Benefits Of Reading

Benefits Of Reading

Famous American entrepreneur Jim Rohn once
said, “You’re the average of the five people you surround yourself with.” And there’s a
lot of truth to this. Chances are if the five people closest to you all like to go out partying
and they don’t take care of themselves, you probably don’t either. If they all enjoy playing
video games all night and have terrible grades, your grades are probably not something your
proud of too. But, if your friends love hitting the gym on a daily basis and they watch what
they eat, there’s a high chance you’re healthier than the average joe. Of course there are
exceptions to this, but the general consensus is that there is some truth to this idea.
We as human beings learn from our surroundings. We’re sophisticated animals that excel at
copying each other. This is largely where things like culture, slang, accents, and even
traditions come from. People learn each others habits and adopt each others mindsets after
spending large amounts of time with each other. I frequently catch myself using other peoples
catchphrases after hanging out with them for just a short period of time. And that’s why
it’s to no surprise that a large majority of the most successful people on this planet
have attested a lot of their success to their mentors. Martin Luther King had Gandhi. Mark
Zuckerberg had Steve Jobs. Drake had Lil’ Wayne. And Bill Gates had Warren Buffet. People
who become successful almost always have at least one person in their sphere of influence
who was already massively successful. It’s from them that they adopted the mindset and
habits that they needed to eventually bring them to success. However, you might say,”Well,
I don’t know anyone who is successful. My friends are just average people.” But this
is where the benefit of reading comes into play. A book is literally the words, the ideas,
the mindsets, the advice, and even the experience of another person wrapped into a convenient,
portable, always available collection of papers. It’s almost equivalent to having that person
there speaking to you. 75% of self-made millionaires have even reporting reading at least 2 books
a month. The true benefits of reading is that you can pick and choose who you want to add
to your inner group of influence, that will eventually effect who you become as a person.
When you read you get a glimpse into the mind of the author. There’s so many books out there
that are written by people who are already massively successful in different fields.
Their ideas and mindsets and words are all waiting to be shared. If you wanted to go
on a meditation retreat with Gandhi, talk politics with Martin Luther King, hit the
studio with Lil’ Wayne, or even get business advice from Warren Buffet, all you have to
do is submerge yourself by reading their words and you’ll get a glimpse into their world
and their way of thinking. You will have essentially added a new friend to your group of friends.
A friend who is most likely older, and wiser, on top of being significantly more successful.
And when you do that, you start adopting some of their mindsets and their habits. Because
that’s what we do as humans. We copy each other. And this is what eventually brings
you closer to success. So challenge yourself to read. My personal New Year’s Resolution
this year is to read at least 1 book a week. So expect some videos about big concepts that
I may come across.

100 thoughts on “Benefits Of Reading

  1. Probably my 5 closest friends are all straight A students I’m just barley scraping by with Cs. How’d you explain that?

  2. I was considering reading Mein Kamph to learn more about why Hitler thought the way he thought, but maybe not so much.

  3. i know im a bit late to this video buuuut, i was a complete book worm a few months ago to the point i was finishing 3 novels a week and now i havent been totally into it and idk why so thats why im here lol help

  4. Damn one book a week is kinda more then kinda hard to do when you gotta work and have a kid plus the books I read are over 3hundred pages.

  5. hey improvement pill i watch ur videos and they re cool
    i saw the 6 books that u recommended but isn t that too little . can u give me any other books that re useful too

  6. Read what u love or else Love what u read….this is the only secret to read a book or any topic..but remember to start with a beginner's mind..

  7. i just learned from this video that its not about what the book says its saying reading helps u for the future and guides u

  8. going to try out audible for a month. have been wanting to read many books for years, and the book store is 3 minutes away. its gone on too long lol

  9. Video Games and Hollywood Movies made me interested in English and gave a Boosted Start in understanding English but Reading a book is totally another level. Video Games have a limit.

  10. Watching this a day after Kanye used wife's phone to ridicule Drake. The tweet said that Kanye paved way for Drake. And here I see Drake 'had' Wayne. LOL!

  11. I dont know a lot of words, sometimes not even basic words which kills me, im very illiterate and pretty dumb and incompetent. Will reading change my life and get me smarter?

  12. I picked up reading books pretty late in life compared to everyone else, but I'm actually stoked that I've come across it now sooner than later. It's changed my entire perspective of the world around me, and I'm growing more every day that I commit to it. My entire collection of books sits at only 20% read so I've got lots more to get through which I'm happy about. I just wish I had more time in a day to read more, oh well. Always have to start somewhere I guess

  13. so if Martin luther king had ghandi as is mentor who was ghandi's mentor ig ghandi was just that nigga huh lmao

  14. If your practicing your keyboard speed There are a random text like "Im a smart man who made this quote" Those that increase your intellect and reading skills xd?

  15. You may consider yourself an animal, but don't go proclaim that crap in a general fashion and ascribe others with it in an imposing manner.

  16. It has been said that "Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. It has become my addiction lately. I read 50 books annually. The benefits, insights, wisdom, thoughts and expansion of knowledge is a huge factor in my life.

  17. Who do you surround yourself with? What books do you read everyday? The quality of the question determines the quality of the answer.

  18. I read books 5 days a week these days as a full time home student with special needs.I'm a mentally challenged middle aged single man without kids.

  19. Sorry but drake, Bill Gates and the other people don't have successful lives. So dumb how people think being rich is success. Success is being happy and it's as simple as that. You know we live in a messed up world when people with lots of money are called 'successful'

  20. I have stopped watching just when you mentioned that we are animals because I cannot take advice from an animal

  21. Unfortunately the best type of reading you can do to prepare you for the real world are instructions on paper.

  22. I read roughly between 1200-1500 pages a month, in a language that challenges me. Never have I learned the amount of knowlegde from any human interaction, that I have from books

  23. Books are boring
    The we're made to store information (I think)
    So books after 2000s were and still are useless

  24. Lol as much as what your saying is common sense, my skeptical mind can't stop bothering me, can you tell me some sources where I could read about this, so that I can shut this stupid mind of mine.

  25. I just woke up and i played ur video, gave me motivation, nd now im reading the history of Persia/Iran, and im loving it 👍👌

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