Best 5 Year Journal – One Question A Day Journal

Best 5 Year Journal – One Question A Day Journal

If you’re on the hunt for a five-year journal that actually gives you a topic to stay on track with your writing then you are in the right place because in today’s video I am talking about the Question-and-answer journal that gives you one question a day to answer for five years Join me on this edition of thrifty Thursday on my channel where we talk about this awesome journal. It’s coming your way right now Well, hey y’all and welcome back to my channel if you’ve been here for a bit If you are new I am super glad that you were here today my name is Lauren and my channel is all about making Beauty easy for the girl who thinks that she can’t but today it’s thrifty Thursday And this is a video that I upload on the third Thursday of the month And we talk about a product that has been life-changing for me that is $20 or under and today We are talking about this awesome Journal that I bought and I want to give you a few reasons why this has been a life changer for me the first thing You should know about me is that I’m not really a writer I have kept journals in the past and I have a few notebooks It’s really cool to go back and look at years of my life where life is a struggle Where there were some really cool highs really sucky lows and be able to see that stuff but in the general sense I’m not really one to like sit down grab some soup and a coffee and start writing in a notebook In fact, it really stresses me out but the thing is is that I really wanted to be able to find some things that I could keep my thoughts in and be able to look back on them in my life and I was thinking About this and oddly enough. I was listening to a leadership podcast by Craig Groeschel He does a leadership podcast once a month if you like leadership and you like Podcasts I highly recommend that you would subscribe to his podcast. It’s amazing and he was talking about Wednesday talking about journaling and he mentioned that he keeps a five-year journal and I thought wow what an amazing idea I wonder if I can find something that suits my fancy online and of course Amazon has everything so I went straight to Amazon and I found this and I loved when I got it in I actually didn’t read well enough, but I did see that it actually asked you a question and I’ll show you guys here like Show you some blank pages, but it asks you a question and then it showed you know You have your year here and you can fill it out and I didn’t realize that it had that at first when I got in And I was like, oh, okay Well, we’ll see how long this lasts but honestly it became something that I was like wow I love this because what it does is it helps give me a topic To transform my thoughts onto paper and sometimes it’s really tough for me other days It’s not but for the most part again I’m just not one to sit down and write so I bought this journal and I’m also – let me say this I’m also person that likes to start things either on a Monday Or at the first of the year because I feel like those are good starting points um I bought this journal and it was I think the end of its like the first of October and it came in on October 5th, and I started this journal October 5th of 2018 so that was really odd for me to do this at the end of the year But I loved that it was when I realized it was a question thing. I was like, oh, okay I can just start it wherever I’m at and it’s totally fine. And that is exactly what I did So I fell in love with the fact that it gives me a question and I’m gonna share just an entry out of here today Nothing, that’s super personal but something that you guys can kind of get an idea of the feel for what the questions are and on October 5th, it asks me what question makes you anxious and I laughed when I read that and I was like Oh my gosh, it’s such an easy answer for me. And the question that makes me anxious is can I have your number? So if we’re close you’re gonna have my number and if we’ve just met or we haven’t like passed, you know stage two a friendship You won’t have my number and when people ask me for my number, it makes me anxious if I don’t know you very well So that’s what I wrote down That was the question that makes me anxious And then the other thing that I started doing is that I would write a little blip about my day Maybe it was just like a word whether I had a bad day or a good day I would write about something and so on this particular day. I mentioned that I was really excited about The part-time position that I have with the company that I work for I worked for a digital marketing agency Part-time and I was super excited about that because it goes hand in hand with what I do here on YouTube And that was on October 5th and the the thing that I started doing was, uh, if you if you’ve been around my on my channel for very long Then you know that I’m a smaller Channel and I just started my journey I’ve had my channel for a few years But I didn’t get serious about it until September of 2017 after my husband and I sold our personal training studio And I decided that it was like time to go All-in with this and I started getting real serious in September and then of course that first initial goal was to get to a thousand Subscribers and so in 2018, that was my goal was to get there and so what I started doing at the end of October or at the beginning of October when I started writing in this journal it Was getting close I started writing down how many subscribers I had each day, and it was really cool because on December 17th 2018 I hit that 1,000 subscriber mark, and that was such a huge milestone for me lots of Tears lots of jumping up and down and being Excited because I could literally look back even just in the last two months when it happened and see the growth that took place So that was what I started doing and on October 5th for anyone who cares I had seven hundred and thirty subscribers that day and then in December we hit the actual big goal um, and I don’t know when this video was going to come out in conjunction with the video that