Best 27 Websites to Get Paid as a Freelance Writer (2019)

Best 27 Websites to Get Paid as a Freelance Writer (2019)

okay I just realized I have a white
shirt on and the wall is white hopefully I don’t look like just a floating ball
of hair and flesh but hey guys today we’re going into 2626 more websites that
you can write for and get paid to write as a writer just a disclaimer I am NOT a
freelance writer so I have not written for any of these websites but I have
done extensive research and they’re all legitimate any kind of updates that like
you message these people and there’s too many people writing for them and they’re
not accepting more writers please let us know in the comments so I can update
that in the description all right with further ado let’s get into the video 26
more websites that you can write for and get paid for as a freelance writer let’s
go with the wrong way okay so before we start I’m probably
gonna pronounce some of these websites wrong but just bear with me I’m gonna
put the name up there so you can just click the button and all the links are
in the description as well so the first website is gamunation. gamunation
is a website that focuses on solutions for pcs and counsel game errors bugs
crashes and other issues that going along with games and computers things
like that and also covers game related news and
lists so the requirements for writing for gamunation is just that they’re
looking for writers to create content for their game blog especially blogs
that are about latest game reviews and latest game news gameplay guides gaming
tutorial guides game related top ten lists things like this are things that
they’re looking for so if you’re into gaming and things like that this could
be a great website for you so gimme nation is one of the few gaming website
that pays writers if you contribute to the site then you get 70% of the revenue
that is generated from the article once you meet the $10 threshold you’ll get
paid via PayPal so if you don’t already have an account with PayPal you really
do need to set that up according to Jimmy o nation they say that they do
attract over a half a million views a month from their articles so ideally you
won’t be making like pretty good money they do claim that they are one of the
top 100,000 websites in the world so if you do get published by them you will be
getting shown in front of a very large audience my second website to write for
is called what culture what culture is a popular blog that covers movies music TV
comics gaming and gaming so also the gaming thing if you like that it’s a
very trustworthy and reputable website so you don’t have to worry about
anything going on there some requirements to contribute to what
culture is obviously you need to produce a high quality article that are is at
least 1000 words anyone can contribute to what culture you don’t need to have
any experience or anything like that you just have to produce
a high-quality article so this website is super beginner friendly so you’ll
earn 50 cents per 1000 views with what culture if you contribute with what
culture they pay you by paypal by the 7th of the month
my third website is poetry foundation so if you have some poetry laying around
they will pay you 150 dollars for published poetry my 4th website for
poetry is ploughshares they pay between 25 to 250 dollars for poetry that’s
published on their website my fifth website for poetry is Boulevard magazine
Boulevard magazine also will pay you 25 to $250 per poetry that’s published on
their website my 6 website for poetry is vqr online vqr online will pay you $200
for every published poetry on their website my next topic is for kids and
teens topics my next web site is called sir cada magazine don’t know that’s how
you pronounce it but they pay up to $2,200 per article so so their target
audience is mostly teenagers and young adults they pay 25 cents per word up to
nine thousand words so you can make up to two thousand two hundred and fifty
dollars per article my next website is cricket magazine cricket magazine is a
sports magazine for young reader they pay twenty-five cents per word for an
article that’s less than two thousand words my next website is Italian America
Italian America is looking for people that know topics about Italy in America
and different types of news of Italy in America and things going on this Italian
American things like that they pay $350 per article my next web site is
Boulevard don’t get it confused with Boulevard magazine they pay up to two
hundred and twenty-five dollars per post and this is a Canadian based magazine
they focus on trends of the art scene in Vancouver and their rate is about 25 to
30 cents per word my next one is big grey horse big grey horse the lifestyle
magazine in Texas they pay 125 to 200 dollars per
article they like blogs written in first person ranging from 600 to a thousand
words my next is Vermont life it’s all about things about Vermont and they pay
600 800 dollars per post so if you live in Vermont you’re from Vermont been to
Vermont great my next website is 1859 Oregon’s
magazine so this magazine is looking for things that are the history of the
region of Oregon things about Oregon news history Oregon okay they pay 150 to 250
dollars per article my next is Colorado Life magazine so this is all dedicated
to the state of Colorado and they pay between seventy five dollars to nine
hundred and seventy five dollars per article so my next one is Alaska
magazine I talked about this in my other video about other websites to write for
so go check out that many of haven’t seen that but they pay $1500 per post oh
my god so for them it’s all about like in Alaska any type of news or or
