easy to blend at the big right when you apply them so I
think this will help kind of bring it all together the point what this is is
that while I was adding the color somehow it was wetting the paste and not
drying it up I don’t know why I don’t know why it was doing that and I managed
to somehow erase some of that paste which I didn’t want to do so this is
what I said you kind of go with the flow and you fix things the way you like them
I think this side I like it’s this side that I have to fix a little bit more so
I’m going to try this color just to know it’s called sanguine sanguine sanguine
okay that’s what it’s called it’s an artist pit pan from big pit pan from
from faber castell so I’m going to do it on this side I think that this side is
the one that makes a little bit more fixing and you can hear that marker kind of
moving okay so this is adding that little shadow that I was trying to do
it’s working better this way I’m liking it a little bit better maybe the Murph
might be that the marker is a little bit dry so that could be the reason why it’s
doing those noises but don’t mind me it still works and I’m going to make
sure it works so this is a good way of adding like shadows around something and
a for not it just basically adds some of those little lines that kind of drawing
lines let’s see if I add a different color maybe this red a little bit will
help just trying to do fix it anyway I can’t I really want it to work and I
want to throw this I mean I’m never going to throw the art journal anywhere
but only in the garbage or anything but I just want this to I just wanted to
work that’s basically I wanted to do I wanted to where’s one side working you
know sometimes one side works better than the other and there’s nothing you
can do about it now you try and you try to fix the other side and I love this
side and I’m not so happy about this other side but it’s okay eventually I
will figure it out okay this is how this organized I am that I can never find
what I want there this is a darker color yeah I finally found a dark color that I
want it now it’s working better this one has a lot of ink in it yeah so you see
all I’m doing is just adding a little bit and then blending it down and this
is defining the edges around the Flamingo it’s kind of a race some of the areas
got a race because the water kind of diluted them so I have to work with what
I have but as I said that’s okay you work with what you have and I keep on
saying this and I know that I didn’t fight over this video and you just have
to watch this slowly but just fast-forward the parts that you don’t
want to see you feel really bad because I was trying to be quick about this one
and I when I kept on trying to fix it and now it’s all like a big hot mess hmm
okay at least it’s a little bit more defined I just feel that I might have to
put the stencil back on and actually define the flamingo’s again so I wonder
if I should just redo this it just became a big blob I don’t know what to
do about it I’ll try to add some more of this we’ll
see what happens let’s see if I can remake these
flamingos that God erase they kind of got them I don’t know how to explain it
if they got mismatched so I want to try and erase and at least fix them a little
bit let’s see Panama’s able to do that oh yeah okay I am I was able to do that
maybe I can fix this little one as well so as you can see this is a lot of
mistake I’ve made a lot of mistakes in this video a lot a lot of mistakes and I
always said and if you watched my mistake of it and they’re like you know
like how you can you can make lots of mistakes in mixed media this is the one
I’ve made so many mistakes in this one it’s not even funny
okay and again the same mistake with with here with this this one that I need
to remove ah this is so frustrating okay but I’m definitely going to let
this dry really really well and then I am going to add that marker again but
I’m going to let this dry so I’m going to continue on I let it dry for a few
hours because I have to go pick up my daughter from school so it’s basically
nighttime already and I’m just going to continue adding this shadow underneath I
just think it’s important to add that and in between here because it’s kind of
doesn’t have a defined edge I can’t figure out where things are so I want to
make sure that it has that shadow behind if you know what I mean
so okay I’ve talked enough about shadows what else should I talk about I don’t
know I’m just joking I just don’t know I guess I could make conversation that is
something else but I just want to talk about shadow so that’s what I’m gonna be
talking about because the thing is that I used to do live shows with artist’s
life but I’m not doing those anymore so I can’t even talk to you guys because
technically you’re watching this video way after so I only get to chat with you
through the comments and that’s about it I chat with you through the comments on
on YouTube but not really not really like bit in between when I’m making this
video it would be nice if I should make her technically use a little cute tip
I’m just being I don’t know why I’m not using that and you see there’s like two
of them here two of the flamingos are kind of in between here so I want to
kind of define where the borders are between them if that makes sense and
this could also work as like highlights for underneath yeah that would
you see what I’m doing I’m just adding a lightly the lines and then just taking
erasing them so only they only stay at the bottom it’s a good a good good thing
you see as I’m making it up as I go this is what I keep on saying but I want
those lines because I really couldn’t define where the where the Flamingo like
the details are for the Flamingo so it was just it’s nice to have these lines
over here so I can define them a little bit better yeah okay I’m happy now I was
getting worried about this side a lot but as I always say with mixed-media
don’t worry because eventually it works out you can
just continue working with it until you’re happy and I’m fairly happy with
this one some areas I are just gonna be they’re gonna be what they’re gonna be I
can’t like do anything about them I can’t fix some of the mistakes they’re
just gonna have to stay like that but but I can fix some other mistakes and
that’s the nice part about it maybe that’s too much too much of that here mm-hmm and I want to make the lines here
as well so I wonder if I just make any lines here and then I just grabbed your
wife yeah I defined it yes okay I like that I’m gonna do this on the other side
as well so I’m gonna make the lines it’s
basically the inside kind of like where the stencil where the stencil it wasn’t
there so basically that’s where the lines are and I’m just wiping it off and