Talks about that that what I did with once I got to a thousand subscribers But one of the big things was I got to put makeup on my husband’s face because he promised me then he would let me Do that. I’ve been begging him for years And once I hit a thousand he promised that we could do that and film it for you guys So I’m currently editing that as I film this today, but but depending on release times It’ll I’ll either link it for you in the eye or I’ll come back later on and link it for you so you can see It and there’s also a giveaway involved so I want to make sure that I do mention that um So that’s one of the reasons that I love this book or it might have been even two reasons I’m not sure the other thing that I love about this is that it’s not big So journals that are like blank that have you know a page and it’s just nothing but lines really intimidate the crap out of me and I’m like it’s almost like I feel like I’ve given myself a bad grade if I don’t fill up the page and so with this like I Don’t I don’t have to I have like a few lines. Yes There are times where I’ve written out to the side because I had more to say that day there was something that I really wanted to look back and remember and And you know remember where I was like whether it was a motion or a physical thing Whatever and so but I do love for the most part that I don’t I have all this, you know I don’t have a lot of blank space. So it’s super cool how it’s completely aligned out. So how I use it Is that as I mentioned it does ask you a question? There are some times where I’m like that question is really stupid and I’m not gonna answer it and I’ll just write down Something about my day that was either good bad or something that I want to remember that. I want to look back on You know, maybe it was something out in nature that I saw or you know, maybe it was the fact that you know I one of my workouts I like kicked my butt even super hard more hard than what I normally do whatever it was and I record that and so Next time that date rolls around the following year I can actually see and remember where I was in that time so you don’t always have to answer the question But you can and so I recommend for sure if you get this and I’ll link it for you down below We’re gonna talk about the price in just a second Um, but writing down answering the question of course if you want to and if you don’t and even if you do I would say write something down that you’re trying to Keep track of or that you’re trying to grow with maybe you know It’s you you start out on a goal to get to get healthy and you’re you know Working out so many days a week or maybe you are wanting to create a YouTube channel and you’re putting together the steps in process of doing that and getting that going like right that’s it up down because After the years fly by you’re gonna want to look back and go. Holy cow. Look at this It’s kind of like when we have pictures that we can look back on and we can go Wow, Iram, I you know, I remember what it was like to be that age But wow, I look like a baby in that picture. It’s kind of the same thing So I highly encourage you answer the question if it’s a cool one Or if it suits your fancy and then if it doesn’t Or if it does write down something that’s personal that you can actually track So the last thing I want to talk about is the price and as I mentioned it is 50 Thursday so anything that we talk about in these videos is going to be 20 dollars or Under and I’m really trying to stay more along though or under up lines And this one definitely fits that this is around twelve dollars on Amazon and again I’ve linked it for you below so that you can get a copy of it and it will be shipped right to your door and If you’re a Prime member you’ll get it really really quick All right so my question for you down below is are you a person who likes to journal and if you are I would love to If you are like it just flows out if you’re a writer and you just do your thing and you fill up sixteen pages Or if you’re like me and sometimes you just feel like you’re giving yourself a big fat F because you suck and you can’t seem To put too many words out on paper I would love to know that and actually the third thing I would kind of like to know is are you an Electronic journal person or are you a written form am a little old school? Obviously, I’m actually writing in a journal cuz I like to see how my handwriting changes over the years too So I would like to know if you’re an electronic person or not And if you do things a little bit differently, I would love to know about it down in the comments All right, so I think that’s gonna be a wrap for this edition of a thrifty Thursday I hope you enjoyed it and if you did I’m gonna ask that you would give this video a giant thumbs up as Well as if you are not currently subscribed to my channel. I’m gonna ask that you wouldn’t subscribe now And of course hit that notification of L so that you can get alerts for every single time I upload new videos, which is every single Friday the third Thursday of the month and the fourth Tuesday of the month. Thank you So much for joining me and please connect with me on social media if you haven’t Thanks so much, and I’ll see you in my next video. Hashtag reform town boy family. I’ll see you soon I think that I’m going to Someone by it’s Maybe thing five

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  1. It's FINALLY HERE! My 1st RELEASE of Thrifty Thursday! I would love to know what you thought of this product today! Let me know in the comments and if you have items that have revolutionized your life – then let me know below so I can check them out and perhaps do a video about that amazing thing! #reformedtomboyfamily 🤩

  2. I like how that has a question for you! I journal old school every day. My journal is a gratitude journal and that usually gets my mind right to start the day!

  3. I’ve tried to start a journal many many times lol always a fail. This looks pretty cool though I like it! Btw your makeup looks gorgeous today!💖

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