information about Alaska that’s the kind of things that you’re gonna see on
Alaska magazine the next one is South final living this is a lifestyle
magazine published four member owners of South Carolina’s nonprofit electric
cooperatives they pay between two hundred and four hundred fifty dollars
per post my next is New Mexico magazine they paid $250 per magazine same thing
New Mexico information this article this website is great feed my next type of
topic is artisan beads and button is an on-line application that look for
articles about creating jewelry making jewelry by hand handmade jewelry and
they do different things of how to guides inspirational content and tips
and tricks and different kind of interviews about designers in designing
and making different kinds of jewelry and things
my next website is Howlround, Howlround is a website that is for theater lovers
so if you love theater and you can write about different theaters that you see
this is perfect for you they pay $150 per post my next website is how how how
is how how is a graphic design website and they pay 250 to $800 per post my
next website is artist magazine artist magazine is the biggest publication that
is focused on art exclusively so they pay between 400 and 600 dollars per post
in my last video about writing for websites online I did have some people
ask about erotic and romance writing so here we are east of the web is my first
web site in the section east of the web publishes a huge array of short stories
across all different genres including romance crime sci-fi fantasy children’s
stories are also welcome it has an open submission period for most genres
and they pay five cents per word so this could be something for you if you want
to get into the erotic writing they don’t mind if you submit that. my
next one is heroes and Heartbreakers Heros and Heartbreakers is actually an
imprint of publishing of giant Macmillan however it specializes in short stories
and novellas and the romance genre making it a great
place to get paid to start your romance writing career and they pay $1,000 in
advance than 25% royalties after that my next one is shades of romance shades of
Romance is a digital magazine that emphasizes diversity including stories
by and about motivational and inspirational nonfiction so this one you
can’t submit romance articles but erotica is not allowed so light
stuff is okay but not like full-on okay and they pay $20 fee for that 20 or $25
my first website and health related articles this was also by somebody asked
for this so here I am listening to you is Brent life vibrant life pays 100 to
$300 per article vibrant life is looking for articles all about physical health
mental health and emotional health and that is in the perspective of a
Christian so religious based it’s like spiritual and the articles can be around
400 to 650 words but just no more than a thousand words particle my next website
is well be magazine they pay up to five hundred dollars per article this is a
natural health magazine so anything that’s going to an articles that are
into improving your life and also improving the health of the planet it’s
kind of article they’re looking for my next website is psychology for living
they pay seven seventy five to two hundred dollars per article psychology
for living is a Christian psychology magazine looking for articles that apply
sound something like biblical psychology principles to everyday life issues so
articles can address different psychological issues emotional issues
emotional problems or communication issues within the family in your
relationship my next website is eating well eating well pays up to $1.00 per
word eating well is a national food magazine with a focus of eating
healthfully they are looking for articles of the latest trends of food
and health and diet and lifestyle trends green eating health studies keto vegan
things like that any type of research or studies about health or kind of article
they’re looking for alright so those were 26 more websites for freelance
writers hopefully that video isn’t too long for you hopefully you got some new
websites you can look into if there’s any other websites that you use please
put them down in the comment box and we can share all this information with the
community to see you in the next video bye guys you

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  1. @Kat Theo how about sites that would pay you to write on sensetive topics ?
    Also available worldwide !?
    Love from India ❤️❤️

  2. Thanks so much for posting this, really helpful! Definitely gonna check out East of the Web. I write for midnight & indigo! They only accept black female writers. If your story's accepted for the site, you get $50 [my payment's still pending but I digress]. And if it's accepted for their magazine, $75. Oh, Paypal is the generally accepted payment option btw. Good luck!

  3. Am I the only one that can't hear her over the background music…its literally not needed throughout the entire video

  4. Do you know that probably 8-9 out of 10 disabled women vets probably carry a diagnosis of MST? That’s where I wanna write. I want to write from many experiences, candid and shocking but helpful and appreciative information to help my fellow humankind to connect. The truth will set us all free. Some ppl cannot talk about certain things, but reading it and recognizing they are not alone-that is empowering. Any suggestions where my raw truths could be presented?

  5. I'm trying to be a emotional story writer but I don't know where to post my short story..

    Can you help out?? here's the link if anyone wants to check it out.. please comment..!!

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