Bernie Sanders gets rough ride at She the People presidential forum

Bernie Sanders gets rough ride at She the People presidential forum

– What do you believe is
the federal government’s role – to fight against the rise
of white nationalism – and white terrorist acts
and how do you plan – to lead on that in your
first year as president? We have got to make it
very clear that the type of demagoguery we have seen
from the Trump administration is not what this country
is about and I will do everything that I can to help lead this
country in a direction that ends all forms of discrimination. [Heckling] –– The core of the question
is about: as president, –– what would you do with the rise
of white supremacist violence –– to protect our communities? [Cheering/applause]
Absolutely. You know, as somebody who –
I know I date myself a little bit here – but I actually was at
the March on Washington with Dr King back in 1963
[Jeering] and, as somebody who actively
supported Jesse Jackson’s campaign as one of the few white elected
officials to do so in ’88, I have dedicated my life
to the fight against racism and sexism and discrimination
of all forms.

100 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders gets rough ride at She the People presidential forum

  1. The question is absurd he going to protect everyone from black violence? The whole white supremacy thing is a scam anyway, the best part is that white folks really by into this , helping their own demise .

  2. Stopped at 0:06 after the dumb broad asked about fighting white nationalist. Why not ask what his stance is with fighting all hate groups? You know like the white nationalists, antifa, blm, and pretty much all of the left? It's not just one group assaulting people ya dope.

  3. These social justice types are absolutely maddening. The woman asking Sanders the question should probably sit down and shut her mouth. It seems that anything that precedes out of a socialist mouth is nothing but foolishness.

  4. The republican party will never change: which is why the democrats need to lose; so they can perform an "autopsy," change their platform, and actually start helping Americans.

  5. SMDH what kind of BS is this, Please democrat's try and win in 2020 without the white male vote which is about 112 million white males, and just like we told all of you in 2016, Bernie or Bust… But you never listen, we look forward to punishing you yet again this coming election… No more Gender/ identity politics… I am not guilty of a damn thing I had nothing to do with, but go ahead and keep poking us in the eye… Bring on 2020…

  6. I don't believe that Bernie can win the African-American vote, and this is the result of the Democratic Party's dangerous racial game that they have played to attract minority voters. In conversations with African-Americans regarding their choice of Hillary over Bernie, they would consistently tell me that Bernie's policies would do little to help them since the inherent, systemic racism would be sure to keep them oppressed regardless of how much Bernie's policies would level the playing field.

  7. While there is no easy answer to fighting racism in a nation built on racism, But Bernie dropped the ball on this bigly. HEre's the answer:

    While loudly stating the existence of white nationalist terrorism, driving home that they are diametrically opposite to the ideals of democracy and prosecuting white nationalist terror groups, rooting out nationalists in police, military and public office to the full extent of the law, the difficulty lays in evolving the hearts and minds of a people who feel threatened by real and imaginary affronts. They are closing in on themselves, feeding on their fear as they are fed more fear by Fox and breitbart and others, driven to deeper despair and anger. And while there are things we can do within the powers and laws, i think the best we can offer them is a world where each an every person has the best opportunity to be their best. We need to evolve what america can be.

  8. I am a white male and refuse to apologize for it; I don't expect anyone to apologize for their heritage or gender(there are two).

  9. Repeated three times to find the "Booed" could've spent my time more productively playing Where's Wally

  10. Lol the left is what guardian has and if you are gonna smear bernie you better just end your station right now.

  11. Europeans knows more aboat americas, and Bernies, history then americans. Its unbelieveble how ignorant the audience appears to be. SHAM on "the news", moral and ethics they totally lack.

  12. The whole left is a joke, the candidates, the ideals… Trump will destroy them yet again, but with a larger margin this time!

  13. Such a smear. People hired to boo. Focused on “white supremacy “ The real supremacy is being carried out by The IMF, Wall Street, Military Industrial Complex

  14. the guardian playing funny games again. shameful behavior!. DESLIKE VIDEO,PROTEST misleading media(like this comment please!!)

  15. There is no perfect candidate, but Bernie Sanders offers more radical change across the board than any other. The others, with the exception of Tulsi Gabbard, are too scared to offer anything but incremental change

  16. Such a lie white Nationalist, white supremacist attacks HA they love to lie to black people. HOW ABOUT A REAL QUESTION what are you going to do about black on black crime? I am sure black people are not worried about white people jumping out of bushes to kill them. He's a joke. I remember when he called black people predictors and then says he's not racist Ha! They have to make up white supremacist attacks for them to happen. But black people will still vote for him because he's a Democrat so sad.

  17. Im about nationalism…that is putting ones nation above other nations. Whether its white, black, brown or purple…iy doesnt matter. USA!!

  18. someone tell bernie that the "new" democrats are 100% in favour of discrimination and judging people according to their racial group. They dont want you to end discrimination Benie, they what you to discriminate in their favour.

  19. Bernie Sanders booed as Democratic hopefuls try to woo women of color ►

  20. Question to Bernie: As President, What would you do to protect the black community from white supremacy ? 🤔

    Bernie: Ya know, I marched with Martin Luther King Jr. 🤡

    Audience: BoOoOoOoOoOo ! 🤬


  21. Well the guardian is doing the same thing that CNN is doing. They’re trying to sabotage Bernie Sanders in favor of the establishment candidates. They want Joe Biden or Kamala Harris to win the primaries. It’s 2016 all over again. Déjà vu!

  22. What's wrong with white nationalism? Are white people not allowed to be proud to be white? Is it racist to be happy to be white?

  23. Bernie Sander's supporters are just as dedicated as Trump supporters. As stated by Trump that he could shoot some on Fifth Ave and his supporters would still support him holds true for Bernie Sanders supporters.

  24. Next thing we know, Representative Lewis will be booed for bringing up his history with the Freedom Fighters. The audience is being incredibly disrespectful here, and as a woman I am saddened. And if Ms. Bhojwani thinks Sanders is part of "the patriarchy" that needs to be shamed she is pointing her ammo in the wrong direction and wasting precious debate time.

  25. I find myself wondering if Bernie was deliberately trying to dodge the question or if he's just so old and senile and he literally just forgot what the original question was.

  26. 7 different members of the SC black legislative caucus have endorsed him and you’re trying to say 3 people booing him is a big deal.

  27. Im sooooo proud of my city HOUSTON TEXAS Us black folks been lied to for so long atleast we paying attention to whats going on now. The Democrats need our vote to win. If they not talking about REPARATIONS We not voting for u PERIOD! We been sweet talked for far to long.

  28. He was booed for deflecting on the question twice. He needs to just answer the questions and stop getting off on rants against Trump.

  29. Minorities are much more racist than the Majority. White Supremacist violence? That is not what I see on the news everyday. Bernie was not lying, he has been devoted to Judeo-Bolshevism for his entire career.

  30. White supremacist violence?
    The question should be what are you going to do to protect us from the day-to-day black crime.
    The FBI statistics don't lie.

  31. White nationalists? White terrorist acts? Gandhi was a nationalist. A bunch of guys named Smith,Jones, and Adams did not hijack four commercial jets on September 11 2001.

  32. What’s wrong with being a white nationalist? (Being proud of being white, not saying anyone is inferior, and being a nationalist, not saying any other country is inferior, we just love America?)

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