it stays in the grooves which is what I want and I that way you
can define the shadow there as well so I really like this I guess we can use the
wipe instead of my fingers it works better and using my fingers yeah so if I
use the wipe maybe it wipes too much out of it yeah that’s good
because you want to have those lines if that makes sense
I really like this now good I’m happy that I like it
you have to like your work that’s basically what it is or love your work
whichever way you want to see you have to be able to be happy and work until
you are happy with your work that’s the only thing that will matter if you’re
happy with it even if others are not who cares if others are not happy with your
work it’s your ideas and it’s your journal so who cares they can like you
know some people leave like negative comments or sometimes like you know
thumbs down I would love for you to leave me a thumbs up but you know if you
can’t if you are the type of person who just wants to leave thumbs down for
people then you know when it’s your problem I really like what I do and I’m
liking this more and more so this looks really cool and now all I’m going to do
is I’m going to add a word so originally I wanted to add this stencil like a ward
from this stencil and it probably would have looked a really really cool
somewhere but there’s just no space maybe I could put less there but because
it’s raised it might be an issue so I thought instead I could use another one
of these collage words this is the this is the collage words from Deana Wakeley
from Ranger and I used it for my other during our journal as well
and yeah so let’s see what kind of a you can and you will die like that but let’s
just see this is too long and let’s see no be strong be enough some of them are
doubles so I don’t need to double once and Thursday let’s see what’s this one
there’s some reason you are beautiful you are all loved you are vast you are
turn mistakes into beauty there we go that’s a perfect one for this one now
looking to see what other ones there are okay so I think let’s see if it fits
if not I’ll just do something else turn mistakes what if I cut it because
there’s no space for all of it see I’m going to cut it and see if it fits my
scissors oh there they are this one might show the other ones
didn’t show because I actually stuck it on the white but this one might show so
it might not be the best one to put it because it looks really weird like that
I don’t know let’s see be enough be strong I think he’s strong is there one
but I said what I said be brave so well it’s pretty close let’s
see let’s just cut I really love these collage awards that are perfect for any
type of art journal so I really really like there we go you can and you will
maybe I should just do that be strong and that’s it and all I’m going it all
I’m going to do is I’m going to stick it with with some gel medium
just easy just I’m even using my finger for it I really don’t care I’m just
going to stick it it’s really easy to stick because because it’s so thin it’s
like it’s tissue paper and it’s because it’s so thin
moves easily as well okay I just wanted to see you it and when you see little
commas oh actually you can’t even see the paper that’s awesome
when it’s it becomes part it almost looks like I stamped it let’s see I’m
still debating maybe I should put this one on okay maybe I will
you can and you will be strong I like it that it disappears so because I like
that I’m going to add another let’s see if this one disappears as well not as
much it still looks really nice okay I kind of scratched it a little bit so it
will look like it’s rough and it was part of the background well I really
like that okay good I actually feel like it’s missing something and I can’t
figure out what I think a little border will baby with this marker it kind of defines the border a little
bit but I don’t think that’s what it is I feel it’s this but then I’m like no
this is not okay exactly it looks better but I almost feel like
it like it’s missing some stamps I’m like that’s a little bit of like
stamping I don’t know it’s just just me or I always want to add more things to a
journal page that I need to so I think that’s my problem I need to always want
to add more than it needs to be added do you have that problem maybe I should
just stop do I really like this so I think anything else will just make it
now I think I’m not going to add stencils but I will definitely frame it
all the way around I think I’m going to frame it all the way around I think it
defines it when you frame something it defines it and that is good I like that
and I find my finger a great tool aren’t your fingers a great tool to use
I love using them for everything so there we go yes so let me just check
this all out so this is a really good thing and this and I just love how this
turned out after much work you know it just really came together and I’m really
happy about that I really love these markers I hope you guys love them just
as much as I did go check out my other video
regarding regarding the I mean using these markers Wow can’t even speak
anymore it’s late at nights well it’s not that late at night but it’s late for
me I’m tired and I almost want to go to bed so yeah so I really loving these
markers from Jane Davenport’s I hope you enjoyed my video thank you so much check
out other videos from the same Karthik all this from juggles and Jane Davenport
and I’ll link them at the end of this video and also I’ve been linking them
throughout the video so you can see them as well and thank you so so much if you
like my video please give it a thumbs up share it on social media and just learn
that you can it’s okay to make mistakes even if you make mistakes that’s okay
you can see that it can always be fixed and key and whatever it can be fixed is
just part of the beauty so it’s really really important to remember that and of
course I want to be able to show you how to put this back into the journal so
this is the one I made the other day and I’m going to put this one right beside
it okay you see if they’re stained but look
how beautiful these are actually these are just our journal pages on their own
look how easy it is to just click it in the pages just click in so easily super
easy and it’s very lightweight so you can also travel with it which is really
really good so this is really fun I really like this and I might have to
just like create some kind of journal with the other side because these two
sides are really nice so I just wanted to thank everybody thank you so much and
have an amazing day bye you you

32 thoughts on “BEGINNERS ART JOURNAL PROCESS- How start an Art Journal Page? and Fix Mistakes in Mixed Media

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