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  1. i've met someone on facebook and he asking for "INNAPROPRIATE" picture and i say no and then like a month later he wanted to meet me at a mall and i show it to my mom and my mom says dont ever reply to him back anymore… and my mom unninstall facebook on my phone…

  2. Four for the if you've ever posted something you regret thing I answered yes cuz I did and I answered yes if I knew about this setting privacy thing but my friend screenshotted it cuz you set on family

  3. I’m considering meeting my internet friend, but her parents are pretty conservative, and wouldn’t let her meet me. What should I do?

  4. What happens when you tell that person to stop but they will never stop. He keeps wanting me to get Facebook but I'm only 12…he's 18. NO I'M NOT DATING HIM!! it's just I don't know what to do now. This problem has been in a game called "Anime maker" it's a game where you make animations. But this one person named KV2 in the app wants to just chat in private with me…Facebook isn't private. Nether is what's app and twitter and snapchat. What do I do!

  5. " if you wouldn't want your grandmother to see it then don't post it."
    what if your grandma uses drugs and she's high all the time so she approves of you basically re-creating kim kardashian's photos. Oh and did anyone else hear go to my youtube channel to watch porn at the end. (ik she said more but still)

  6. creepy pedo:where do you live

    me:’shows picture of hell’

    creepy pedo:H A V E A N I C E D A Y

  7. I want to friend you on Snapchat but I can’t
    I don’t know you
    Why did you do that on a cyber safety video?
    Still great video

  8. Somebody threatened to kill me and my family, so i blocked them, but they came back on a different account
    I told my mom the first time, and she told me to block them
    She keeps telling me to block them, when they keep coming back

  9. my grandma lives in Zambia so she can’t really do anything about it when she’s on the other side of the world..

  10. I have a “boyfriend” on an online game. This is the longest I’ve stayed with someone online.I want to tell my parents because I’ve added him on instagram and he seems legit. On the other hand I’m REALLY nervous I’ll be in trouble. I’m almost 14 so I’m trying to be safe, but I like him and he’s really nice and he looks my age and we talk a lot. I think I’m going to tell my Mom and just tell her how it’s a game and your just an avatar and I’ll show her the game. Do you think that is a good idea? PLEASE RESPOND!

  11. I used to post videos. Still have some up, most deleted because of hate videos and arguing. I stopped realising school is priority. Not content, not being popular, just getting through school.

  12. This is very helpful for kids that have to learn about internet safety because this is one of those dangerous situations when it comes to social media websites and believe me, I've seen everything!! 😨😔

  13. Okay, So, I'mma say something real quick.

    Basically, I thought I was crazy for 3months. This happened last year, When I was 10. (Still am). I play this game, As you may know, Is Roblox. I love books,writing and drawing (quite possibly school), So I roleplayed a TON on there. I got really good at it, And then a game I played when I was 8 showed up in my feed. I clicked on it, And played for a lil bit feeling a ton of Nostalgia. I met this one roleplayer, And I called him Ku. Ku and I talked a lot and roleplayed a ton, And a few times we even had some VERY INTRESTING CONVERSATIONS. Plus, He started getting super clingy. Like, If my internet got taken away or shut down (or some other form of not being able to go online), He would say things like "Answer me Please." And "Please." And many others like it. I vented to Ku, A lot (mostly about girly stuff), So he knew a lot about me. This process is called "Grooming." I suggest you keep an eye out for such. So one day, My internet and tablet got taken away for 5 days. When I came home on the fifth day, My mother sat me down and had a talk. "Did you know I read every last message on that tablet?" She said. I was speechless, Because I did have a pin. (TBH, It was just !y lunch number). Then she told me that Ku was a child predator. The person I had been talking to for months, Of whom I thought was a supportive friend was trying to hurt me. I also told Ku and my friend's usernames, So we could rp together. My mom went on and on about how I could have gotten my friends KILLED because of this guy. I was just crying so much, Because, I love my friends and I would never want anything to happen to them. Especially if it was because of my part. She then said he was saying Ku was going to KILL HIMSELF if I didn't get on. She said he was going into very deep descriptions about how he was going to do it, And then he ended up being turned into the police. I amkst had to get counselling because (Let's put this in an analogy) "They planted a bad seed in my garden, And we needed to unproot it before it was too late." I then realized, When I was eight, The same thing happened about people wanting to kill themselves if I didn't get on. When they sent it, I said something along the lines of "I'm only thirteen," I used a fake age online btw, "I can't handle your problems. I havemy own studies and work to get to and I suggest you see a Therapist." And then they stopped talking to me after that. So please, don't do what I did and keep a lookout for Child Predators. Perhaps take a class to recongnise when one is talking and or chatting to you. Better safe than sorry.

  14. It is a very good animated and interesting video about online safety as people specially students tend to spend lots of their time being online. The quality of pictures and voice in this video is also very good.

  15. It is a very good animated video and interesting too. As with this video we get a clear idea about how to be safe when being online and specially the knowledge about Bulling someone online which is a cyber crime. The quality of pictures and voice in the video is also very good.

  16. Hey QQ,what if my family doesn’t really talk to either of my grandmas and I don’t want them to see any of my things can I post stuff?

  17. Safe on the Internet…? Safe?!


  18. The only things I regret posting online are the rude things I said in 2017, I feel bad for that because I wouldn't like that happening to me. Also, is it okay to use the same password for almost everything?

  19. 1:09 The tentacles that you see in every low quality henta- I MEANT TOTALLY FAMILY FRIENDLY ANIMES. YES THAT'S TOTALLY WHAT I MEANT

  20. always be careful and sensible as the internet can be a crazy adventure playground, maturity and common sense is important

  21. And a few more things to help you stay safe online.

    1. Do not reuse passwords as if one gets leaked they all could get leaked if you use 1 password for everything.

    2. Use a password manager like lastpass or any other reputable password manager out there. (1password is also a good choice)

    3. Do not open suspicious links even if they are from friends.

    well this list could go on forever or pretty much forever but I'll leave it there for now.

  22. this is an amazing way to encourage students to listen to being safe online rules great vid keep it up !!!!:):):):):):):)

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