Behind The Scene: The History of NASCAR’s Weekly Newspaper

Behind The Scene: The History of NASCAR’s Weekly Newspaper

8 thoughts on “Behind The Scene: The History of NASCAR’s Weekly Newspaper

  1. Very nice work!~ I've got tons of these~ It's awesome that Mr. Houston is gonna digitize them all for everyone to enjoy~ I know where I'll be spending countless hours in the future!~ Thanks for everything you're doing~ 🙂

  2. The first thing I did when I got my copy was read Joe Whitlocks column. Joe was a great writer who had a way with words. After finishing his column I would start at the front and read every word, front to back. The black and white pictures that were printed on the last page, of racing from the 50s and 60s were great. I remember Gene Granger writing about Jimmy Johnson using the word "awesome" and how he couldn't stand it. It was a great paper that I really misHitlocks

  3. Great video, it was fun trying to keep up with all the photos onscreen…loved "Baby Boy" McReynolds, I need to find that article, let's get that content digitized and online!

  4. Nascarman you are the best. Can you find any pictures or video of dale Earnhardt at myrtle Beach in 1978 , he won track championship and I interested to see car he drove, thanks

  5. The NASCAR Scene magazine was first named as the Grand National Scene newspaper and the Winston Cup Scene newspaper magazine. The Philippine edition of the Grand National Scene newspaper (later renamed as the Winston Cup Scene) was published by Manila Standard Publishing, Inc., whose it's broadsheet, The Manila Standard, was one of the sponsors of GMA Network's NASCAR Telecasts from 1981 to 2000. Ray Butch Gamboa was editor in chief of NASCAR Scene Philippines

  6. Got my first GN Scene in 1980. Sent most of them to the recycle bin, along with Autoweek, National Speed Sport News, Circle Track, Open Wheel, Stock Car Racing mag etc..I've got a handful of issues from each that I kept. Too many moves! Great UL!

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